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[K] General Anthropology

by: Adeline Paucek PhD

[K] General Anthropology Anth 101

Adeline Paucek PhD
GPA 3.53

Pasang Sherpa

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About this Document

Pasang Sherpa
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Adeline Paucek PhD on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Anth 101 at Washington State University taught by Pasang Sherpa in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 228 views. For similar materials see /class/206000/anth-101-washington-state-university in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
N E 4 V39 gt1 9 0 O LA 4 UI ON The author uses the Nayar of southwest India to illustrate that rules about sexual access can be highly variable Nayar women a Go through 3 transactions that de ne sexual access and legitimacy of children People related through marriage have a realationship a Affinal Marriages w in a particular groupd of individuals is called a Endogamy The most preferred form of marriage around the world is a polygamy The southwestern ape of Africa discovered by Raymond Dart in 1942 was a Australopithicus Is a 3million yr old chimpsz australopithecine that is known from the structure of her pelvis and legs to have been at least parttime biped a Lucy Louis Leakey made it possible for to begin her landmark eld studies of chimps a Jane Goodall is the shared derived characteristic used to est whether a fossilized hominoid is a part of the evolutionary line leading to humans a Bipedalism This perpetrator of the infamous Piltdown hoax was an amature archaeologist paleontologist and practicing lawyer a Charles Dawson Which of the followingf dating methods was used to prove the Piltdown was a forgery a Flourine Dating The hip and leg bone reveal that walked in a distinctively human manor a Lucy The Olduvai Gorge is located in the country of a Tanzania Which of the following is not one of the advantages of bipedalism a Slows animal down The name homo habilus means a Handy man The earliest known stone tool tradition is called a Oldowan tool industry According to your text book humans have a certain type of digestive system that makes it possible to say certain things about the eating of meat Meat eaters a Get all the essential amino acids to satisfy the demands of growth and adequate nutrition was the name given to the first members of the genus as a re ection of their toolmaking capacities a Homohabilis 18 N N N LA LA LA bagan in conjunction w scavenging and the making of stone tools about 2 million yrs ago a Brain expansion The largerbrained HOMO appears to have occupied a niche using stone tool to obtain meat a A Scavenging Patterns of sharing and speci c behaviors in appear to be established culturally as well as biologically a B bonobos According to info presented in the textbook in which of the following places are H erectus fossils not round a E The New World The tool tradition of H erectus is called the tradition a Acheaulean The systematic use of re by H Erectus could have been used to a Clear trees throught the jungles of SAsia b Improve the nutritional yield of many foods c Thaw out frozeb carcasses scavenged from snow d Chase pred from caves e All of the above9 CORRECT The signature piece of this tradition is the handaxe teardropshaped tool pointed at one end w a sharp cutting edge all around This is the a C Acheulean The technique of making tool involves the preparation of a striking platform at one end of the core after which 3 or 4 long triangular akes are detached leaving a nodule shaped like a tortoise shell a D Levalloisian The Levalloisian tech of making tools a D Is associated w transitional forms between H erectus and H sapiens The lst Neanderthal was discovered a B In the Neander Valley in 1856 The typical toolmaking tradition w which Neanderthal is associated is called a D Mousterian The Mousterian tool tradition enabled Neanderthal to gain control over the environment that became prevalent in Europe about 70000 yrs ago a A Arctic Cultural evidebce for these ppl shows that they buried their dead placing owers and red pigment in the grave that they had a complex tool kit and could live at a single site for fairly long periods of time and that they could support old and handicapped individuals These ppl are called a C Neanderthal After the Aurignacian tradition spread into Europe by 3540000 yrs ago the skeletons found with these tools are a C Modern Humans The transition from Mouseterian tradition to the Aurignacian tradition marks the beginning ofthe LA L U A LA UI L O L 1 LA 0 A N A U A A A u a B Upper paleolithic Those supporting a theory of use primarily genetic evidence to argue that all contemporary ppl derive from one single population of archaic H Sapiens from Africa a E recent African Origins The typical Upper paleolithic tool was the a A blade An appreciation of art as expressed through engraving paintings and body decoration was clearly present in a D Upper Paleolithic In all populations of anatomically modern H sapiens of 40000 yrs ago survival depended more and more on a C cultural adaptation The