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Quiz 2 study guide

by: Jenna Schneider

Quiz 2 study guide MUS 200-0003

Jenna Schneider
GPA 3.6
Music In General Culture
Professor VIcki Curry

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About this Document

Music In General Culture
Professor VIcki Curry
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jenna Schneider on Thursday September 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MUS 200-0003 at James Madison University taught by Professor VIcki Curry in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see Music In General Culture in Music at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 09/17/15
Quiz 2 Workbook WB pp 1933 Dynamics Crescendo gradually getting louder Decrescendo Diminuendo gradually getting softer Dynamics louds and softs m loud F ortissimo very loud Mezzo Forte moderately loud Mezzo Piano moderately soft m soft Pianissimo very soft Storza does suddenly loud Timbre Tim lyre quality of sound instruments amp voices HIGHI LOW Sograno high range women Mezzo Sograno between soprano and alto 1 low range m high range men Baritone in between ranges Bass low range Musical Instruments Strings 0 Violin 0 Viola Pluckedpizzicato 0 Cello 0 String Bass Bowedarco Harp 0 Guitar 0 Mandolin 0 Banjo 0 Lute Woodwinds 0 Piccolo 0 Altobass ute Air column across holel 39 Flute 0 Oboe Vibrations of Double reedl FrenCh Horn 0 Clarinet Vibrations of single reedl E at Clarinet 0 Bassoon Vibration of double Reedl contrabassoon Brass 0 Trumpet Clydrical 0 French Horn Conical Buzzed lips in a cupped or funnel shaped 0 Trombone Clydrical mouthpiece Tuba Conical 0 Cornet Trumpet highest pitchedbrilliant 0 Flugelhorn 0 Euphonium French Horn blends well w brass and sousaphone woodwinds 0 Bugle Trombone Has a slide rather than valves Tuba lowest pitched rounder and fuller timbre similar to French horn Percussion 0 Timpani 0 Xylophone 0 Chimes 0 Marimba 0 Glockenspiel 0 Vibraphone 0 Celesta 0 Triangle 0 Cymbals 0 Gong 0 Snare drum 0 Tenor drum 0 Bass drum 0 Tambourine Other Terms 0 ArQegio playing notes of a traid in succession rather than at the same time 0 Conductor chooses music gives meter and dynamics reherses musicians leader 0 Con Le gno Hkocwwy with wood of bow 0 Concert Band a large musical ensemble made up predominantly of winds and percussion and that often plays new music Symphonic 0 Chamber Music MDGIX for a small ensemble with one player to a part 0 Fundamental the low note that would be produced if the tuba of the brass instrument vibrated as one long piece 0 Glissando running rapidly up and down strings 0 Harp string music that is plucked 7 petals Harpsichord sound produced by a pick plucks a string when a key is depressed No dynamic range Mute muf ing the sound by a small attachment on the bridge Overtones muscular tension in the lip is varied dividing the column of air into halves thirds quarters eighths high notes are created called partials Pipe Organ sound produced by air rushing into a pipe when a key is pressed think of funeral Pizzicato Plucking strings of instrument M what you blow into for oboe String Quartet violin viola cello double bass Sal Ponticello Bowing on bridge rapid alternation between two neighboring pitches Most instruments can do this Tremolo Rapi dl y referring same pitch with the bow A musical tremor Vibrato slight uctuation of pitch Woodwind Ouintet ute clarinet oboe Bassoon and French horn Pitched Timpani Chimes Marimba Glockenspiel Vibraphone Unpitched Bass drum Snare drum Tambourine Cymbals Gong Triangle Texture Cannon when the follower copies exactly note for note what the leader plays or sings Counterpoint voices are of equal importance moving against one another to create this Homogony Same Sounding Monoggony single line of music with no harmony Polyghony requires two or more in a musical fabric Texture density and arrangement of artistic elements Unison when a group sings the same pitches together Form Bionary form 2 contrasting units AampB one created to balance and compliment one another Contrast Takes us away from familiar to unknown used to create con ict Chorus Textual refrain that repeats Form arrangement of musical events Repetition Validates the statement by reiterating it Rondo Form Involves a simple principle A refrain A w alternates w contrasting music and have at least 2 continuing sections BampC Statement Presentation of musical idea Stroghic form Composed sets the words of the first poetic stanza and uses the same entire melody for all subsequent stanzas Terna form 3 part musical form where 1St section A is repeated after the second section B ends Theme amp Variation one musical idea continually returns but is varied in some fashion by some change Variation Original melody returns but is altered


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