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Study Guide for Exam 2

by: Kaitlyn Sumner

Study Guide for Exam 2 Bio 210

Marketplace > Ball State University > Biology > Bio 210 > Study Guide for Exam 2
Kaitlyn Sumner
GPA 2.4
Introduction To Botany
Donald Ruch

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About this Document

This is a study guide over the lovely Fungi. And their Allies. It's a pretty hefty one, but then again, he went over loads of material, so yeah. I hope it helps you. Good luck on the exam!!
Introduction To Botany
Donald Ruch
Study Guide
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kaitlyn Sumner on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Bio 210 at Ball State University taught by Donald Ruch in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 165 views. For similar materials see Introduction To Botany in Biology at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Botany Exam 2 Study Guide Fungi Note I posted words that you may want to know at the end of the document FLASHCARDS Yay What are the primary modes of nutrition for fungi Describe them Name the two types of fungal parasites Name the fingerlike structures that increase surface area to gain more nutrients What are the cell walls of fungi made of Name a 5 things that we use fungi for today Fungi thlum Chvtridmvcota What are the two binding characteristics of the Chytridmycota phylum 1 2 Name 2 examples of plant pathogens in this phylum Botany Exam 2 Study Guide Fungi What type of sexual reproduction does the Allomyces partake in Describe this type Also what pheromone are the males attracted to gygomvcota thlum What is the thaus of the Zygomycota Phylum Is there flagellation on these cells Where do the organisms in this phylum generally found Also what is the most common mode of nutrition What kind of life cycle does this phylum live in What kind of sexual reproduction do they partake in How do these guys grow What kind of pathogen are they Where do they grow What differentiates the genera Glomeromvcota thlum What kind of endomycorrhizae are they What kind of reproduction do they partake in Botany Exam 2 Study Guide Fungi Asomvcota thlum What do the fungi in this phylum look like What is their binding characters How are conidia formed How do yeast normally live How does this differ from their development Where are they formed What kind of reproduction does this phylum generally partake in Define Basidiomvcota thlum What is this phylum39s binding characters What line of evolution is this phylum from What make rusts and smuts different Botany Exam 2 Study Guide Fungi What makes this particular phylum39s septum unique Name the three subphyla of this particular phylum Name one example of each 1 What kind of life cycle do mushrooms have What kind of sexual reproduction do they partake in What is the function of clamp connections How do clamp connections form What does this mean for their life cycle What is the result of basidiospore development What separates this phylum from the others Name the two classes of basidiomycetes Name three examples each for each class 1 2 a b c Lichens What is a lichen What are the parts of a lichen Name the three types of thallic forms of lichen 1 What are the parts of an ascolichen Where would one find a lichen What can a lichen be used for Botany Exam 2 Study Guide Fungi Botany Exam 2 Study Guide Fungi FUNGAL ALLIES What kind of phyogenic group are Protists placed in Name the types of thallus that are common in this group What are the categories within this kingdom Describe the mode of nutrition for each category 1 Name the characteristics used to separate the phya within this kingdom What phya contain heterokont organisms 1 2 Botany Exam 2 Study Guide Fungi Oomvcota Phylum What are the kinds of fungal Protists in this phylum What material do the organisms in this phylum typically have in their cell wall What kind of sugar do they store What kind of habitat are they found in Depending on their preferred environment what form do they take What caused their transition from water to land Myxomycota thlum What are the kinds of fungal Protists found in this phylum What is the mode of nutrition for the Myxomycota phylum What does their life cycle look like Botany Exam 2 Study Guide Fungi What structure do unfavorable conditions bring out Describe the steps of fruiting body formation What are the types of fruiting bodies Describe them Dictvosteliomvcota thlum What are the kinds of fungal Protists found in this phylum What other kingdom is this phylum similar to For what reason What kind of life cycle does this phylum take part in In regards to the life cycle describe the aggregation pattern of this phylum Now describe the migration pattern Words to Know Botany Exam 2 Study Guide Fungi Heterokont Facultative parasite Obligate parasite or biotroph Haustoria Septate Aseptate Dikaryon Progametangia Suspensors Columella Peridium Stolon Trisporic acid Basipetal Acicarp Budding Fission Somotagamy Mycobiont Phycobiont Simple multicellular Pyrenoid Saprolegnia Swarm cells Myxamoebae Sclerotium Phototaxic Thermotaxic Acrasion


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