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PHYS 2070 Exam One Study Guide

by: chelsea1023

PHYS 2070 Exam One Study Guide PHYS 2070

Marketplace > University of Toledo > Physics 2 > PHYS 2070 > PHYS 2070 Exam One Study Guide
GPA 3.6
General Physics 1
Dr. Scott Lee

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About this Document

Study Guide for Exam One. Includes notes and homework problems.
General Physics 1
Dr. Scott Lee
Study Guide
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This 14 page Study Guide was uploaded by chelsea1023 on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PHYS 2070 at University of Toledo taught by Dr. Scott Lee in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 203 views. For similar materials see General Physics 1 in Physics 2 at University of Toledo.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Physics 2070 Dr Scott Lee Chapter One 0 The goal of physics is to use experiments and theories to better understand the physical world Measurements and Quantities 0 Length L 0 Mass M 0 Time T Systems of Measurement Standardized 0 De ned by government 0 SI System International 0 De ned by an international group 0 Main system used in physics Uncertainty in Measurements Use rules for signi cant gures 0 All nonzero digits are signi cant 0 Zeros are signi cant if in between other digits or after a decimal point 0 The least accurate smallest number of signi cant gures is used 0 If multiplying or dividing the number of sig gs in the nal answer is determined by the number with the smallest number of sig gs in the calculation 0 If adding or subtracting the result will contain sig gs equal to the smallest number of decimal places in the calculation Conversions o It is common in physics to convert between units 0 This can be done algebraically in a way that the units 39cancel Trigonometry 0 SOHCAHTOA Sin x Opposite side Hypotenuse Cosine x Adjacent side Hypotenuse Tangent x Opposite sideAdjacent side Pythagorean theorem rquot2xquot2yquot2 To nd an angle use inverse trig functions Chapter Two Motion in One Dimension 0 Any motion involves velocity displacement and acceleration Position is used in terms of a frame of reference coordinates comparisons etc 0 Displacement change in position 0 Final position initial position 0 Measured in meters 0 Not the same thing as distance Vector quantities must include both a magnitude and direction displacement velocity acceleration Scalar quantities need magnitude only speed distance 0 Average speed is measured by distance time vdt o Ignores variations in speed 0 Total distance and total time are all that s important 0 Units are ms 0 Average velocity is the rate at which a displacement occurs 0 Displacementtime 0 Can be positive or negative 0 Direction will equal the direction of displacement o Untis are ms 0 If graphed the slope of the line is equal to the average velocity Acceleration is present if velocity is changing o It is the rate of change of the velocity 0 Velocity time 0 Units are msquot2 Average acceleration is a vector 0 If sign of velocity and acceleration are the same the object is speeding up 0 If different object is slowing down 0 Negative acceleration doesn t always mean slowing down 0 Accelerations are assumed to be constant Free Fall 0 When only gravity is acting on an object Constant acceleration