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by: Dr. Fermin Kilback


Dr. Fermin Kilback
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Dr. Fermin Kilback on Friday September 18, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CGS 2531 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/206549/cgs-2531-university-of-florida in Computer General Studies at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
yT OGSZ f WordPowerPoint Study Guide Test 2 1 93 httpwwwciseu educg5253lstudyguidetest2html CGSZS31 WordPowerPoint Study Guide Test 2 NOTE You are responsible for all that has been taught in class and what is covered in the Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint books This study guide is the best estimation of the things that are important for you to know for the test However IT IS NOT NECESSARILY COMPLETE Be sure to study your own notes the textbooks the CD tutorials readings and questions as well as the other material available to you for the test Business Notes The Sample Test is available on your CDs The Answer key is on the Download page Answer to 1 form code You are on your HONOR l BRING YOUR ID On Exam Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word 2003 Of ce Suite Integrated Multitasking Short Cut Keys aII READ INSTRUCTIONS Title Bar Menu Bar Standard and Formatting Toolbars Status Bar Scrollbars Insertion point End of Document mark Inserting vs Overwriting Views Normal Print Layout WYSIWYG Outline Web Print Preview HTML Mouse Icon lbeam Left Pointer Right Pointer Right Mouse click Ibeam double click triple click Left Pointer dragging moving text Right Pointer outside margin single click double click triple click New Icon vs Filegt New Open Type of les Drives Directories Folders Extensions Alignment Font how to change Symbol Page Break Keystrokes arrows top of document bottom of document sc reen updown topbottom of window next window and previous window 2262007 150 AM Fecszsi i WordPowerPoint Study Guide rest 2 20f2 httpwwwciseu educg3253lstudyguideteschtml l File Menu Page Setup MarginsMarkers Properties Summary Print Save Save As Edit Menu Undo Redo Cut Copy Paste keystrokes Paste Special Clear Select All Find Replace Go to View Menu Layouts Toolbars Ruler Headers and Footers Footnotes Insert File Picture Break Reference Format Fonts Paragraphs Spacing Tables Convert text to table Create a table Cells Rows Columns Sort Ascending and Descending Properties Tools Menu Spellchecker Grammar Thesaurus Word Count Language MailMerge How What Why and Who Saved As Macros What is a macro how to create one mouse actions in the body of the text vs menu commands Microsoft PowerPoint Wizards Auto Content Wizard Views Slide Outline Slide Sorter Notes Slide Show Slide Layouts Titles Clip Art Bulleted list Table Graph Chart Templates sets general pattern for all backgrounds of all slides Preset Animation Builds determine how bulleted lists are formed Transitions determine how a new slide fades into the screen Drawing Toolbar New Slide Button Slide Background is Apply Design Slide Color Scheme Presentation Templates blackwhite overheads color overheads slide show ObjectLinkEmbedding embedding places a copy of an object created in one document into another document no link between the object and source document linking inserts a representation of the object in a destination document link between the object and the source document 2262007 150 AM


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