earliest evidence of gurative pictures go back Yrs in Europe and are probably equally old in Africa a A 32000 yrs The controversy illustrates the complexities of establishing ethnic identity based on the shape ofthe skull a B Kennewick Man About 12 thousand yrs ago climaticv conditions changed resulting in new forests more plant food and abundant sources of sh and other food around lakeshores bays and rivers Human populations developed new techniques to catch and kill animals and spent more time shing and collecting wild plant foods This new way of life marks the beginning of a D Mesolithic The was characterized by the transition from foraging for food to dependence upon domesticated plants and animals a D Neolithic is an evolutionary process whereby humans modify either intentionally or unintentionally the genetic makeup of a population of plants or animals a D Domestication During the for the rst time in human history clothing was made of woven textiles a D Neolithic In China domestication of Was underway along the middle Yangtze River by about 11000 yrs ago a D potatoes Native American domesticated over 300 food crops including 2 of the 4 most important ones in the world today a C Potatoes and maize Domestication of sheep and goats was evident at ancient Jericho in the Jordan Valley 8000 yrs ago At the same time similar developments were occurring in southeastern Turkey where were the focus of attention a C cats UI UI UI UI UI VI 0 All as systems of communication using sounds and gestures that are put together in meaningful ways according to a set of rules are organized on the same basic plan a E core vocabulary Often complements spoken messages a C Gestures The modern scienti c study of all aspects of language is a C Linguistics The smallest class of sound that makes a difference in meaning is an a D Phoneme The American anthropologist Edward Sapir had formulated the problem and his student Benjamin Whorf drawing on his experience w the language of the Hopi Indians developed a full edged theory now known as the theory of a B Linguistic Relativity Linguistics is concerned w the study of relationships btwn earlier and later forms of a language antecedents in older languages of developments in modern languages and relationships among older languages a D Historical The in uence of a person s class status on what pronunciation heshe uses a speakers choice of more complicated vocab And grammar when heshe is speaking to a professional audience the in uence of language on cultureithese are all concerns of a C ethnolinguistics A Scotish butler in an English mansion says to th lady of the house You may wish to stay inside today Madam it s quite cold outside But when he goes back to his own cottage he is likely to say to his wife in broad Scots Shut the door and get inside Maggie you ll freeze your buns off In Linguistics this is an example of a A Code Switching Which of the following is not a branch of the science of linguistics a A Ethnology is a transaction in which a woman and man establish a continuing claim to the right of sexual access to one another and in which the woman involved becomes eligible to bear children a B Marriage The formation of sexual bonds btwn individuals of the opposite sex is called a B Mating In some societies if a husband dies and leaves a wife and children his widow is expected to practice the custom called the levirate This means that she is expected a C to marry one of the dead man s brothers In a matrilateral crosscousin marriage a man marries the daughter of his a B Mother s brother In industrial societies such as the USA the most common form of residence after marriage is a D Neolocal 60 In an Descent group membership is traced either through males or through females but not both a C Unilineal Good luck you ll be great 61 kinship affiliates a person with close relatives through both sexes Ex Traces through both parents and all four grandparents Bilateral Kinship 62 Spread of cultural elements from one culture to another is called Diffusion 63 occurs when 2 societies with different cultures come into prolonged firsthand contact and one or both ofthese societies experience major processes of change Acculturation 64 A deliberate attempt by members of society to construct a more satisfying culture may be called Revitalization Movement 65 The term modernization refers to the process of cultural and socioeconomic change whereby societies acquire the characteristics of industrialized societies 66 All of the following are associated with modernization except linguistic development study the term modernization 67 Syncretism results when People are able to keep faith with their tradition in the face of powerful outside domination 68 Anthropologist are meaning they take into account many interacting factors to understand the function of the complex world Relativistic 69 is a public policy for managing cultural diversity in a multiethnic society Multiculturalism 70 Cultural Pluralism is All of the above study the term and understand it 71 the major problem associated with cultural pluralism has to do with Ethnocentrism


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