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Exam #1 Study Guide

by: Nia

Exam #1 Study Guide Pol_Sc 1100

American Government
William Horner

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About this Document

Study Guide for Exam #1
American Government
William Horner
Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nia on Tuesday September 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Pol_Sc 1100 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by William Horner in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see American Government in Political Science at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 09/15/15
Poli Sci 1100 Exam 1 Study Guide 0 Format 0 60 questions 0 Multiple choice 4 options 0 60 Lecture amp 40 book 0 The Constitution 0 Constitution Assignment 0 Constitutional clauses that favor the strength of the federal government 0 Clauses that favor the states 0 Clauses that have been used in recent years by the supreme court to favor the states 0 Power of the purse 0 httbswwwlawcornelleduconstitution 0 Lecture 0 Politics l The public resolution or management of conflict within a basic consensus of community I Lasswell quotwho gets what when and howquot 0 Ideology Set of ideas beliefs and values 0 Beliefs Sense of reality what you think to be true 0 Values Normative ideas about right and wrong 0 Types of Government l Classic Conservatism Middle ages 0 Beliefs 0 People aren t equal 0 No individualism 0 Society is the way it is because god made it that way 0 Values 0 Change should be avoided 0 Religion and government should be combined 0 Legit authority to govern should belong to church and nobility 0 Government should be responsible for the welfare of the people I Classic Liberalism 1500s 0 Beliefs O Humans are individuals O Humans are basically equal Equality of Opportunity 0 The power of the market 0 People are inherently competitive 0 Values 0 Individual liberty over everything 0 Individual progress and achievement should be encouraged O The market should be the moral judge of human life if the market accepts it it must be good 0 Religion shouldn t interfere with the market 0 Change caused by the market is good 0 The legitimate authority to govern shouldn t be religious 0 Government shouldn t be responsible for the welfare of its citizens I Classic Socialism Q Beliefs 0 People are fundamentally equal throughout life 0 The market is unfair and irrational O Individualism is misleading O Religions is an illusion There is no God 0 Values 0 The purpose of society should be to advance human welfare 0 Members of a society should cooperate not compete O Equality should be the most important thing not liberty O Organized religion should be separate from government 0 Government should be responsible for the welfare of citizens O The legitimate authority to govern should come from the people I Modern Liberalism Q Oppose involvement in private and personal life 0 Less likely to oppose government involvement in the economy I Modern Conservatism Q Oppose government involvement in the economy 0 Less likely to oppose involvement in private and personal life I Libertarians 0 Government that governs least is the government that governs less 0 Loose on rules gay rights abortion marijuana usage 0 Little or no government in the economy market is the natural force 0 Framers I Wanted a government based on the power and sovereignty of the people but didn t completely trust the people I Wanted a government powerful enough to get things done but feared a group of people having too much power I Worried about economic inequality 0 Shay s Rebellion l Democratic Theory The only legit government is the one where the people make the laws for themselves 0 Legitimacy A feeling the people have that government is just and should be obeyed 0 Established by religious belief and tradition Q Rousseau 1700s 0 The Social Contract l Argued against the idea that monarchs were divinely empowered to legislate l People should have the right to choose the laws under which they live 0 Republic The moral government is the one in which people give themselves law I Locke 1600s 0 Representative Government The only legitimate government is one in which the people support who rule them 0 Influence on the presidency 0 Article II of the Constitution 0 The power of government should be distributed among different institutions 0 The legislative power should reign supreme in a constitutionally elected representative government I Montesquieu Q Advocate for representative government 0 Government shouldn t become so powerful that it s oppressive limited government I Elements necessary for a democracy to be legitimate 0 Personal liberty Legal equality Choice among alternatives Freedom of Speech Regularly scheduled elections Decision rule Connection between participation and government action I Other Influences 0 Religion Came seeking religious freedom 0 Clockwork Universe Isaac Newton If you design the perfect system you can set it in place and it will justcon nue 0 Wanted a government that could function forever on its own 0 Natural Law There is an existing code of the universe moral code and were all born knowing it 0 Declaration of Independence l Respe ct the rights of others 0 Subjective and unclear 0 Articles of the Confederation 1783 l Purpose Create a government that could do very little I Why was it so weak 0 power to the authority 0 O disputes at the federal level 0 executive authority 0 0 state 0 nations and states 0 currency 0 unanimous vote States didn t want to surrender No taxes No judicial branch no one to solve No executive branch Feared No standing military Unicameral legislation one vote per No power to regulate trade wother