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Intro To Religion

by: Gabriella Fay

Intro To Religion REL 101

Gabriella Fay
GPA 3.65


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Gabriella Fay on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to REL 101 at University of Miami taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/205739/rel-101-university-of-miami in Religious Studies at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
REL 101 Study Guide for Exam 2 Generally speaking you should be familiar with all of the material assigned in the readings Molloy Bible other You should base your study on the outline of our discussion in lectures and class discussion using the slides as a guide To further assist you I have compiled the following summary of terms concepts issues and events Be familiar with these as discussed in class Be sure to know the items below well Dates Know the dates and major events indicated on the timeline handout those emphasized in class The Hebrew Bible Tanak and Old Testament Terms ApocryphaNew Testament Writing cointained J esus sermons early Judaism Deuterocanon Tanak The Hebrew Bible Torah Instruction The first 5 books of the Hebrew scripture orally transmitted from Moses Nevi imProphets The second of Hebrew Scriptures Former Prophets I Joshua I Judges I Samuel 12 I Kings ll Latter Prophets I Isaiah I Jeremiah I Ezekial I The Twelve KethuvimWritings Development of the Bible from the original writings of ancient Israel through the three canons of Judaism Catholic Christianity and Protestant Christianity see the diagram in the slides Job and Ecclesiastes in the Writings J0b RighteousHow God is involved in human life Ecclesiastes Fear God live your Life Solomon Ancient Near Eastern Background of the Bible Enuma Elish including the general outline of Enuma Elish I Mesopotamian Account of creation Tiamat and Apsu Salt and fresh chaotic waters Apsu is killed by Ea Tiamat vs Marduk Tiamat salt water is slain by the storm god Marduk I Marduk becomes king Gilgamesh XI I Similar to Noah s Ark story I Ea god of wisdom warns Gilgamesh about ood Egyptian religion and Akhenaten I Polytheism World view combing amp recycling of gods I SyncretisticMerging of cultures I Akhenaten pushes for monotheism I AmumRaAmum Ra Genesis and the Ancestors of Israel Basic content of Genesis major divisions I 2 accounts of creation I 6 days of creation 1 day of rest Comparison of Enuma Elish with creation in Genesis I Blrth I Battle I Creatlort Mini Timeline I Coronatlon 39 P tr h 1900 TehomHebreW 9T1amat a 131390 S the Aqedah What it is basic content and general significance Exodus 1550 the generations of the patriarchs or ancestors 39 Abraham Destruction of North 721 I Isaac 39 1300b lst temple destroyed 5876 I Joseph Characteristics of the patriarchal narratives Persian Rule 539 I Repetition I Families represents nations 2quot Temple destroyed 70ce From Moses to the Exile Basic outline of the Exodus narrative as discussed in lecture I Think Prince of Egypt Legend of Sargon I Similar BIRTH narrative to Moses Mesopotamian account the 10 commandments as discussed in lecture I Apodictic laws Unqualified unconditional statements Not in if then form I Similar to law of Talon an eye for an eye I 1 No other god before me move to monotheism I 2N0 worship of idols the significance of the prophets I Prophets preserved religion in regions Judaism in the Second Temple Period and Beyond 51570ce Logos Speechreasonthought Responses to the issue of anthropomorphic or abstract conception of God Philo I Jewish philosopher used Judaism with Greek philosophy Josephus I Jewish historian presents Judaism to Rom ans Maimonides I Presented Judaism with the philosophy of Aristotle Important Text I TargumsAramaic paraphrases of the Bible I Mishnah completed in 200ce oral Torah I Talmud Yerushalmi 539h centJewish I Talmud Bavli 6 l1 centBabylonian I Mishneh Torah 12 l1 centCode of religious law oral Torah I Shulchan Aruch 1639h centManual of Jewish law 13 fundamentals of Judaism Video quotThe Bible in Translation God39s Word vs Man39s Wordsquot Be familiar with the issues presented in this video particularly as discussed in class The New Testament Jesus and the Rise of Christianity The evolution and characteristics of the individual Gospels the Letters of Paul Acts Revelation types of messianic ideology The Gospels 1 Mark Shortest 2 MatthewSaid Jesus was a prophet 3 LukeSaid Jesus was a man of the people 4 John the Baptistlndependent account of Jesus life The Letters of Paul I Earliest lit of the New Testament I Paul referred to as Founder of Christianity Other New Testament writings I Revelations Apocalypse eschatology end times Two Different ideologies of Jesus 1 Political Messianic 2 lLillennial Messianic Son of God bringing deliverance


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