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Exam 2 Review- Intro to Human Geography

by: Jian Clarke

Exam 2 Review- Intro to Human Geography GEOG 1101

Marketplace > Georgia State University > GEOG 1101 > Exam 2 Review Intro to Human Geography
Jian Clarke
GPA 3.22

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About this Document

This study guide covers chapters 4 and5.
Study Guide
human geography
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jian Clarke on Monday March 7, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to GEOG 1101 at Georgia State University taught by Worms in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 109 views.


Reviews for Exam 2 Review- Intro to Human Geography


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Date Created: 03/07/16
Intro to Human Geography Exam 2 Review Key Vocabulary Nature Society Technology Mitigation Sustainable development I=PAT Cultural Ecology Political Ecology Conservation Preservation Romanticism Transcendentalism Ecotheology Deep Ecologists Environmental ethics Ecofeminism Institutions Patriarchy Biopiracy Environmental justice  Anthropocene Ecosystem Columbian exchange Virgin soil epidemics Demographic collapse Ecological imperialism Anthropogenic Fossil fuels Natural gas Hydraulic fracturing Nuclear waste Biomass Periphery Hydropower dams Acid rain Wetlands Virtual water/ Water crisis Desertification Greening Wetlands Virtual water Water crisis Culture Cultural geography Folk culture Popular culture Environmental determinism Cultural landscape Superorganic Reifies culture Historical geography Genre de vie Possibilism Cultural region Cultural systems Cultural nationalism Cultural traits Rites of passage Cultural complex Kinship Tribe Society Sex Gender Guevedoces Intersectionality Ethnicity Race Racialization Racism Blackophobia/Blackophila White Privilege/White Supremacy Applications a. What factor shapes people understands and what factor shapes society? b. Economic growth is always accompanied by negative environmental outcomes.  True or false? c. Explain mitigation vs. adaption. d. Are people good or bad at envisioning inclement circumstances they haven’t  experienced or witnessed? e. Is the little solidarity? f. ____people fled; ______people were trapped g. What country in 2002 was under sustainable development? h. What does I=PAT stand for? i. Henry David Thorea’s romanticism was based on what concept? j. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s transcendentalism was based on what concept? k. What was George Perkins Marsh’s main belief? l. What type of environmentalists believe that women and nature have a similar  history of oppression and exploitation? What do they blame it on? m. What is an example of an issue that contemporary environmentalist take on? n. Vandana Shiva protested for the exploitation of women and nature. True or false?  If false, what did she advocate for? o. What happened in 2002 in relation to biopiracy? p. What community was selected for a highly toxic polychlorinated biphenyls  landfill? What was the response of this action? When did this occur? q. What event tripled the number of cultivable plants in the New World? r. Resource rich, fertile land, water , technology, and political economy to adapt to  rising temperature is needed to survive climate change. True or false? s. What is climate change? t. Tropical cyclones, rising sea level, and pollution are all due to impacts of? u. Fossil fuels produce what? Name the products that they produce. v. Is natural gas renewable? What percent was used in 2008? w. Hydraulic fracturing is popular in the U.S. right now, but what percentage  will it  account for North America? x. What are the four countries that experienced Nuclear exposure and what were the  dates as well as the risks for it? y. The world’s energy consumption is set to increase by what percentage in 2030?  What countries are growing with nuclear programs? z. What are the negative impacts of Hydropower Dams? aa. Describe the Three Gorges Dam in China. ab. Vehicle exhaust, industrial processes, and power generation produce what? What  is the health problem? ac. What is usually profitable regarding wetlands? ad. How many people don’t have access to clean water? ae. The increase in world energy consumption has something to do with what? af. Who was Carl Sauer and what was his theory? What paper did he wrote? ag. Describe the Chicago School and the Berkeley School. ah. Environmental determinism was influenced by who? ai. Who was friedrich ratzel? aj. Who critique Carl Sauer and what did he say? ak. What radical environmentalist believed that the environment is sacred and should  not be exploited? al. Production of hydropower is most associated with? am.Be able to differentiate who romanticist, conservationist, transcendentalists, and  deep ecologists. an. In 2030, world energy demand will be greatest where? ao. What group would be concerned about international agricultural land grabbing? ap. The world’s biggest agricultural land grabber is? aq. What is most influential in anticipating a population’s impact on nature? ar. The foundations of the U.S. environmental movement of the 20  century are  drawn from the idea of who? as. Culture is based on our genetic inheritance. True or false? at. Virtual water refers to what? au. India’s caste system is apart of what kind of system?


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