of 980 msquot2 Can be considered 39falling if going upwards Chapter Three Vectors and TwoDimensional Motion 0 Two vectors are equal if they have the same magnitude and direction Adding Vectors Geometrically 0 Draw rst vector using appropriate length and direction 0 Draw next vector using same scale and speci ed direction 0 Continue drawing all vectors 0 The resultant is the straight line going from the start of the rst vector to the end of the last one 0 Measure this length and the angle 0 Component part 0 Helpful to use rectangular components 0 X component of a vector is how far it moves along the xaxis 0 Y component of a vector is how far it moves along the yaxis X and y components can be added together 0 Can be positive of negative 0 Could be helpful to use a coordinate system Sketch vectors before adding the components Pythagorean Theory is used to nd the magnitude of the resultant Projectile motion movement in two dimensions Air friction is ignored Ignore earth rotation Parabolic path Relative velocity the velocity of an item in relation to another adj DI V Alf 1 Iv g 39r Ei39 r I w 31 W C M J m mksEa h mm k WES quot3 n Ll 1M Santana V w 0 1 hmwp mammx 30 dam 9 m w hmquot quot3 gm 1DDquotPrfhr wg9 W 55 D ECHR Mira w 0 Ems i mmm 7 V I g l b WICLVWFQU I ifPi39mme quotM3 m am 3 Hf i w WW Mr a 53 30mm x f Mf m f f fquot b3 Mm tax I rig 1THEEWL6LW 3 g Lm O W LCM f SPEm iumlrjgio f 13 Cm ch m 1 mg 2 3133 PM J E L LLQO um 39i 7 Jr D i r l lbe O quot901 bizL i E i e w ngCm U LL51 EEGSBEQ j 39 f MW FUDW 39l Wait xiil i lfiiitbim 1L1 m U r v we 15 1 31 0 m3 N m Gritm gt 7 m D 1 L J r N C inllg g 1 M 39 J3 gj g g 3 l V will J dg w g W 39W N i39ijn r 506631 x 39 quotum PM km m 96151 hquot ILLLEEEM39HE i g gj Car N LlLHr I g X 7 r 4 irf z a avo 5 w z xn L695JII 39 0 a no r F 77 m film W I m m p i 5 a 39 If W643i J 3 17 my l WES1 CCJ WSTH a m z pLWQLQ f hI T I JOfCng r J Z J 7 A 7 gr U m h 0 06 04 th l lmm may 231303an fIDLDJm mmd Lam if om Km amw f f M V in 7 z 739 4 139 7 3 r nmt nm m g KW 401mm BMW WWW L Lil LJUnj VCh H T f L f 10A l Willa 1 K39 quot 1a391 h wifm Lj 175 117 m i 152 if U amp 5 EJB 3KXh JK VwQi J li 3 Sm jw m 39 ER 3m 5 W Lh R kTL a 1 LT T i f quot jijbr J i mu gmrnn i f V gt IiE li ifbi f f 7 iii A h 3 391 E Jg 39 1m a 4 1 51 lt 713Lm0q 3HLc mwmw a g 2 7 W v m A 39 Va 3 HIESJEUIS UOQCPFP7 A r 7 A 7 7 1 39i 2 X 7 f 1 mm 5 l gt 52 v 39 1quot 3 W EQL Huggmmma aw z V r 7 LQ LQE k quot 39 39 a a FJEJ m m M Wm idem r l b mo h ixigv 3 j x a I CM mm A 1 i big 13 Wt mml tjgfi i grlimdicm in mil 1 L5 13 hwm mg J K 391 fFEEL i CuzzaL 3935 7 17 1 quot5 f 39f A 39 39 Aka 5 a m i 1 Ti mm m a ESLMHM LQ 33 5 H h LW Hrff amp1 I quotea J i C er 1 F mu gflr 0 Lin ilT39lrii J 39 r quot I Lj39 lfb L T 3 I r om i g 1 l j 7 f L J 5131 me Y u it a t Jr 0 quot12 w Lj g 39 u Db 1 3131 53 g L IL 1 t L xix 1 7 R Z 3977 1 iSerwl r Rquot IN Fm Z mm mw j r 7 4390 90ij I39USDS m wLbfaizswc 130 W V v 7 7 f L Vm CWT j 341371341421 lg wing a a T kqkE D 3L CD KNW IXfE3 LiLE e l a J l zz 1 dd iiifJJWXJ d ddd f7 m Tfuwnbuw gtL 7 QWKMELUQP r wwwf mwatjmwlqg 330M4tlg 4C Lg J 4quot gt 21 9 a IO legl g 3 L M04Nl i 3ww 51 LIES mg 7 39 M f J 50k 1H gt EPEQWQ 1956 HE t ium iwf pi 1 mmi r39i i gteafi fj lmklbrn hi 7 rm11 KW Z JPLQWH EQEEEEUT39BSIQMFEEL h fmg h A 330 I o m 39rm ms


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