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Orientation to Engineering

by: Ike Hermiston

Orientation to Engineering ENGR 1000

Ike Hermiston
GPA 3.76

Kevin McLaughlin

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About this Document

Kevin McLaughlin
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ike Hermiston on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ENGR 1000 at University of Connecticut taught by Kevin McLaughlin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/205868/engr-1000-university-of-connecticut in Engineering and Tech at University of Connecticut.

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Date Created: 09/17/15
Part 1 Where we are 1 Where birds don t y American has gotten distracted by its war on terror and has become more insulated and loss its path from global leadership Friedman argues that green is a new national strategy to take its economic to its new heights 2 Today s Date 1ECE The trends of Hot Flat and crowded are converging 1 Hot Global Warming 2 Flat Globalisation of marketplaces 3 Crowded Growing competition for resources The convergence of these 3 trends increase the magnitude of problems energy supply and demand petrodicatorship climate change energy poverty and biodiversity loss We have to do something about these 5 problems as they determine peace security economic growth and human rights Part 2 How we got there 3 Our carbon copies This chapter focuses on energy supply and demand The American lifestyle is wasteful and being emulated in developing countries If all of them reach American standards the demand will be so high the Earth will not be able to provide the current level of resources to all There will be intense competition for resources which will lead to con ict Thus a more sustainable growth model is required The US needs to take leadership as it is the country using most of the resources right now 4 Fill em up with dictators This chapter focuses on petrodicatorship which is a political development in oil producing country As energy demand exceeds supply oil prices rises which then gives oil producing countries a lot of money The in ux of Oil money in uences politics in countries and turns it less democratic and more anti American It also fuels terrorism and armies First Law of Petro Politics As oil prices does up the less freedom in petrolist countries Thus reduction of oil use is necessary 5 Global Weirding This chapter focuses on climate change Climate change is real and proven We are not sure if they will happen even faster than previous predictions We are not sure of the changes that might happen because we have not accurately modelled the complexity of the climate We need to increase national awareness of climate change 6 The Age of Noah This chapter focuses on biodiversity loss Rapid climate change and human development destroys biodiversity Loss of biodiversity directly affects human life quality Degrading the environment means that we have to do more that the climate used to do for us Later is too late and we have to stop biodiversity loss now 7 Energy Poverty This chapter focuses on energy poverty in developing countries 16 Billion people do not have access to electricity grid Without energy almost all aspect of life is affected The poorest are the ones most affected by climate change Without electricity one has no access to machines and communication necessary for making a living in this at world This keeps the poor poorer With communication and electricity we can move to a more sustainable work life style 8 Green is the new red white and blue We have passed the point where we cannot put off dealing with the 5 problems The true costs of the problems are becoming clear in a transparent at world which demands accountability America must take the lead because if it does not it will lose its global competitive edge America can because it still has innovation research and capitalist funding that is still leading edge in the world Plan A There is no Plan B Code Green Friedman proposes a Code Green Plan and highlights the need for a whole new system to power the economy Need to replace the entire input of the system dirty fuel The components of the Plan are Clean Electrons Energy Efficiency and Conservation Clean Electrons We need to simulate innovation to find a source of electrons that is abundant clean reliable and cheap Energy Ef ciency and Resource Productivity In the short term we must reduce the demand because Clean Energy will not be here soon Ethic of Conservation Responsibility for the earth Changing our lifestyle to something that has less effect on the earth What We Need A system of government policies regulations research funding and tax incentives that would stimulate a system for innovating generating gland deploying clean electrons energy efficient and resource productivity along with an ethic of conservation On the next summary I will cover the remaining portions of the books Part 3 How We Move Forward 9 205 Easy Ways to Save the Earth In this chapter Friedman lists how many parties are jumping on the green bandwagon regardless of if they are really going green He argues that the media is positioning green as the next big thing and misleading people into thinking that it will be easy to achieve He goes on to show how it is really hard to go green He shows examples of the rapidly increasing demand on energy the amount of investment we need to make into alternative energy and the amount of time to start these sources of energy and how hard it will be to achieve all these three The second example he shows is that to stop the doubling of C02 by 2050 we would have to make several major changes to the current life style all of which are also hard to achieve 10 The Energy Internet When IT Meets ET The energy intemet is the convergence of information technology and energy technology This and the next 3 chapters describe a system of clean power energy efficiency and conservation The current power grid is built patchwork and dumb Major regions are not interconnected and prices are set by regulation instead of market forces The system was setup without the total cost of ownership in mind


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