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Art of World Civilization I

by: AllyCat

Art of World Civilization I ARTH 200IA-001

Marketplace > Montana State University > Art > ARTH 200IA-001 > Art of World Civilization I
Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara

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About this Document

This is a study guide! For the exam in Art History: Art of World Civilization I on Friday! Has all the information that you need to pass the test with a little extra at the end to help you sound sm...
Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara
Study Guide
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This 11 page Study Guide was uploaded by AllyCat on Tuesday September 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ARTH 200IA-001 at Montana State University taught by Emberlin, Barbara in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see Art of World Civilization I in Art at Montana State University.


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Date Created: 09/15/15
ARTH 200A001 Art History Art of World Civilization Study Guide Multiple Question Works You Should Know quotHuman with Feline Headquot OOOOO Hohlenstein Stadel Germany 30000 BCE Mammoth Ivory 12quot high Sculpture in the round quotNude Womanquot Woman of Willendorf OOOOOOOO Willendorf Austria 28000 30000 BCE Painted Limestone About 4quot tall Slight Abstract 50 of babies died in the culture and time this sculpture was made It is a Fertility sculpture Big women were important in this time period and culture quotBison with Turned Headquot 0 000000 La Madeleine France 12000 BCE Reindeer horn 4quot long Form responds to the material Fragment from a spear thrower Pro le view quotSpotted Horse and Negative Hand Imprintsquot O O O O Cave in Peche Merle France 22000 BC Approx 1139 long Chew charcoal and spit or blow it through a reed What is the meaning behind the hands quotHall of Bullsquot O O Lascaux France 15000 BCE O Largest bull is 1139 6quot long Animals were added throughout thousands of years Were they made for plenty wishes Composite View Twisted Perspective Combo of pro le view and frontal view No ground line or background Descriptive rather than optical Distorted to describe more fully quotRhinoceros Wounded Man and Disemboweled Bisonquot O 0000 Lascaux France 15000 BCE Approx 339 8quot long bison Why is this interaction so important 6 dots under rhino39s butt is poop Shows dominance quotHuman Figurequot 0 O O O Ain Ghazal Jordan 6750 BCE Plaster twine painted and inlaid Was intentionally buried probably ritual quotLandscape with volcanic eruptionquot OOOOO Catal Hoyuk Turkey 6150 BCE Wall painting One of the oldest paintings from its origin First known landscape painting where no animals or humans appear quotStonehengequot 0 000000000 Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire England 2550 1600 BCE Circle 97 diameter Trilithons approx 2439 high Blue stone not from this land so it raises interest how the people got it Vertical stone post Horizontal stone lintel It has been added on and taken rom through centuries Summer Solstice is very important for this structure There is a heal stone outside of the circle that can be seen from the middle of the circle Is this a place for the dead Possibly cremations of the elite there For religious rights possibly Is it a sacred temple Is it a healing center quotStatuettes of two worshippersquot 0 000000 Not human or deity Waiting for their God Large eyes always in prayer form Offering to the Gods by the creators Genders ARE present Trying to appease deities Sumarian quotStandard of Urquot 0 000000000 Royal Cemetery in Ur Iraq 2600 BCE Wood inlaid with shell Lapis lazuli and red limestone Approx 8quot X 1 7quot Peace half and War half Hierarchy of scale Composite view Pro le view Narrative organized into registers quotBull Headed Lyre and Soundboxquot OOOOOO Ur Iraq Wood and inlaid with gold lapis shell 139 7quot high 2600 BCE Anthropomorphic Anthropomorphism Animals with human qualities quotBanquetScenequot O 0000 Cylinder Seal from Ur Iraq Modern Impression 2quot high 2600 BCE Buried with people quotZigguratquot 0 000000 Neo Sumarian state of Ur Ur Iraq 2100 BCE Mud bricks