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by: Kari Harber Jr.


Kari Harber Jr.
GPA 3.72

Ann Lumsden

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About this Document

Ann Lumsden
Study Guide
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kari Harber Jr. on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BSC 1005 at Florida State University taught by Ann Lumsden in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/205421/bsc-1005-florida-state-university in Biological Sciences at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
gt V VVVVVVVV VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV Biology Test Dinosaurs Paleontologist person who studies prehistoric life including organisms evolution and interactions with each other and their environments Paleobiology New discipline which combines methods of biology with methods of paleontology China first written account of fossilsdinosaurs Thigh bone quotscrotum humanum Cuvier first to introduce that animals can and have gone extinct Megolosaurous 151 dinosaur quotbig lizard because of 30 foot crocodiles myths lguanadon first plant eating dinosaur Richard Owen named dinosauria in 1841 Pterosaurous quotflying reptiles close relation to dinosaurs 3 key features 3 or more sacral vertebrae 3 main fingers Perforate acetabulae hole in thighbone Split by hip typesgt ornithischianbird like saurischianlizard like Deinonychus raptor reassured view of dinosaurs Robert Bakker took idea and ran with it MMquot 225 million to 64 million years ago dinosaurs lived Potassium 40 turns into Argon 40 age recognition technology World was warmer Continents did move Deinosuchus dinosaur eating crocodile Crocodile can bite at 3700 lbs Plesiosaurs quotlike lizard lock ness monster Mammals existed with dinosaurs Trace Fossils tracks eggs bite marks poop Tails didn t drag Sedimentary rocks most dinosaurs found Columbus Georgia closest dinosaur remains Ornithischians bird shaped hips beaks 1st dinosaurs were small Thyreophora shield bearers p119 have quotschutesquot Stegosaurus stupid can tell from endocasts sediments in brain Not many biologist in paleontology crazy theories Ceropodans gap between front and back teeth Heterodontosaurs different teeth Don t know sex of dinosaurs Sexual dimorphism difference between sexes Don t live in trees Battery grinding teeth 100 s and 1000 s self sharpening hadrosaur ceratopsian Marginocephalia pachycephalosauria quotbone heads and certopsia quothorned dinosaurs VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VV Protoceratops oviraptors eggs Pachyrinosaurus biggest horn ever Sauropods nostrils atop head p119 140ft Apatosaurus brontosaurus same Sauroposeidon llearthquake god tallest dinosaur Theropoda hollow bones Ceratosaur venom groove Coelephysis cannibals Spinosaurs bombers Ornithomimids fastest dinosaurs TRex 2 fingers great sense of smell Scissor hands plant eater Troodontids smartest dinosaurs Dinosaurid dinosaur would have evolved into alien like creaturs Dinosaurs had bones like mammals and reptiles mixed Grow faster than reptiles Sauropods grow fast 4080 of life died with dinosaurs Archeotreryx first bird Birds are dromeosaurian dinosaurs Smallest dinosaur 7oz Reverend William Buckland 1st to describe a dinosaur Extinction volcanism lowering of sea levels asteroid impact Paleontologists matched bite forces using computer modeling Dinosaur with lllizard hips enlarged thumb claws nostrils atop headsaurischian saurodomorph sauropod Raptor shares with birds reversed first toe Metamorphic rocks least likely to reveal dinosaur bones Systematics animals were placed in groups based upon how similar they were to each other and the unique features they shared Natural Selection difference between survival or reproductive success of individuals with specific phenotypes compared to other phenotypes Fitness degree to which an individual contributes genes to future generations Darwin s Four Postulates 1 Individuals within species vary 2 Some of the variations found in the population are passed to offspring 3 Every generation produces more offspring than can survive 4 Survival and reproductive success of individuals is not random Phylum Chordata notochord pharyngeal slits dorsal hollow nerve cord post anal tail Pikaia Gracilens ancestors to the vertebrates and extinct member of cephalochordates First known vertebrate ostracoderms without jaws Cambrian period Super Agnatha 5 groups 2 survive Class Myxini living hagfishes Cephalaspidmpi living Lampreys Class lacks jaws and the notochord persists throughout life in both classes No paired fins no bone cartilage supports skeleton Skeletal system composed of only cartilage chonodrichthyes Earliest jawed fish Class Acanthodii Superclass Gnathostomata Jawed Fish Acanthodii and Placadermi Acanthodii appeared in Early Silurian Placodermi appeared in late