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MGT 307: Final

by: Melissa Cirasella

MGT 307: Final MGT 307

Melissa Cirasella
GPA 3.74
Hotel Management
Andrew Coggins

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About this Document

Final exam study guide
Hotel Management
Andrew Coggins
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Melissa Cirasella on Friday September 18, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MGT 307 at Pace University taught by Andrew Coggins in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Hotel Management in Business, management at Pace University.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
Final Exam Study Guide Question 1 In order to become a General Manager one needs to cross train start from the bottom and work up network be openminded and be motivated to learn Francisco Giles General Manager of the Renaissance in Dubai initially gained experience through cross training For example he primarily worked in food and beverage but spent some time working as a pageboy in a hotel and eventually worked his way to a sales marketing position Cross training enabled him to get a feel for other jobs in the industry Furthermore from starting at the bottom Giles was able to work in higherlevel positions For example he took the position as a pageboy and then was offered the position in the front office Giles was offered great opportunities through networking as well For example he was put in touch with the regional Vice President of food and beverage and was offered the opportunity to open hotels in Australia Also Guiles kept an open mind throughout his career path and therefore he never turned down and opportunity For example he was not very interested in the back kitchen job but he took it because it was a management position Lastly he was also motivated to learn about the companies he worked for and from their philosophies he was able to create his own principles on good management Question 4 One of the challenges of resorts and emerging markets is accommodating all nationalities This is portrayed in the video with General Manager Brent Marten At the Four Seasons Resort in Koh Samui Thailand the menus are printed in every language for their guests to ensure they are comfortable and have the option to choose their preferred language In addition the resort offers a wide variety of food choices to accommodate all guests Another example where accommodating all nationalities is a challenge is in the Four Seasons in Chiang Mai General Manger Titiya Chooto is taking Chinese language lessons along with a few staff members to better understand and communicate with Chinese guests Furthermore Rami Nuek General Manager of President Palace in Bangkok Thailand also faces this challenge with Chinese guests She is looking to hire more Chinese speaking staff Another example of this is at the Regal Kowloon hotel there is a special Chinese breakfast prepared each morning Another challenge Titiya Chooto is faced with is having one allinclusive resort and one in Chiang Rai that is not For example the allinclusive resort in Chiang Mai hinders guests from experiencing the food and life outside the resort There is no need to go travel around the resort since everything is already there This is similarly portrayed in the Four Seasons resort in Koh Samui Even though it is not allinclusive Brent Marten stated that guests do not want to leave the resort and visit local towns or villages This was one reason why the resort did not offer a shuttle service Question 5 Guest rooms are becoming more technologically savvy For example in the Courtyard Marriott in Newark Delaware has done some experimenting with making guest rooms more technologically advanced There is a digital camera in place of the peephole on door which offers more coverage to see who is outside the door In addition they are placing more efficient showerheads in the bathroom that consume less water and have increased pressure enhancing the guest s experience Another way guest rooms are being enhanced is by providing a guestroom digital assistant which guests can control the room temperature adjust the lights and make reservations Also the room has a device that charges batteries for cameras or cell phones at within less time than a plugin wall charger In addition Michael Muller the General Manager of the Sky City Marriott in Hong Kong stated that there would be selfservice kiosks in the near future Additionally the General Manger from Regal Kowloon in the future plans to own their own Internet they will not need a service provider so they have complete freedom The Regal Kowloon also wants to be a nonsmoking is making development plans in other locations in an effort to expand further


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