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Study Guide for Modules 1-5

by: Rachel Block

Study Guide for Modules 1-5 PSY 100

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Psychlogy > PSY 100 > Study Guide for Modules 1 5
Rachel Block
General Psychology
Lauren Bates

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About this Document

Study guide for all modules for Friday's exam!
General Psychology
Lauren Bates
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Rachel Block on Tuesday September 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSY 100 at Colorado State University taught by Lauren Bates in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 125 views. For similar materials see General Psychology in Psychlogy at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/15/15
Which psychology figure speculated about HOW things work Aristotle I Which psychology figure believed in nature over nurture Plato I I Who is responsible for the Theory of Evolution Charles Darwin I I Who was the first known psychologist Willhelm Wundt I Who was the first woman to get a PhD Washburn I What did Freud study role of the unconscious I Structuralism vs Functionalism structure vs function I the study of observable behaviors behaviorism I growth development of humans humanism what are simple observations called introspection what is the consideration of smaller systems cells atoms molecules called bio psychosocial approach what are the measures of central tendency mean median mode what do measures of variation show how similar data is what does standard deviation show us how scores differ from one another what does a large standard deviation show us scores differ what does a small standard deviation show us scores are similar We often mistake familiarity for knowledge what must a hypothesis be testable what bias is it when people overlook their ability to have predicted about an outcome that could not have possibly been predicted hindsight bias what bias is it when people favor information that matches their beliefs confirmation bias how many people are in a case study 1 what is naturalistic observation collection of data without manipulating the environment what is the goal of naturalistic observation get the most accurate picture what is a cofounding variable anything there that we don39t care about what are the two electrical communication networks peripheral central what are the building blocks of the nervous system neurons Soma cell body dendrite receives signals axon long branch with fatty tissue why does the axon have fatty tissue speeds up the neural impulse axon terminal signal is sent out to dendrite what are the two different types of impulses excitatory inhibitory function of excitatory let39s go function of inhibitory don39t do it can action potential vary in frequency yes the strength of action potential is always the same synapse space between neurons what is sent through the synapse neurotransmitters what is it called when neurons are taking nts and decoding them reuptake what are types of nts ach dopamine what is a disease called that occurs with too much dopamine schizophrenia What is a disease called that occurs With not enough dopamine Parkinson s What is the autonomic system self regulated like breathing blinking somatic system voluntary like moving What does the brain produce naturally that is also in heroin endorphins sympathetic system Arousing parasympathetic system calming What does the central nervous system contain brain spinal cord What is responsible for re exes spinal cord What are the three main sections of the brain older structures limbic system cerebrum and cerebral cortex What are the three parts of the brain stem medulla pons thalamus What is the function of the medulla breathing blood pressure vomit Where is the medulla located Where the spinal cord meets the brain What do the pons do sleep bladder control posture What are older brain structures important for basic functions Where is the reticular formation between thalamus and pons What does the reticular formation do filters stimuli relays information What is the cerebellum responsible for motor functions What is the part of the brain that is affected by alcohol cerebellum What does the limbic system do in uences endocrine system What is the amygdala part of limbic system What is the function of the amygdala in uences aggression and fear What does the hypothalamus do fight ee feed mate What is the hippocampus responsible for learning and memory What is the cerebral cortex all the lobes What are the four lobes frontal occipital temporal parietal function of frontal planning judgment behaVior function of temporal hearing function of occipital Vision function of parietal sensory input What is the function of the motor cortex directs muscular output function of sensory cortex receives incoming touch signals What percentage of the brain is association areas 75 What do association areas do interpret info judgment What is plasticity gradual ability to change if something bad happens What are the two hemispheres of the brain joined by corpus callosum What does an EEG do detects neural impulses What does a PET do detects Where glucose goes What does a MRI do uses magnets to take pictures What does an fMRI do shows What brain is doing soft tissue Compared to an fMRI an EEG has poor spatial resolution good temporal resolution


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