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Spanish 3 Exam 2 Study Guide

by: Christopher Raite

Spanish 3 Exam 2 Study Guide Span 003

Marketplace > Pennsylvania State University > Language > Span 003 > Spanish 3 Exam 2 Study Guide
Christopher Raite
Penn State
GPA 3.55

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About this Document

This covers all grammar that will appear on the exam. To review for the exam see the textbook to look over vocabulary that will appear on the exam.
Alejandra Gutierrez
Study Guide
spanish, Spanish 3, PSU
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Christopher Raite on Tuesday March 8, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Span 003 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Alejandra Gutierrez in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 84 views. For similar materials see Spanish in Language at Pennsylvania State University.


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Date Created: 03/08/16
EXAM 2 Study Guide REVIEW ALL VOCAB IN TEXTBOOK / HALF THE TEST IS VOCAB Present Subjunctive Tense Conjugation: AR/ IR VERBS ENDS IN Yo E Tu Es Udsted, Ello, Ella E Nosotros Emos Vosotros Eís Udstedes, Ellos, Ellas en ER VERBS ENDS IN Yo A Tu As Udsted, Ello, Ella A Nosotros Amos Vosotros Aís Udstedes, Ellos, Ellas An POR VS PARA Por Para Through or by a place Toward a destination Duration of an event Deadline Reason or Motive For whom something is intended or being done for - To form an impersonal expression Expression + Que + Subjunctive Tense= Impersonal Expression Common Verbs + Expressions to express emotion  Alegrarse: To be glad  Sentir: To be sorry  Gustar: To like  Encantar: To love  Molestar: To bother  Temer: To fear + Que + Verb in Present Subjunctive  Detestar  Doler: To sorrow  Es una lastima: it’s a shame  Es triste: its sad  Es una pena: It’s a shame  Estory contento: I am happy because Other common expressions:  Me gusta  Me encanta  Me duele + Que + Verb in Present Subjunctive  Me interesa  Me molesta Spanish Notes Week 7: Positive Expressions Negative Expressions Alguien Nadie Todo/ Algo Nada Algun, alguno/a Ningun, ninguno/a A veces Tampoco Siempre Jamas/Nunca o….o Ni…ni Present Perfect Tense: Present Tense of Verb + the past participle Yo He AR Verbs: - ado Tu Has IR Verbs- Ido El/ Ella/ Usted Ha Er Verbs- Ido Nosotros Hemos Ex. viajado Vosotros Habeís aprendidio Ellos/ Ellas/ Ustedes Han vivido Irregulars in the Present Perfect Tense: Hacer Hecho Poner Puesto Romper Roto Ver Visto Volver Vuelto Abriri Abierto Escribir Escrito Cubir Cubierto Decir Dicho Morir Muerto Future Tense Infinitve + conjugated verb FOR ALL AR/ IR/ ER Verbs (Regular Verbs) É Ás Á emos Éis Án Example: Viajar + é = viajaré Irregulars in Future Tense Haber Habré Poder Podré Querer Querré Saber Sabré Poner Podré Tener Tendré Salir Saldré Venir Vendré Decir Diré Hacer Haré


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