Glazed and baked made harder Dedicated to the Moon Goddess Nanna So high up to Keep oods away Get closer to Gods Protections from enemies quotStele with law code of Hammurabiquot o Susa lran 1780 BCE Basa 739 4quot high Over 300 speci c laws Broke laws punishments serious Uniform laws laws for everyone Considered quotDivinequot Laws 0 Composite view 0 Male dominance shaped like a penis on purpose OOOO quotLion Gatequot Boghazkoy Turkey Limestone Lions are approx 739 high Flanking Guardians Monumental stone construction OOOOO quotLamassuquot o Winged human headed bull 0 From citadel of Sargon II o Dur Sharrukin Iraq 0 720 BCE quotStepped pyramid Of Djoserquot o Saqqura Egypt 0 2630 2611 BCE o lmhotep is the rst architect to have his name recorded and built the pyramid for Djoser Right hand of Djoser 0 3rd Dynasty quotMortuary precinct of Djoserquot Saqqura Egypt 3rCI Dynasty 2630 2611 BCE Earliest known stone columns Engaged attached to the walls Look like papyrus plants 00000 quotGreat Pyramidsquot o Menkaure Khafre Khufu o All found Gizeh Egypt 0 Built between 2550 240 BCE O 0 4th Dynasty 3 big main pyramids represent the 3 Kingdoms Old Middle New Pyramids O 0000 Each have about 2 million blocks Used ramps pulleys etc to build Small Menkaure Medium Khafre great sphinx below hill Large Khufu oldest quotMenkaure and Khamerernbyquot OOOOO Gizeh Egypt 2490 Graywacke Approx 439 6quot high No space between limbs to keep sculpture stronger quotSeated scribequot O 0000 Saqqura Egypt 2450 Painted limestone Approx 1 9quot high Not very accurate quotTemple of Ramses IIquot 0 000000 0 Abu Simbel Egypt 1290 BCE Sandstone Colossi Approx 6539 high 4 colossal statues of Ramses II at entrance Inside Colossal statues Ramses II as Osiris Apporx 32 39 high Temple is WITHIN mountain Temple moved 700 ft to keep from being ooded Taken apart and put back together quotPlan of Temple of Amun Requot 0 O O O Karnak Egypt Axial approach Sacred grounds Dedicated to many gods but primarily Amun Re quotModel of Hypostylequot O 0 First time columns bearing weight IMPORTANT Temple of Amun Re OOOOOO Karnak Egypt Natural light is important 1290 BCE 66 ft high 22 ft in girth Very close together Reliefs of various areas of Egyptian life on them quotAkhenton and Nefertiti and three daughtersquot 0 00000 Amarna Egypt 18th Dynasty 1353 1335 Sunken limestone relief Casual interaction between family King and Queen equal scale Viewed as equals rather than the King higher quotDeath mask of Tutankhamenquot O O O Vastly different from pas death masks Gold Pharaoh headdress with face for mask quotGreat Bath at Mohenjo daroquot 0 00000 Mohenjo daro Pakistan 2600 1900 BCE Orthogonal grid Kiln baked brick Raised citadel Not forti ed quotNude mae torsoquot O O O O Harappa Pakistan 2000 1900 BCE Red sandstone 3 34 quot high quotSeal with seated gure in yogic posturequot O 0000 Mohenjo daro Pakistan 2300 1750 BCE Steatite coated with alkali and baked 1 12 quot square First showing of yogic posture llGuagll 0 00000 Anyang China Shang Dynasty 1200 BCE Bronze 6 12 quot high For ancestral rights O Metamorphic animal motifs quotStanding male gure from pit 2quot 0 00000 Sanxingdiu China 1200 1050 BCE Cast bronze 839 5quot high Hands meant to hold animal tusk Was intentionally broken in half to be buried quotBi disk with dragonsquot 0 00000 Jincun China Eastern Zhou Dynasty 300 200 BCE Nephrite jade 6 12 quot in diameter Seems to represent heaven quotArmy of the First Emperor of Qinquot 0 00000 Lintung China Qin dynasty 210 BCE Painted terracotta Average 539 1139 high Discovered in 1974 quotColossal headquot 0 00000 Olmec La Venta Mexico 900 400 BCE Basa 939 4quot high Found at Olmec sites Place facing outward from ceremonial precincts quotTemple of Quetzalcoatlquot O O O The citadel Teotihuacan Mexico 300 BCE quotGoddessquot O O O Teotihuacan Mexico 650 750 CE Mural painting from the Tetitla apartment complex 0 Dry fresco pigments over clay and plaster o The city39s principle deity Short Essay Works You Should Know quotVictory Stele of Naram Sinquot 0 Susa lran 2254 228 BCE Pine sandstone Approx 639 7quot high Stele No registers closer to perspective Haslandscape Hierarchy of scale Depicting actual event Uni ed space Troops all looking at bigger guy