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by: Davida Notetaker

Midterm Soc 106

Davida Notetaker
GPA 2.6
Intro to Sociology
Richard Sullivan

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About this Document

First half of Exam 1 (Midterm)
Intro to Sociology
Richard Sullivan
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Davida Notetaker on Tuesday September 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Soc 106 at Illinois State University taught by Richard Sullivan in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 97 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology in Sociology at Illinois State University.

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Date Created: 09/15/15
SOC 106 Midterm Study Guide 1 What is a Study of human society 2 De ne sociological imagination a is the ability to see the connections between our personal experience and larger forces of history i What are the true costs and returns of college 1 Society forces upon us that the only ticket out is to attend college So does that mean those individuals that cannot afford to attend college will not be successful 2 There are people in society that makes more than someone without a degree 3 Why do students with degree still have trouble getting goodjobs b quotWhat we take as natural that actually isn39t 3 What is a social institution and how does it relate to social identity Choose a sports team or another social institution to illustrate your answer a A typically describes an institution in society that tends to shape the behavior of the groups or people within it 4 A sociologist studies the way a group of fastfood restaurant employees do their work From what you read in this chapter how would Weber and Durkheim differ in their study of these workers a focused on understanding the social forces that produce order and disorder He came up with three concepts those being and sense of despair that arises when we can no longer reasonably expect life to be predictable The division of labor refers to the degree to which jobs are specialized If someone were to walk into a restaurant you have someone who specializes as a cashier cook drive thru worker etc He argued this was a way for social cohesion among individuals to be maintained Individuals are integrated into quotgroupsquot and our lives are followed routinely He would also argue the division of labor affects social and moral consequences On the other hand would argue that it has nothing to do with neither order nor disorder Weber argued approaching social behavior is best from the perspective of those engaging in it Verstehen 5 How does functionalism and con ict theory differ How would the two differ in their understanding of inequality a is one of the modern theories that say social institutions and processes in society serve some purposeimportance or necessary function to keep society running Often times thinking of society as an organism where each part of which serves an important role in keeping society together or viewed society as the exact opposite Under this theory society isn39t like an organism where each role keeps society together functionalism Con ict theory is the idea that con ict between competing interests is the basic animating force of social change and society in general Con ict from all levels of analysis being from the individual to the family to the nationstate is what drives social change Social change occurs only through revolution and war not evolution and baby steps b Con ict theorists would say inequality exists as a result of political struggles among different classes in a particular society However functionalism feels inequality is bene cial and necessary aspect of society How can that be Well it is unfair because it exists at the expense of less powerful groups More wealthMore opportunity 6 What is feminist theory Why might some of Harriet Martineau39s work be 7 9 described as feminist a emphasizes equality of women and men We want to see women39s lives and experiences represented in sociological studies Many studies range from women in the workplace at home inequality they go through in social institutions Feminist sociologists focus on how power relationships are de ned shaped and reproduced based on gender differences b Martineau was said to be the rst female sociologist She wrote many books on many factors during her time such as domestic religious primarily from a feminist perspective Her work would be described as a feminist because she lived it and she spoke up In early America women were less powerful therefore majority kept quiet A young African American girl walks into a store The rst thing she notices is security watching her every move Therefore she adjust her behavior knowing she39s innocent to avoid confrontation WEB Dubois describes this as which of the following b Midrange theory c Functionalism d None of the above Red light means stop Green light GO Shared meanings orientations and assumptions that form the basic motivations behind people39s actions are described as what a MicroLevel theory b Postmodernism c MacroLevel theory A sociologist decides to set up dynamic interviews for his research on the codes of the street Which type of sociology would this interview be considered b Microsociology c Symbolic Interactionism d None of the above 10A group of college students enters an elevator and looks at the numbers the ceiling andor the face the door If a sociologist was to do a research on why this happens What type of sociology would you describe it a Macrosociology c Positivist sociology d None of the above 11From the RN Sociological Imagination the words quotthe lives of individuals and history of society cant be understood separately without understanding bothquot comes from which of the following sociologists a Emile Durkheim b Max Weber d Karl Marx 12What does personal troubles of milieu mean a Occur within an individual39s character and the range of their immediate relations with others Deals with self and social life where the individual is aware directly and personally Lies within that person as a biography entity and immediate milieu private matter 13Considering marriage inside a marriage there maybe personal troubles But if there s 250 attempts of 1000 It indicates it is a structural issue through the institution of marriage and family Which of the following does this issue desc be b Private issue c Personal issue 14Which of the following sociologists believed that humans could use labor to enhance human life beyond material necessity and creating a society where all needs are ful lled Capitalism bourgeoisie a Max Weber c Comte d WEB Dubois 15What is a Private property productive property is a key concept from Karl Marx s Private property is controlled by the individual Some examples include farms universities etc As we can see in some type of way the examples mentioned above produce some form of labor 16A worker at Jimmy Johns gets paid 850hour no matter how fast or how many sandwiches he xes per minute he stills gets the same pay An individual produce more than what they are compensated for What is this term called a Surplus Value Karl Marx 17What is the difference between bourgeoisie and proletariat a is the capitalist class while is the working class 18Marx describes the following as what quota condition in which people are dominated by forces of their own creation that then confront them in alien powers the basic state of being in a capitalist state b Mechanical Solidarity c Organic Solidarity d None of the above 19De ne a Legal rational organization or mode of administration that governs with reference to rules and roles and emphasizes meritocracy 20What de nes rationalization a An everexpanding process of ordering or organizing b Weber39s central idea rationalization and its consequences i replacement of traditions emotions values as behavioral motivations in society with rational reasonable calculated ones ii where people are trapped iii Thought that the shift to modernity called for by the ideas of the Enlightenment would lead to an overly rational and bureaucratically organized social order 21What is a a Form of government where the decisions are generally made by state officials 22What is the difference between a deductive and inductive approach in experiments a A starts with a theory forms a hypothesis makes observations and then analyzes data while starts with empirical observations and then forms a theory 23Those with higher levels income tend to enjoy a better overall health What is this an example of b Casualty c Method d None of the above 24A professor walks into class every Tuesday 935am As a professor he grades paper makes up lectures etc roles may come about due to exhaustion The professor has meetings oneonone times with students that need it etc


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