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Public Speaking

by: Betsy McGlynn

Public Speaking COS 211

Betsy McGlynn
GPA 3.86


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Betsy McGlynn on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to COS 211 at University of Miami taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/205773/cos-211-university-of-miami in Communication Studies at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
i x cos 211 Public Speaking Midterm Study Guide quot Please review all of your class notes for this exam 1 Public Speaking and Communication Review Chapters 1345 wms W 5 lter or who 14 Cannons of Rhetoric 3 A5 quotto Rhetoric m ram i at Model of Communication 535quot Types of Communication Didac ga 5th G vwf Massquot ALL re 43 g mo Barriers to Active Listening LJS Rum Wig C plant 03 17 can mhm ve J y y MHI Duh I Cu WWI Q m u39r hangaveroig jw Critical Thinking Vw zik 39h Mbe cw39 s an v ic irq3 g 9inth 3 p14 7 t r a J SWq Manicure nnJ ju minim 15859 anhwim sf gamp qsswhkgl ueqgi hms Free Speech and the Speakers Responsibility Q mm mquot 44 IQ 4 M u39 I n l maa mack ngM Iqbl ljz 3Vuo 5 CJO KWM I It a 7 adtse39t feso L r i 11 Kati VIAn5 Plaglansm39ma awf wt w u De nghqg kw Hui a a WL39 luv wrawi 39rwmem Mama quot Rules for avoiding lagi 39sm to c 39 6 4 IX iM 41AWM7qKX39fJS c5 M was apt J 4 7 J WM 0 s33 MSIWQ Mandi 4232 awhms pm M43 Fun i 5th 398 P Anxiety in the Speechmaking Process anemia 7w w quot9 Wd f my Po quot1 390 P 391 r39 v39vn 1 Ni 394 PM 94 W C Wf w39 4 9 quot WW 9 ii l ijtg qlp me M U k 390 2Ql uL k NW rm my qu hml u i qmwsim mm mm wholaw tech4115 Q1 7 393 r amt Strategies for gaining con dence w O GMLMI lama 645 J f I Wquot 2 Topic selection organizing and outliningavquot lt3 Dc isqu t Jquot m V 39 4 gefkpl jdg 4 5 4 Review Chapteirs 7 11 12 13 i i Informative Speech i purpose M quotquot53 revel V quota m c 415w ca us s a 1ilt 9quotroe 394 W05 ain39tIna ell9qu Ila Hrj 391 A a i 39iryrf l Persuasive Speech purp ose ri MV mm cl Ace girth 4 144 un i 39 z 01 ran 4 39 r LrplJ39ha qlPra hij 43 Ce C Pgtv l s IDllrop3 39 39 S r quot u w 39 l Bralnstonnlng r bwhjdl ova 6 Va H 39t e f 5 03915 dol qb y loit 6594 M 4 u w 75 4 5 2 eat1st a A f 1 S s wl t a 4quot FELEFS but 4549 Clinch 17 4 4 9T9MltMi magma o 39cdhi artfs fa t quot39quot 1 may Mtg r pphh n M A 1 TOPIC Mapplng A if i the wt in at quotl cyst iqueerv ufcc MJ CMN felth 1qu HQIYN L3 Q10 q quot 19 Muir Introductlon 9391 f 0 7 quot Gr Wm H v quot5 Me VJrugp i O 39 r who fchHMJ gnaw Mae 4 o Owqu 12 1354 KW N 9 we 0 0 evil r 9 4quot 043 J LJ A 4 C Lq4 B d 1 4 wh fg 39lvf o y gl vddni 95M crafJ Kiwis at sdpevr39tia Law mq39 Conclusion N inth FUR M5 W WW iva fw w A 39 hwy wire quot0 FWcJ l39b shims 19quot r Ra m d quot 7 A PAM Vlmf7 And an M 1 WW glow 439 Mam pomts Avoid pl Knock W mu one was or M111 b M be DA pamltdrcv n SCMQMr Gmaut39 J 4 mi 5 739 SU W 7 4 p rh39 1415 41 l e l we 414 1quot H 9 r3 l J IAL pp g a Q b V k ltcc Padw W J b I 9 0 0 My M quotI quot 9 A h 518 Coordination and Subordlnatlon pomts 43m mu wt 4er ka in Mmmpwfquot quotquot 31 we in Ccof omth QM sort