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General Physics

by: Nichole Keebler

General Physics PHYSICS 201

Nichole Keebler
GPA 3.95


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nichole Keebler on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PHYSICS 201 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/205227/physics-201-university-of-wisconsin-madison in Physics 2 at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Physics 201 Discussion 20 5 What is the total mass of the Earth39s atmosphere The radius of the Earth is 637 X 106 m and atmospheric pressure at the surface is 1013 X 10 5 N m2 P145 The Earth s surface area is 47122 The force pushing inward over this area amounts to F POA P047rR2 This force is the weight of the air P3 mg P047R2 so the mass ofthe air is P04 R2 1013x105 Nm247r637 gtlt106 m2 527x1018kg g 980 152 10 a A very powerful vacuum cleaner has a hose 286 cm in diameter With no nozzle on the hose what is the weight of the heaviest brick that the cleaner can lift Fig Pl4lOa b What If A very powerful octopus uses one sucker of diaIneter 286 cm on each of the two shells of a clam in an attempt to pull the shells apart Fig P 1410b Find the greatest force the octopus can exert in salt water 323 m deep Caution Experimental veri cation can interesting but do not drop a brick on your foot Do not overheat the motor of a vacuum cleaner Do not get an octopus mad at you P1410 a Suppose the llvacuum cleaner functions as a high vacuum pump The air below the brick will exert on it a lifting force FPA 1013gtlt105 Pa7r143gtlt10 2 m2 b The octopus can pull the bottom away from the top shell with a force that could be no larger than F PA P0 pghA 1013 x105 Pa 1030 kgm3980 ms2323 m7r143gtlt10 2 m2 14 The tank in Figure P1414 is lled with water 200 rn deep At the bottom of one side wall is a rectangular hatch 100 rn high and 200 rn wide which is hinged at the top of the hatch a Determine the force the water exerts on the hatch b Find the torque exerted by the water about the hinges T 200 m V 200 111 Figure P1414 P1414 The air outside and water inside both exert atmospheric pressure so only the excess water pressure pgh counts for the net I 39 L force Take a str1p of hatch between depth h and h dh It feels force 200 5100 m of PdA pgh200 mdh T a The total force is m 200 rn r jar j pgh200 mdh FIG P1414 h100 rm 2 200 rn F pg200 nah 1 000 kgm3980 ms WkZOO m2 i00 Inf b The lever arm of dF is the distance 11 100 In from hinge to strip 200 m r I d1 I pgh200 rnh 100 mdh hl00 m 13 12 200m 139 pg200 100 m 100 m 3 3 r i 000 kgm3980 ms2 200 m g 139 2 163 kN In counterclockwise I 16 Figure P1416 shows Superman attempting to drink water through a very long straw With his great strength he achieves maximum possible suction The walls of the tubular straw do not collapse a Find the maximum height through which he can lift the water b What If Still thirsty the Man of Steel repeats his attempt on the Moon which has no atmosphere Find the difference between the water levels inside and outside the straw Figure P1416 P1416 a We imagine the superhero to produce a perfect vacuum in the straw Take point 1 at the water surface in the basin and point 2 at the water surface in the straw P1 ngi P2 ngz 1013gtlt 105 Nm2 0 0 1 000 kgm3980 ms2y2 y2 b No atmosphere can lift the water in the straw through height difference


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