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by: Allie Martinez

FFlashcards History 1210

Allie Martinez

GPA 3.28

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About this Document

Another upload hopefully it'll work.
Study Guide
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Popular in THE UNITED STATES, 1492-1865

Popular in History

This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Allie Martinez on Wednesday September 16, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to History 1210 at Metropolitan State University of Denver taught by McInerney in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see THE UNITED STATES, 1492-1865 in History at Metropolitan State University of Denver.


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Date Created: 09/16/15
Aztecs Pueblos Columbus Amerigo Vespucci Hernan Cortes Conquistadors Hernando de soto Reformation Martin Luther Jacques Cartier Roanoke Virginia company Chief of the powhatans Captain John smith Bacons rebellion Propriety colony Puritans John Winthrop Roger Williams Anne Hutchinson Pequot war Metacomet New Netherlands Iroquois league Quakers Cash crops Indentured servants The triangular trade Half way covenant Johnathan Edwards George Whitfield Mercantilism Glorious revolution Jesuhs Pon anakrebemon Thomas Jefferson Patrick Henry Sons of liberty Stamp act congress Samuel Adams Lord north Paul revere Common sense exporthistory test one Page 1 exporthistory test one At the time of colonization they had lost much of their power Before colonization they had an empire 5 million strong and crus We39re small communities Indians of American southwest lived in These pueblos left them at the mercy of the weather Christopher Columbus was sent by Spanish royalty to find a better route to the spice trade Had the ships Nina pinta and San39 Was an Italian colonist who coined the term The new World Was a Spaniard who came from Cuba who colonized Mexico with his conquistadors in 1519 We39re viscous colonists from Spain and set in place the en comienda Which is where officers owned land in the colony Conc Him and about 600 men were the first to colonize North America in Florida in the year of 1539 named the colony at Augustine He reformation that took place on Europe caused many religions to flee other places in escape of persecution Martin Luther split from the Roman Catholic Church in 1517 Was the first French leader of a French colony that landed in the NYCanada area and set up in 1541 The mysterious colony of Roanoke set up on 1583 Settled in permanently on May 6 1607 names after the virgin queen Some settlers went to James town and suffered in theirs His chief helped settlers with agriculture and how to use the land John smith would put up a fight for invading Indians He was chosen for this job by royalists back in England As many farmers were doing well in the Virginia area there began to be unrest with other farmers slaves and indentured serve Meaning the colony was given to someone by the royalty as a gift Puritan colonies were in New England and were for the purest of the puritans They experienced higher populations because A Puritan preacher led a new colony called Massachusetts which was a charter by King Charles I He decided the colony wor Was a man of zealous faith and was a rebellious faith leader Before they could exile him he ran away with some followers an Another religious rebel claimed to see which of her neighbors were going to hell or not and before she could be sentenced sh Settlers accused Pequot Indians of killing a colonist so they got revenge Which afterwards the Indians got revenge it was a b Was the chief of the Pequot nation and started war again by killing a Christian Indian breaking the hartford treaty Was a settlement for the Dutch In present day New York They at the time controlled a lot of European merchants for animal Such a huge nation of Indians that European settlers were forced to form alliances with them They are such a force to the Fri Quakers settled in Pennsylvania by sir William penn had elected members of govt Cash crops such as tobacco rice and sugar cane were important to the rise of the American colonies in providing a stable ecc Came from mostly Europe but sometimes Africa and were given passage to the new world or sometimes land for serving a m Was between English colonies African and West Indies Shipped a lot of molasses to new England to make rum for Africa wh In Boston churches this ensures that children could be baptized and relieve some grave and part membership to the church Was a congregational minister who believed many people were living sinful lives and had restored life to his congregation in 7 Was a minister who came from England and brought with him his outrageously hyped sermons The political power that made colonization happen It came or of the prolonged wars within European countries Was the idea Occurred when king James II fled to Paris news of this got to Boston and they overthrew the current governor Andros This we The French Jesuits set missionary39s along the Mississippi When the French left the continent Americans moved west but were met with widespread Indian attains in 1763 to keep peac A member of the sons of liberty organized many rallies in favor of freedom including a day of fasting on the day that the Bos1 Farmer turned rebellion leader knew that the time of the Boston tea party that war would be imminent A rebel group that consisted of colonists in favor of freedom their actions inspired the colonies to unite Men through out the colonies met together to state that there would be no taxation with out representation and didn39t agree v Was a member of the sons of liberty and was the tenuous behind the revolutionary agitation He and James Otis an attorney i A new governor who was a kings friend tried to reign in many of the colonists but had no luck Made his famous midnight ride on April 14 to warn the rebels in Boston Was a pamphlet that was written to say that splitting from the colonies was the only good idea out there and it would benefit e Page 2


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