Silurian extinct in Devonian Period Osteichtyes bony fish Sarcopterygii Actinopterygii appeared in late Silurian period Sarcopterygii ancestors of tetrapods land vertebrates Tetrapods paired appendages jaws vertebrate Reptilesgt 1 Turtles 2 Mammals 3 Snakes lizards crocs birds Reptiles mammals amniotes extraembryonic membranes surround egg with fluid Anapsida living and extinct turtles Lepidosauria lizards snakes Archosauria ancestor to crocodiles and birds Synapsida ancestor to mammals Aves birds second most successful vertebrate group Endothermy warm blooded Ectothermy cold blooded Birds Jurassic Carbinefoerous reptiles Tetrapods Devonian Sarcopterygii late Silurian Mammals Triassic Amphibians Devonian Lungfish Devonian 1 The bartholin s glands are homologous to the cowper s glands 2 The scrotum is homologous to the labia major 3 Male circumcision removal of the prepuce foreskin 4 Ejaculation sperm goes out of the body by the urethra 5 Know these parts of the body penis uretha testes scroctum and cathers glands 6 Erection is a vescular phenomenon 7 The upper portion of the labia minora minor lips form the clitoral hood 8 Circumcision is the removal of the prepuce 9 Glans penis is the most sensitive part of the penis 10 Know that sperm and urine exit the penis by the uretha 11 External structure is the penis and scrotum 12 Ampulla is storage for sperm cells until ejaculation occurs 13 Sperm cells mature in the epididymis for 10 days 14 The testes produce male hormones and produce sperm 15 What produce the hood of the clit Labia minora 16 The external genitalia of a developing fetus when exposed to excess androgens male hormones will develop male like 17 Which structure contains erectile tissue The clitoris 18 The scrotum is homologous to the labia major 19 the ovaries produce eggs and female hormones 20 Hymen is a sign of virginity 21 The external genitalia of a developing fetus when not expose to androgens male hormones will develop female like 22 Fertilization occurs in the oviducts fallopian tubes 23 Implantation occurs in the uterus 24 Uterus muscular layer myometrium uterus inner layer endometrium 25 The muscular layer of the uterus is called the myometrium 26 Clitoris is found in both males and females 27 Erectile tissue is the clit in males 28 Genetic sex is the chromosomes XX females XY Males 29 If y is present it starts male structures 30 Y makes you male 31 Genetic sex of each individual is established at fertilization when the sperm and egg unite 32 Wolffian duct is male duct 33 The Y chromosome dictates that the indifferent gonad will become a testies a male 34 The mullerian duct cant form in males 35 AMH Anti Mullerian Hormone 36 Testies Produce AHM and Male hormones 37 Mullerian duct in female produces fallopian tubes and uterus 38 Males do not have AMH because testies produce that 39 Labia Minor is the scotum in the male 40 Androgen insensitivity Syndrome mean that a person is male genetically but develops and lives life as a female 41 Developing fetus when exposed to male hormones will develop male like 42 Developing fetus when not exposed to male hormones will develop female like 43 The presence of androgen makes a male 44 The absence of androgen male hormone makes a female 45 AIS genetically male XY external is female and raised female 46 Penis is homologous to the clit in female 47 Scotum is the labia majoria in females 48 The mullerian duct when not exposed to any hormones from the testes develop into a female 49 What is the purpose of the vas deferens lt receives sperm cells from the epididymis 50 The anterior pituitary gland is attached to the brain by blood vessels 51 Endocrinology is the study of ductless glands and their secretions called hormones 52 Neuroendocrinology is the study of how the nervous system controls the endocrine system 53 Posterior pituitary gland connected to the hypothalamus by nerve cells and doesn t make its own hormones just stores them POSTERIOR NERVE 54 Anterior pituitarty makes its own hormones and is connected by BLOOD VESSELS Anterior Blood 55 Ovaries not receiving LH an FSH can t ovulate and peak 56 Pill works to regular LH and FSH is a negative feedback system 57 menarche is first period ever 58 menopause is the last period ever 59 ovulation everything peaks estrogen fhs lh all peak 60 estrogenic phase is an increase of estrogen 61 Menopause is done with periods no more 62 You have a cycle of 32 days when did you ovulate 321418 h day she produced an egg It always just subtract 14 from any number given and that s the answer 63 What are symptoms of PMS Depression mood swings basically anything that would be bad 64 Amenorrhea absence 65 Dysmenorrhea discomfort 66 The menstrual cycle can be variable in length Which phase remains relatively constant in length Luteal or progestional postovulation 67 Conception fertilization 68 Capacitation is