a at wash 4 W s lt l 39Ph r J b rJ I nL w 35quot 6 qwJclrl m our 1 Fhms m 4 W a hawk r M LIAM Km 4v we 7W 7 6w frown 9 qthor IRUW unmoume Pn isma t M4 nk gm fl 444414 vfgfch 5 Types of organlzatlonal arrangements f weeth pm 1 ML Law Transitions Speaking Outline Wquot W4 4 PW quot17 T quot un tta 39 A9 0394 tanCL used 94 LN r irwn Wl q h Working outline 729447 11 fenJ VBphhm39ws ogqu 39gatg spew rt vphe Vurpa4equotquotlt39l Arr P4 arb39mi39Z Mnnfquotlnf 3 Vocal and NonVocal Delivery V Pl bm jr 9441 q M 7 m V YMu a Y Review Chapters 1 719 I M Ml Jrnc L 1 Qualitles of effective delivery mth 5 lt v on gdfn 5 re V Speakmg Impromptu Spa kg cm Mama jaw max 4 vem we u F Y w ewe curl Waugh 2 arty Speaking Extemporaneously Ll ml A W 3 Minim 4615 rpm Mc l 5 at 1 stuuf Iuka CrPLfrqii s Pauses wort 4mm ma no u Marlins UWCFVJW39 ew f L H i m39 quotEMV erm7 4 qtrghquot quotgt u 231 3 Mm nr alum 41 lurkMug 414mmqu re mink wf f Vocal yanety am V160 mumMaj qll rst vital at 3 rutzaf F34 faH hugs Pronunciation and Articulation Cairde Qwdctn Md Jar 417 o aw Intonation Q AilL 4ch16 l BOdy Language Q CJ VL C t 1 9 4 eve Cw Ra39 e3 iZrrS 3 e qul 1906 kv 11vel CL wok LeLQL cc I V 1 4 Forms of Speeches Review Chapters 23242526 r i 39 Cuva I s Informatlve Speech 5 LA vhfQW EWL 3 thLl u y u 39 Lab Types of de mtlons o P a an Wg J pgcibwj mm MmP 3 04 n Beti bx f pl WLm X 44 4 ewmpk t FroJoli 90m PL MJ VG squintth i CHV sfMl39g quotA LVN aw4 br her W d 4 Qtainqul quotwt 11 L l jww QLcuula 33 Lu39 tq7 I Elqurqlln L KQL39honJ Mudfl Own l 1907 quot pt sek lmwlm arming5 g 1 W 39 a S Write 55 U Types ofinformative speeches dbb a5 V WH MKS VWM I 11 l y 1 Persuasive Speech MQL C VL 3 q V14 9145 e93 U il r 1 L LW39M Appeals to reason emotion and credibility 5565 WE L5 i m 7quot savvy q menu c r2cLblh 7 J L itfqr Maslow s hierarchy of needs 5 ch Lyh H h J a V Elaboration Likehhood Model of persuasmn Q I 4 m amw use we w MM W gt Speaker similarity MM M m 9quot 739 quotkWhquot aw 7 7 My 5 t hm Maw luskntr pwupx av 0 huvsimf qr L4 1 hr 5 4 39HMuslh39ts 07 all 41 Speaker attractiveness 1 quotquot5 L H l A 4 c an c 4quotr m 612T quotlcl uj W W Argument 54 am MaiLt sup Jr 4 6 r or paw Jr H 1010 that CKul39ix Jer l wrr m ls ch Y 7 65quot 95 va Expectancy outcome equotquot 11M17 MCfWMLV WM Jim 943 ad I L q Sg iszilv39gt m 959 q Fa JLInU qddm S Types of Claims Fm wt 47 1 Pwlalm 644a l 5 t Organizational Patterns for persuaswe speeches 9 49 111 176 kn 5 era 1 304 43944396 7q Monroe s Motivated Sequence lqbli vvl m m4 I godas cLC l ilbu W 9145 7H quot1 quirky l hm 33 1 5 WWW We syec c h W573 Wrapss 33543nt as WE qu h39GJIMq lI OV hall y I Q 1A M hi39 vm E F wl39lq ltl39MI 3 Mum Wtwv cl gm gfkw umf Vitals f S q39I zClWm IC lw iii1 CVIquot 39mlr GetMal Wwachmchgh x a m kw cc M74 7 fz porql Vyocmmj dog 4 whit il quotlt wquotf 7 l t l raw5 quotUri quot quot 4 SfVLd 7 lm39qu 5t 0 39 Purpwnt Lack n W quotquotu 70P q1 Cb qu lh nHul 9 WWW 1 s 5 qS I welcqu 90 39 warmth r dhl39qry l m vp 39v 2 f r39epal39kh39cva 39 l i 39 H MnKzsuVt M65 9 5c5 netfwwr a Mo439th ml c iquotk ol U395 Jquotquot


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