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Midterm Study Guide

by: Madysin Leavitt

Midterm Study Guide REL A 122

Madysin Leavitt
GPA 3.88

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About this Document

This covers test 1, test 2 and the little bit that we have done between test to up until the midterm!
Book of Mormon (REL A 122)
Brother Stanley Johnson
Study Guide
Book of Mormon
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Madysin Leavitt on Tuesday March 8, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to REL A 122 at Brigham Young University taught by Brother Stanley Johnson in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see Book of Mormon (REL A 122) in Religious Studies at Brigham Young University.


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Date Created: 03/08/16
Book of Mormon Midterm 2- Study guide Storyline- Moroni nephite army captain at 25 Led the Nephite armies to victory over the Lamanites by cleansing the inner vessel first (king men) and raising the title of liberty to help the people make covenants with Heavenly Father. Pahoran (and the freemen) is a judge who fills his father Nephihah’s seat. People get pretty unhappy about that and want to overthrow him.-Also Moroni complains that Pahoran is doing a bad job as judge, but really the problem is that the king-men are rebelling Kishkumen-he murders Pahoran 2 and Pacumeni one of his brothers fills the judgement seat Helaman (son of Helaman)- becomes chief judge and Helaman’s servant kills Kishkumen Be ready to explain the Law of War (D&C 98:32-38) as we discussed it in class and how one obtains courage to overcome the obstacles you will face (Alma 58:10-12). 1. Don’t go to war unless God commands it 2. Try to make peace at least 2-3 times before 3. If you do these things and go to war the Lord will fight your battles • pray • assurances • peace • faith • hope • courage Know about the problems of government and the secret combinations in the Book of Helaman. The Author of the secret combinations is the devil Review the growth of the Church in the Book of Helaman (why it may have occurred) and the malady, medication, and method allegory presented in class. Malady- sin Medicine- atonement/repentance Method- Missionary work Review how true prophets may be recognized (Helaman 7-11) and the importance of being quick to observe the living prophet! • What they say comes true (seer) • they testify of Jesus Christ • They reveal things to us that we couldn’t (establish doctrine) • they will teach repentance • Prophets are given great sealing power 1 Understand the four-fold mission of Samuel the Lamanite. 1. Know the judgements of God 2. Cry repentance 3. Testify of Christ 4. Know the signs of Christ’s birth/death Understand the reason the Lord gives signs to His people (Helaman 14:28-29). So that there is no unbelief among the children of man, and so that whosoever believes will be saved Review the rise and fall cycle of pride and what God sends to cause an upswing in people’s behavior. God sends prophets/signs to testify to the people of their iniquities, sometimes sends a curse Review the excuses the Nephites gave for not following the Prophet (Helaman 16). • angry at the prophets • claim that the prophet is possessed by the devil • the prophet just guessed right • a prophet’s claims are not reasonable • prophets claims are only wicked tradition • have not witnessed it with their own eyes Here are the emails we received of information that was not gone over in class. Dear Students, Here is the the fifth point of how to identify a true prophet.In Helaman 10:6-7 prophets are given great power, specifically the sealing power--to seal and loose on earth and in heaven. In fact, Nephi even sealed the heavens so it wouldn't rain. Prophets today have the same sealing power. -Brother Johnson Dear Students, Here is the information you'll need to know for Test 2 that we didn't get to in class today. Excuses for not following the prophet based on Helaman 16: -Anger at the prophets (verse 2) -Claim the prophet is possessed of a devil (verse 6) -The prophet just made a lucky guess (verse 16) -A prophet's claims aren't reasonable (verse 18) -A prophet's teachings are the wicked traditions (verse 20) -Cannot witness it with our own eyes (verse 20)


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