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Cal State Fullerton - COMM 407 - Comm 407 Midterm Review Key Points -

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Cal State Fullerton - COMM 407 - Comm 407 Midterm Review Key Points -

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background image Comm 407 Midterm Review Key Points The American Legal System  Which branch of government has the right to declare laws unconstitutional?  What’s writ of certiorari?  Know what the concept of judicial restraint means.  Know when/why/how/how often courts are more likely to overturn precedents/uphold precedents?  Basically what’s the role of precedents  What’s incorporation? What did it do? (Gitlow Case)
 Know definitions of over broad and vague  What is a tort?
 Know different levels of courts. Which level of courts are juries part of?  Freedom of Press: History and Theory
 In terms of 1st amendment history, we discussed john peter Zenger case. Newspaper jailed by gov of NY  for things that gov didn’t like. Wenger hired very famous lawyer and convinced jury to not find him  guilty. Very significant step for freedom of the press. (just because gov doesn’t like what they say, doesn’t  mean the publisher should get charged).
 Sedition and Incitement Know a little about 1st amendment values (Whitney v. CA; sentences that represent the different values)  Know the strength of 1st amendment in 19th century vs. 20th century.  Know in general terms what SCOT decided in 1919 cases.  Abstract advocacy vs. direct incitement:  Brandenburg Test; test that courts use to determine when speech rises. courts have to determine if it was  incitement, etc. Know prongs of brandenburg test  What was the outcome of Brandenburg case?  Know about the Hitman case! (rice v. paladin press)
 First Amendment as Legal Rules Which of the following is a category of unprotected speech?  Which of the following as SCOTUS ruled speech as expressive conduct that has 1st Amendment  protections?  Questions about Ward v. Rock case, and time/place/manner regulations.  What did SCOTUS say about the O’Brien case? (The draft card burning case!)  What level of scrutiny are content-based laws held to?  What level of scrutiny are content-neutral laws held to?  Is racist speech protected?  How do courts determine expression is a true threat (not protected by 1st amendment)?  What did the SCOTUS rule in the Elonis Facebook rap lyrics case?
 Prior Restraints: Know about the Near v. Minnesota exceptions (when a prior restraint doctrines are generally  unconstitutional with a few exceptions).  Who sought the prior restraint against the press in NY Times v. U.S.? Know about the differing opinions  of the Justices in the Pentagon Papers case (6-3 vote).  Know about the U.S. v. Progressive case (H-Bomb secret case). Just a district course case, doesn’t have  SCOTUS value, but it’s studied heavily for its seriousness regarding censorship issues.  Pornography/Obscenity/Offensive and Violent Expression:  Which of the following is true about Miller v. CA?  Which of the following is not true about the SCOTUS pornography/obscenity doctrines?  What legal approach allows for local gov to regulate adult oriented businesses?
 Why did the SCOTUS strike down the ‘Crush video’ law in the U.S. v. Stevens case?  Why did SCOTUS strike down the violent video game law in the Brown v. EMA case? 

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School: California State University - Fullerton
Department: Communications
Course: Communications Law
Professor: Jason Shepard
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: Comm407, Communications, Law, Study Guide, Week 7, midterm, review, and key points
Name: Comm 407 Midterm Review Key Points
Description: These are the key points/exam questions Dr. Shepard went over in the review session in preparation for our midterm! *DISCLAIMER* I have NO knowledge of any material contained on future quizzes/exams! I only upload notes as a reference guide to help review material. All notes posted are excerpted from Dr. Shepard’s lectures as well as my own interpretation of the notes. All study material posted
Uploaded: 03/09/2016
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