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Beginning Latin II Final Study Guide

by: Taylor Buffenbarger

Beginning Latin II Final Study Guide LAT 1120

Marketplace > Ohio University > Foreign Language > LAT 1120 > Beginning Latin II Final Study Guide
Taylor Buffenbarger
GPA 3.2
Beginning Latin II
Prof. Jim Andrews

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About this Document

I made this study guide last semester when I was preparing for the final. It helped my friend and I out a lot! It contains tables that you can fill out (verb conjugations, noun declensions, etc.), ...
Beginning Latin II
Prof. Jim Andrews
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Taylor Buffenbarger on Monday September 14, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to LAT 1120 at Ohio University taught by Prof. Jim Andrews in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see Beginning Latin II in Foreign Language at Ohio University.

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Date Created: 09/14/15
LATIN FINAL REVIEW gt Present System Laudo laudc zre laudc zvz laudc ztum to praise SING Present Future Imperfect 1 st 2nd 3rd PLUR 1st 2nd 3rd gt Qui Quae Quod Declension F gt Third Declension Adjectives pot ns gen potentis powerful SING M amp F Nom Gen Dat A66 A191 PLUR Nom Gen Dar A66 A191 LATIN FINAL REVIEW fortis forte strong brave SING M amp F Nom Gen Dat A66 A191 PLUR Nom Gen Dat A66 A191 deer dcris acre severe keen erce SING M amp F Nom Gen Dat A66 A191 PLUR Nom Gen Dat A66 A191 gt Perfect System Laudo laudc zre laudc zvz laudc ztum to praise SING Perfect Future Perfect Pluperfect 1 st 2nd 3rd LATIN FINAL REVIEW PLUR 1st 2nd 3rd Translate 1 In principi Deus creavit caelum et terram et Deus creavit hominem 2 1111 adul scent s ad t propter amicitiam saepe veni bant gt Present System Passive FIRST AND SECOND CONJUGATIONS Moneo mon re monm monitum to warn SING Present Passive Future Passive Imperfect Passive 1st 2nd 3rd PLUR 1st 2nd 3rd Translate 1 Pauci amre V ritatis amicitiaeque ten buntur 2 Omn s Vir6s nostr s laudamus qui Virt te et veritate moventur n6n am re sui gt Perfect System Passive Laudo laudc zre laudc zvz laudc ztum to praise Perfect Passive Future Perfect Passive Pluperfect Passive ISZ 2nd 3rd PLUR LATIN FINAL REVIEW ISZ 2nd 3rd Translate 1 Puella laudata est 2 Pueri moniti sunt 3 Litterae scriptae erunt gt Fourth Declension SING fr ctus s m fruit Corn s n horn Nom Gen Dat A66 A191 PLUR Nom Gen Dat A66 A191 gt Present System Passive THIRD AND FOURTH CONJUGATIONS Ago agere gl actum to drive SING Present Passive Future Passive Imperfect Passive 1st 2nd 3rd PLUR 1st 2nd 3rd gt Fifth Declension SING r s rei f thing di s di i 111 day Nom LATIN FINAL REVIEW Gen Dat A66 A191 PLUR Nom Gen Dat A66 A191 gt Ablative Uses 1 Cum amic id scripsit Ablative of 2 Cum cur id scripsit Ablative of 3 Ab urbe e65 prohibuit Ablative of 4 Sue 1 man id scripsit Ablative of 5 Magn cur id scripsit Ablative of 6 E6 tempore id scripsit Ablative of gt Participles Ago agere gl actum to drive Active Passive gt Declension of Participles Present Active Participle M amp F N Ens LATIN FINAL REVIEW Acc Abl Translate 1 Nemo fidem negleg ns timore umquam carebit 2 Atticus Ciceroni ex patria fugienti multam pec niam dedit 3 Cura oratoris dicturi eos audituros delectat 1 Name the construction and translate Hac fama narrata dux urbem sine mora reliquit 2 The passive periphrastic consists of What two things amp gt Infinitives Indirect Statement Habeo hab re habm habitum to have Active Passive Pres Pe F ut Translate 1 NesciVi illa ab e6 facta esse 2Host s sp rant se omn s r s publicas Vict ros esse Convert from direct to indirect LATIN FINAL REVIEW Graeci equum ligneum faciunt ligneous a um wooden Sacerdos dixit gt Comparison of Adjectives Positive Comparative Superlative Carus a um longus a um fortis e f lix gen f licis pot ns gen potentis sapi ns gen sapientis Translate 1 Hi libri sunt clarior s quam illi 2 Beatus sapi nsque Vir forum Vitat et superba limina potenti rum civium gt Declension of Comparatives fortis e brave SING M amp F N Nom fortior fortius Gen Dat A66 A191 PLUR Nom Gen Dat A66 A191 gt Irregular Comparison of Adjectives Positive Comparative Superlative liber bera berum pulcher chra LATIN FINAL REVIEW acer acris acre facilis e difficilis e similis e gt Other Irregular Adjective Comparisons Superlative Positive Comparative bonus a um magnus a um malus a um multus a um parvus a um prae pro superus a um Translate 1 Meliora studia sunt difficiliora 2 Tyranno pessim expulso civ s ducem meliorem et sapientiorem quaesiv runt


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