when sperm goes in a female freely then it goes into activation which is when the sperm goes into the egg in a lerching movement 69 Zygote fertilized egg 70 Conception is the joining of egg and sperm 71 If you smoke pot sperm only lurks goes to activation not capacitation at all Which means that the sperm never reaches the egg 72 when pregnant the first 8 weeks you call the baby a embryo more than 8 weeks along you call it a fetus first 8 weeks embryo then fetus 73 HCG is heavily produced in pregnant and menopausal women 74 Amniotic fluid is a fluid around developing fetus 75 2 ways to detect pregnancy blood test which looks for high levels of HCG or sampling urine 76 First trimester the fetus develops 77 Second trimester is called quickening 78 third trimester is when the antibodies develop and rapid weight gain to prepare for birth 79 3 leading causes of still birth bad side effects to labor are alcohol smoking and caffeine 80 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is drinking a lot while prego which may cause growth deficiencies before and after birth mental retardation facial abnormalities spontaneous abortions and low birth weight 81 lnfertility mean low chance of birth sterility means no chance of birth what so ever 82 Birth processstage 1 labor it s the longest stage the cervical gap goes to 10 cm 2nd stage is where baby is born Stage 3 placenta is delivered this is the shortest of the stages 83 The average cycle is 26 days during which day is she most likely to become pregnant 2614 12b 1014 always subtract 14 84 To eliminate the need for contraception you can be abstinence from sex or sex without intercourse 85 Theoretical effectiveness if used perfectly it can be expressed as the theoretical failure rate usually the lowest number of women using the method for the first time 86 condom and pull use is up 87 Barrier methods are a physical barrier like the condom not the pill 88Natura skin condoms don t protect against STDS 89 Nuvaring is in girls for 3 weeks then out for 1 week 90 Chemical birth control is the pill 91 Prevention is avoiding infection 92 Most cases of herpes is reactivated and reoccurring 93 Herpes HSV 2 is the most common type of herp 94 Face herp is type 1 genitals is type 2 95 Can get herpes at anytime if someone is infected but its most likely when they have an outbreak 96 Best protection is male condom against herpes 97 There is an immunization for women who haven t ever had herpes that they can get but males and females with the herp cant get it 98 Virus STDS have no antibiotic to cure them because they aren t bacteria 99 Genital warts have no antibiotics because it s a virus 100 Genital warts HPV is the most common std caused by a virus 101 Gonorrhea is a bacteria so there is an antibiotic to cure it 2nd most common infectious disease 102 symptoms of gonorrhea differ in males and females 80 of females show no symptoms where as 515 of men show no symptons 103 Most common bacteria Chlamydia which has an antibiotic to cure it 104 HIV is a virus no antibiotic Hiv causes aids 105 Male homosexuals have greatest risks to get STDS where as Female heterosexuals have greatest risks for STDS 106 Best to prevent AIDS is male condom 107 PID causes sterility and affects females 108 latex condoms are best protection after abstinence 109 have std and get pregnant baby will get that std too Test Questions 1 The Batholin s glands are homologous to the cowper s glands 2 Which statement below about prenatal development before birth is true Movement known as quickening can be felt during the 2nd trimester 3 Which of these statements about hypothalamuspituitartygonadal axis is ture Postmenopausal women will show high levels of gonadotropins from the anterior pituitary and low or nonexistent levels of hormones from the ovaries 4 The wolffian ducts when exposed to androgens develop into male structures 5 Genital herps is most likely cuased by herpies simplex type 2 6 The most effective contraceptive method is Intrauterine device 7 The basis for the majority of the chemical tests for pregnancy today is detection of the substance called HCG 8 The anterior pituitary gland is attached to the brain by blood vessels 9 People with gonorrhea will often also be infected with Chlamydia 10 The labia minor minor lips form into a fold of skin just about the clit hood 11 The process of activation causes the sperm cells to begin a lurching type of movement 12 Castrated men would have high levels of gonadotrophins 13 Women athletes who train hard often have amenorrhea 14 The lease effective contraceptive method below is the diaphragm 15 Which of the following about HIVAIDS in the US is false A person can have aids and not be HIV positive To have AIDS you first are HIV positive 16 Which about Chlamydia is false Most women show symptoms


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