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by: Dalton Haag
Dalton Haag
GPA 3.77

Wanda Brown

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About this Document

Wanda Brown
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Dalton Haag on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CTE 3201 at Florida State University taught by Wanda Brown in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see /class/205505/cte-3201-florida-state-university in Home Economics Clothing And Textiles at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Visual Design Study Guide 10202009 35100 PM Design Product o Design is the opposite of chance it is a planned arrangement of elements to form a visual pattern that maybe found functional or aesthetic o Noun a product the result of the above definition Design as a Product o Sensory experienced through the senses the purpose is the sensory experience o Behavioral deals with the patterns or ways of doing things or actions in time planned actions man made product Some products maybe the combination of both sensory and behavioral design Six steps in the Design process 1 Set a goaldecide what the product should be the goal suggests a path or focus 2 Examine outside influencesthis means the conditions of use and characteristics of the user that influence development amp properties of goal 3 Criteriacriteria tell what the product must or must not do to fulfill it s purpose Sometimes government sets regulations which must be observedEx Children sleepwear and it s flammability standards fit or size is arbitrary 4 Planquotrecipequot select the supplies amp ingredients for the product the plan is the blueprint or formula to meet the criteria Clothing designer would consider where is the opening How will stretch and movement be accommodated An architect would consider how many windows Wood frame or brick 5 Carry out the plandesign from plan to reality making a sample 6 Evaluate the planuse the criteria to judge the characteristics amp performance of the product to meet the goal 3 Respects of Design Functional 1 most important what the product must do or not do use structural knowledge to plan amp carry out the design then the decorative aspect must meet both the functional amp structural 0 Deals with how something works physically how it performs can refer to the whole or part Structural how they are put together how it will open and close most successful designs are often those that meet their functional criteria and purpose with the simplest form aggress both with the product function amp the structure Decorative Is for appearances only it does not affect fit nor performance it is the least important of the 3 aspects of design but must agree with function amp structure 0 3 ways to incorporate design 1 Color or pattern in the product 2 Construction details 3 Decorative trim applied to surface Order of importance 1 Functional 2 Structural 3 Decorative Great designs have all three in proportion to one another EX Does the material used suit the function of the product Structural question The construction details of a building can meet the structure as well as the decorative TRUE The most important respect of welldesigned garment is structure FALSE function BOUNDARIES PLANAR SEPERATION Dimensionality can also be enhanced by overlapping shapes and through the use of a combination of color lines shapes or texture that appear to be closer or further from each other and from the viewer o The apparent variability in distance of planar surface is planar separation PLANAR INTEGRATION o Planar integration occurs when the shapes in a form appear at the same distance from the viewer o Decreases the apparent dimensionality of the wearer OPEN Boundary o Formed when elements of design of apparel and the body blend with the elements of design of the surrounding environment Open boundaries are amorphous and blurry with no demarcation of the silhouette CLOSED Boundary o Clearly separates the apparel and body from the surrounding environment due to differences in design elements They isolate the form from the background with a distinct edge Space all the area in a given boundary not an element of design controlled through the use of line shape color texture and lighting SPACE IN COMPOSITION Space surrounding a shape gives it importance Space positions a shape within a composition giving it stability Space determines the relationships between shapes Space pushes a shape forward creating depth Space provides visual relief 5 advancing vs Flattening Cues in Space ADVANCING CUES make the enclosed space have dimension FLA39I39I39ENING CUES reduce the distance from the foreground to the background o 1 Size of Spatial division Small areas are perceived as shapes and stand out larger areas are perceived as space and background and recedei When aii areas are the same size the garment appears tiatter since nothing adyances or recedes 2i Oyeriapping When shapes oyeriap the Whoie appears to be on top in the front and the partiai shape appears to be behind This giyes more depth to the image When shapes are side by side it tiattens the image 3 Cioseness ot Shapes Shapes adyance more it they are not touching are in front of a background or are compieteiy surrounded by space iooy iike they are oating 4 Density of Spatiai Diyisions Shapes that are tiiied with coior or pattern stand out more and appear to have more form than untiiied shapes Fiiied spaces seem heayier and more soiid untiiied space seems iighteri 5 Character of enciosing Lines Heayier sharp iines cause shapes to advance soft biurred iines cause shapes to recedei MUSIONS yisuai perception means choosing the best interpretation ayaiiabie cues resuit when we make yisuai cues Two major Types 0 Static 0 Auto kinetic STATIC Geometricquotcarpenteredquot inciude iines spaces angies interpretation amp intersections cause iiiusory iengths Widths or distortions Usetui amp not usetui Poggendort Zoiiner iiiusion


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