Bigger and being looked at gives a big hint that the guy is important OOOOOOOOOO quotPalette of King Narmerquot o Hierakonpolis Egypt Predynastic Ceremonial 3000 BCE slate approx 239 high Commemorates uni cation of Upper and Lower Egypt Upper is SOUTH Part of house objects OOOOO quotSenmut with the Princess Nefruraquot 0 Block sculpture ThebesEgypt 1470 1460 Granite 339 high Easy to carve More room for hieroglyphics OOOOOO quotAkhentonquot 0 Temple of Aton o Karnak Egypt 0 Worships different god named Aton Aton not an animal man 0 Flat disk 0 Not male or female sexless 1350 BCE Sandstone Amarna Period 1353 1335 Polytheism to Monotheism From worshipping multiple gods to just one god Capital moved to Akhenton 0000 O O Pharaoh has very feminine qualities To possibly encourage sexless Be like the god he worships quotStele D portraying Ruler 13quot quotStele with law code of Hammurabiquot O 0000 O O Susa Iran 1780 BCE Basa 739 4quot high Over 300 speci c laws Broke laws punishments serious Uniform laws laws for everyone Considered quotDivinequot Laws Composite view Male dominance shaped like a penis on purpose quotAssurbanipal hunting lionsquot 0 00000 Relief Found at the North Palace of Assurbanipal in Nineveh Iraq 645 BCE Gypsum 539 4quot high Trying to show anatomy muscles and such quotTi watching a hippopotamus huntquot OOOOOOOOOO Ti was a noble NOT a pharaoh Relief l the mastabe of Ti Saqqura Egypt Hippo good life in afterlife 2400 BCE Ti not hunting watching his servants hunt Painted limestone Approx 439 high Fresco secco Apply pigment to dry wall Hierarchy of scale Comparison Essay Works quotMortuary temple of Hatsheputquot 00000 O Dier el Bahri Egypt 1470 BCE From building mountains to taking over mountains Rock cut tomb Grandiose Mortuary temple Wanted to legitimize her power and rule Promoted power from art of her victories Son de led her names and anything to do with her quotTemple Iquot quotPresentation of Captives to Lord Chan Muwanquot quotLast judgement of Hu Neferquot 0 000000 0 ThebesEgypt 19th Dynasty 1300 1290 BCE Painted papyrus scroll 139 6quot high Located now in British Museum London Book of the dead Contains spells and prayers Explains process of getting into Underworld Some Terms to Use That Will Help with Writing Your Essays J J J Subject What is represented Visual Form Style What it looks like Function Works purpose how and how it is experienced by the viewer Patronage Who paid for it Paleolithic Old stone age Neolithic New stone age Prehistoric Things that happened or objects created before time of records People making artwork who are just trying to make sense of the world Representing Literally presenting again just in a different way Ziggurat Raised platform man made mountain in middle of city for deity o Keeps surplus of food safe there 0 Ziggurats have bentaxis approach Want deities to be comfortable when they visit cities so people made it higher up kt Higher members of community only allowed in Ka Soul life that lives in afterlife Upper Egypt Bowling Pin Crown Lower Egypt Scorpion and Papyrus Having both means you39re king of both J Mastaba bench o EnternaI houses 0 First tombs 0 Important buildings like mastaba are built with stone Houses are built with mud Bu SouI Ka Life vitality or double Akh Part of your spirit that will hopefully go and ascend to the heavens Ben Ben Symbol of sun god Re Fresco secco Apply pigment to dry wall Maat God of war justice and stability Dry Fresco Pigments over clay and plaster Time Periods Paleolithic 30000 9000 BCE Neolithic 9000 2300 BCE Mesopotamia 3500 330 BCE Sumarian Uruk zigg sculpture inlay reliefs Akkadian Sargon head Naram Sin Neo Sumarian Ur zigg Babylonian stele Hamm Hittites Lion Gate Assyrian Citadel amassu palace 2 reliefs Neo Babylonian Ishtar gate Predynastic to New Kingdom Egypt 3500 1070 BCE Pre dynastic Early dynastic Old Kingdom 0 New Kingdom Indus Civilization Pakistan 2600 1500 BCE Neolithic to Shang Dynasty China 7000 1050 BCE Zhou and Qin Dynasties China 1050 206 BCE Jomon Period Japan 10500 300 BCE Mesoamerica 1200 BCE 900 CE Precassic Period 2000 BCE 300 CE 0 Classic Period 300 900 CE Postcassic Beings 900 CE ending with Spanish Invasion of 1521


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