No regulation of money or federal Can t pass legislation without a 34 or I Who complained and why 0 without regulation imports 0 United States People involved in business 0 Hard to business 0 Tariffs and taxes on NationalistsPatriots 0 Wanted a strong 0 Feared that without power to make policy negotiate treaties or raise an army that the country couldn t stand up for itself or get respect 0 Constitutional Conventions l Annapolis Convention 1786 Q Annapolis MD 0 Suggested by James Madison Failed I Constitutional Convention 1787 0 James Madison didn t play as big of a role amp Alexander Hamilton huge role Everyone came but one state How they made it happen 0 Dramatize the cause Make it clear that something needed to be done 0 Adopt the right type of rhetoric patriotic rhetoric l Stress the idea that other powers don t take the US seriously 0 Gain the support of unifying and charismatic leaders I Georg e Washington amp Ben Franklin 0 Appear nonthreatening until plan of action is certain I Said they were making amendments to the current articles not starting over 0 5 Tactics used by framers 0 Control the Agenda The Virginia Plan 0 Protect the Participants Took a pledge of secrecy Q When a stalemate is reached delegate l Delega te problems to committees and they make decisions I EX Great Compromise Representation based on size vs equal representation Decided on bicameral legislation one of each type ew Jersey Plan Called for equal state representation in the national legislature regardless of population irginia Plan Representation based on population and size for legislation iased in favor of large states I EX 35 Compromise Every slave counts as 35 of a vote when deciding numbers for the houses 0 When a stalemate is reached be vague and overlook it 2 lt0 WC I EX Article III Judiciary 0 Allow for future correction O The Constitution l Federalist Papers used to build public support of the constitution l Reconciling the irreconcilable 0 Problem 1 Power of the People 0 Limit political freedom by getting rid of political factions l People cant pursue their own agendas 0 Representative government people can t rule directly for themselves 0 Problem 2 Powerful Government 0 Double Security Federalist 51 I Check s and Balances Divide federal government into branches to separate powers I Federa lism Separation between federal and state governments 0 Separate institutions sharing power SISP Separate institutions different powers I Consequences O Stronger form of government 0 Inefficient 0 Everyone has to share power 0 Designed to work this way Didn39t want a government that could make laws quickly and easily 0 Federalism A system of government in which power is divided between the regional and national governments l Very vague Caused many angry disputes l Federalist 10 Q The dangers of faction 0 Solutions 0 Representative Government l Federalist51 0 James Madison 0 Double Security against tyranny 0 Checks and Balances Divide federal government into branches to separate powers 0 Federalism Separation between federal and state governments l The federal government has expanded considerably 0 Great DepressionNew Deal Income Tax 16th Amendment Great Society War on Poverty l Constitutional clauses favoring the federal government 0 McCulloch vs Maryland 0 Supremacy Clause amp Necessary and Proper Clause 0 Maryland imposed a taX on the national bank 0 John Marshall Supreme Court Chief Justice l Does the federal government have the right to create a na onalbank O Y es Article 1 Section 8 If they can make money and regulate commerce they should get a bank 0 E lastic Clause Stretches the power of Congress I Does the state of Maryland have the right to tax the bank 0 N o Article 6 Supremacy Clause When there is conflict between the federal and state government federal always wins 0 Gibbons vs Ogden Q Who had the right to control a ferry boat line between New York and New Jersey 0 Federal government gets to regulate it because it s interstate commerce 0 Article 4 O Privileges and Immunities Clause People can t be treated as illegal aliensimmigrants when visiting other states Keeps states from discriminating 0 Full Faith and Credit Clause Each state has to honor contracts and legal agreements made in different states I US vs Windsor 0 Commerce Clause Article 1 Section 0 Comes up in the New DealGreat Depression Era 0 Way for the government to justify legislation Civil Rights Act 0 Obamacare 0 14th Amendment 0 Intended to take all the protections in the bill of rights and extend them to the state government 0 16th Amendment Income Tax l Nullification The idea that states have the right to invalidate any federal law that the state has deemed unconstitutional 0 Guest Speaker Andy Limbaugh 0 Voter FYI I Online voter to candidate matchmaking service I Allows the voter to make more informed choices and decisions based on hisher interests 0 Current Events 0 Campaign 2016 I Candidates httpwwwwashinotonexaminercomvourouidetothe2016presidential candidatesarticle2564959 l Hillary Clinton democratic l Joe Biden might run for democrats because hillary isn t doing as well as expected I JEB Bush Ted Cruz Ben Carson Donald Trump republican 0 Donald Trump I Super controversial l Doing better than expected in the campaign 0 Jorge Ramos I Univision anchor I Was kicked out of a press conference in Idaho by Donald Trump l Challenged Trump s deportation 0 Silent Majority l Richard Nixon l The Silent Majority is back Donald Trump l A group of people that a candidate believes support them but are afraid to come out and say it publicly 0 Tax district election in Columbia l One Mizzou student will vote on sales tax increase for Columbia


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