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[P] Principles of Chemistry II

by: Anabelle Spinka

[P] Principles of Chemistry II Chem 106

Marketplace > Washington State University > Chemistry > Chem 106 > P Principles of Chemistry II
Anabelle Spinka
GPA 3.85

Scot Wherland

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About this Document

Scot Wherland
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Anabelle Spinka on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Chem 106 at Washington State University taught by Scot Wherland in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/206026/chem-106-washington-state-university in Chemistry at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Sho Chapter 12 Study Guide rt Questions U39PFDNT 000 O 12 13 14 15 1 1 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 6 7 If a liquid is a solvent what other phases of matter can be dissolved in it solute Can solids exist as a mixture What is this mixture called Are solutions homogeneous or heterogeneous mixtures What is entropy With regards to solventsolvent solutesolute and solventsolute interactions when do solutions form ls AHsolute endothermic or exothermic ls AHsolvem endothermic or exothermic ls AHmiX endothermic or exothermic What is Athdration What does AHsolution equal in terms ofAHsqute AHsolvem and AHmix What about AHsomte and Athdration ln ionic compounds what does AHsolution equal in terms of lattice energy In ionic compounds is Athdration endothermic or exothermic For most substances except gases does solubility increase or decrease with increasing temperature What is the process called for purifying a substance in regards to the previous question For gases in a liquid does solubility increase or decrease with increasing temperature For gases in a liquid does solubility of the gas over the solution increase or decrease as the partial pressure ofthe gas increases What is Henry s Law What is it used to calculate What is the formula molarity include units What is the formula molality include units What is the generic formula for parts per massvolume using a multiplication factor What is the formula for mole fraction What is formula mole percent What is Raoult s Law What colligative property does this deal with What is the equation for change in vapor pressure AP If solute is added to a solvent is the freezing point lowered or elevated If solute is added to a solvent is the boiling point lowered or elevated Are ATfand ATb positive or negative values What is the formula for calculating osmotic pressure Long Questions 1 2 3 How do intermolecular forces in uence solubility How can you determine the magnitude of solubility only through chemical formulas Why even if a process is endothermic and potential energy is not lowered does spontaneous mixing occur 4 What in terms ofAHsolute and Athdration are the three cases in which a process is exothermic endothermic or little difference hint remember absolute value signs 5 Why would one use molality over molarity 6 What is the advantage of using molality over molarity 7 What are colligative properties 8 How would one calculate total vapor pressure with a volatile solute a solute with a vapor pressure 9 Explain what osmotic pressure is and why mixing occurs Sho Answers rt Questions OakA 0quot Looon 1O 11 12 Solid liquid gas Yes they are called alloys One such alloy is brass Solutions are homogeneous mixtures This means it is consistent throughout the solution in composition Entropy isthe measure of randomness in the universe Solutions form when solventsolute interactions are comparable or stronger than solventsolvent and solutesolute interactions AHsolute is endothermic AHsolvem is endothermic AHmiX is exothermic Athdration is the sum of AHsolvem and AHmix It can be endothermic or exothermic depending on the magnitudes of AHsolvem and AHmix AHsolution AHsolute AHsolvem AHmiX where AHmiX is negative and exothermic AHsolution AHsolute Athdration AHsolution 39AHlattice 1 Athdration is exothermic in ionic compounds 4444 ICDU39IAOO 18 19 20 NM N4 23 24 25 MN IO 28 29 Solubility increases with increasing temperature in most substances except gases Recrystallization Solubility decreases with increasing temperature for gases in a liquid Solubility increases with increasing partial pressure of a gas over a liquid P KHc where P is partial pressure KH is a constant c is concentration in molarity Henry s law is used to calculate the pressure of a gas in a liquid M moles solute solution volume L m moles solute mass solvent kg g solute g solvent x Multiplication Factor Moles solute moles solute moles solvent Mole fraction x 100 P XsolvemP solvem P solvem is the vapor pressure ofthe pure solvent at a particular temperature AP Xsoluteposolvent Freezing point is lowered Boiling point is elevated ATfand ATb are both positive values even though the freezing point is decreased H MRT M is molarity R is 008206 LatmmolK T is temperature in Kelvin Long Questions Loo kem uplllll


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