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Understanding Architecture study guide

by: Layne Henwood

Understanding Architecture study guide 10001

Marketplace > Kent State University > Architecture > 10001 > Understanding Architecture study guide
Layne Henwood
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

Study Guide for the second test in Understanding Architecture
David Hughes (P)
Study Guide
Understanding Architecture
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Layne Henwood on Monday March 7, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 10001 at Kent State University taught by David Hughes (P) in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 672 views. For similar materials see UNDERSTANDING ARCHITECTURE in Architecture at Kent State University.


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Date Created: 03/07/16
Study Guide Romanesque  Round arch  Massive o Keep from burning or falling down o Protect from invaders  Early churches  Small window o Made the inside very dark o For safety reasons  Roman-like o Another way of saying Romanesque  Safety o Scared of being attacked  Fire resistant o In case attacked  Barrel vault o Normal vault, two openings from a single arch  Groin vault o Four sides, or four openings o Rounded arches Gothic  Pointed arch o Reshaped the arch o Could fit more glass inside them  Rose window  Flying buttresses o Like a bridge o What holds together the glass from the arch and outside tower o Holds the load from the roof  Rib vault fan vault o Made up of all pointed arches o Fan vaults have fanned out panel on the corners, ribbed do not  Height of church o Churches were made taller o Reaching up to God  More light o No longer afraid so they can have larger windows o Very important Sculpture  o Told biblical stories  Vertical emphasis o God-based  Notre dame o Our lady Renaissance  Square and circle o Perfect o Square symbolized Earth o Circle symbolized Heaven o Wanted to put heaven over Earth (circle over square)  Humanism o Human scale  Re-birth  Ideal vs practical o Form and function were fighting each other  Heaven and man (Earth) o The square and circle representing heaven and earth o Now represent God and man together as one  Repetitive elements o Very uniform looking o Symmetrical  Perfect geometry o Questioned if there was something pure hidden in geometry o Used pure whole numbers  Pendentive  Secular area o Secular means non religious  Classical details o Rome and Greek  Purity Barque  Oval o ALWAYS Barque  Absolutism  Curves  Broken rules  Excess o More columns than necessary o Repetition of sculptures  Deliberately complex o Complex just for the sake of being complex  Celebratory  Blur geometry  Merge architecture and sculpture o Through "broken arches" o Arches do not meet at the top, sculptures are in the middle  Pleasure  Jump in scale o Churches are massive not necessarily in height but entire size  Gardens o Started considering also what is outside of the buildings o Outside of buildings should reflect the inside  Molding of space  Nature


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