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Study Guide Midterm #1 MAT 117

by: Brandon Sangster

Study Guide Midterm #1 MAT 117 Math 117

Marketplace > Pace University > Math > Math 117 > Study Guide Midterm 1 MAT 117
Brandon Sangster

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About this Document

This Study Guide consists of last Wednesday's and Mondays class with a Formula sheet at the end to help you study on all the material for last minute preparations for the exam on Wednesday. This re...
Business Statistics
Johnathan Gersch
Study Guide
MAT 117, Statistics, Business Statistics, Stats
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This 11 page Study Guide was uploaded by Brandon Sangster on Monday March 7, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Math 117 at Pace University taught by Johnathan Gersch in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 67 views. For similar materials see Business Statistics in Math at Pace University.


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Date Created: 03/07/16
Ni.+T trt ; i{? 1bfuztdun.\agSz?1- / - , .-.:..------ ). :,,...-r Noin*,/ 0, s/rt I ;l*dea-d /Vorn*/ Di-ry'.r:A,.,y',,n1 ', fu :"FtaJ +U Lrattah'onak m# w1k:/k, sld lvo{na/'p,}/ b4*_ o +o z=2,5r _rJ's "Pk*21-2J3)a;?*pt . z ;5/|ut z-=,2,J3 Pk.!.il)=.,-S.eeo*??o/ = 4?o-l b"/ z; 1,7-6tnd z= 2,ss- ,47o/-V-7su :.::C tS/ . 4- V@o Z= l.2l zErnlIL If+? &z+."n/,/t- -r'-b>;.4too -ta.... llarc octttfa.tu "*/n,Zpr,lnlrt E.x: 5-t+4 -^ *-0'---"-Z: o"20 EX: B*,hi y,,h6,t{uo&,t&rr ts,Qli4,9btup*cutt ll._tuiYZ i p1; q -L dJl* bet - {,?-6tp t Ls-& +Z ,fx: lU,dJ/eqq% *-; s7d fo 2rz z 0 *2=2,576 ,4?oo ;14;Jil-4o% o{W z Dr:l s Aut-/.b{to *r" vr , ?S% -1.7a*o l.q6 t, q?% fo r -2,576 2.57/ , ,Anf ,fla/)ar-tsld /\)orna,Qis/.,'L6/t'azt t,Ex: SA T sc o/<isrtorrv*t/r'/Aw,-t,.Ll Sao * -Sito-= loo . lilhn% o{ 5,+T Sco,vJ'r'S " sr: ,bc/*t z,5oo to6 ? {P(soolx< 6so) P?xz< t.5o):u332 5ro 6so X Z--- x-//- 1,56z 4tsz2 = C- 2 Ver/ rnfor+anf WLru) X = 5oo, Z --9"'.-!"o= O loo X=6ro, Z: '_-,_._.--,.l.5o loo L(oo bu**"nn o-J Grrl F(qoa<xz.6sc:,{T,.oo(z< t.s") t'loo /-Yloo I ito 6-) X a3sz Z /=q:zloo: "3t"/t3 .3,14, vs32_"llur_ffl@ _ l.o ',C)VrAo,f --'/ ,sil^.qta{)rcur1,1uW: b*f iof SnTsco^eA? *o6ra Qo*h iSi,".I uvilkIsu p"ornh'b =o/ 'oto 7os 7q tu LofZSco*,s:. :. 1bou-(-hsd ftrurhn *Z=|,6qt..'"-W.|,6.?.r-*"k/ht&Jk-.?ogs iX= 5oo Il"6tttloo * 66q,5- a -r( { i - , /vlAT lta . ("\ r , \-, I5r*tdo4 Sa,ngsi?/- 3lz/rc ,Pr, b"i,lful,toJrlS- / U@Z PlyP{%o pv/rt'.a prlr{ siz<-- t4 N ,*,b.J,,,l:i;,iA*tns^41";t,orw-of ""Si lL,orw o{s;r. N -/<,Yro J.* */ a- n. Yau-va*, f y'{rr*x-r-*r,/^/Lo{ t,- Os* !*L7.oq ?l ,t-x €,n #n- - szco.,J s^fu,ot. f/*n iP_-*; = !NCn ,* w' #u^ ,,_ !Var'= X.ff".'ffi N..t "EL dr*,,-)=s ciJt #r,n /^ttJerL,,.-t Z*oc/ly Y:2 a-as l4q-Pk=Z)- *'1'LzgCs heVreu-/-;Lof-lrtdTezt #L 2 q 3 ZT Salar-,.s t% ,1 3 37 2ol YZJo I t 3oLxz Vo Z 5 3? Vr< Y..3o 7 5oz Xt("a Z 5 6oz x < 70 l1;sfyra-/,1,1 n=to 4 2 L,nirqolo4Nact^t/ -L. lno d*-,=L3 VS ilen^ ; 5,;x; .,.ll,GL Js>r Srpk- s &o= 21 \ox(lo/ fi".Z.,= Q,l:t 113 _*_3t '/1 ! M -*-6*,2,8-- M" J * 0Pb;'ln,-c4,*** -. - \, ozzz /?e)r.lzrc, llir,n,P,[-.u,'t'P [:&; @7Drt-'Y kte*,=P Var-=,4Pa- 5d:ffi -2,Is o L?6 "ulTl" ,7.f-o Pb-t sD= o 7o+A /-*/,/z ,''V7>..-"o Z= O,87 ,nooo rs &70 (t= 7 t.3),o"-.q^! 'b) ^ 0 L33 Z ftx=i=o P&r)eI5=)<t O) t-t i ,i- t!, "*&.", ;t-dob v .\ v Z1--* 1-;J r-.1 \ ta**s--i;-z:* )-:;;-;;;= LaW-i -1 -"-"-.^t* \,, *-*=66*#awrY ---**-\*{ lrt .v \J Formula Sheet for Midterm #1 MAT 117 Convert toZ scoff X-U/ Sigma,Sample=Z:X-X barlS RelativeTrequencY: f/n sum of Data/Amount ofData,Media+: CentralValue,ModrMost frequent, Mglg of andlowest numbers MidrqnsF Average highest )Vn Population Mean: Mu: Sum of )UN,Sample Mean= X=Sum of InteroufrtileRanse OOR): Q3-Q1 or otherdistancesnquartiles. (SI9R)= % of IQR RelativePositions-(DataValue-MedianySlQR I)eviation:X-Mean, Sum of I)eviations:0 MAD: Sum of dev/n $SX=Sum of[(dev)2x {1,hortcuF Sum ofX2-$)2ln Population Variancr low sigma squared:SSXA',[ Sample Variancr 52: SS)Vn-1 Population Standard Deviation=low sigma=squre rootof SSXA.{ Standard Deviation:S=squareroot of SSXn-1 $ample Chebvchev's Theorem= (l_llKz) % Coeflicient ofa{i+tion Pooulation:CV:sigma/mu, Samole- CV:S/x bar P (A&B), Co+dition?lPfobabilitv:P Joint Probabilitv: Marqinal Probabilitv:P(A), (A&B)/P (B) 'Weiehted Mean= mu=Sum of(X x P) Snread of Distance=Var(x): sum of (X2x P)-mu2 Bi+oqrid Probabilitv:nCx (p)x (q)n-x Mean forprobabilitv-mu: nx p,Variancr sigtna: Nx Px Q, Standard Peviation:sigma= squarerootofnpq X for Percentilesmu +Zx Sigma


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