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Anthro 104 Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Lexi Kazen

Anthro 104 Exam 1 Study Guide Anthropology 104

Lexi Kazen
GPA 3.9
Cultural Anthropology and Human Diversity
Jerome Camal

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About this Document

Here's a study guide I made for the upcoming exam in anthro 104. I picked a bunch of key terms and points that seemed important to know. I worked very hard on this, so I hope you like it!
Cultural Anthropology and Human Diversity
Jerome Camal
Study Guide
Anthropology, exam study guide, Culture
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lexi Kazen on Friday September 18, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Anthropology 104 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Jerome Camal in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 842 views. For similar materials see Cultural Anthropology and Human Diversity in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
Anthropolog Four eld Holism Physical Archaeology y approach anthropolog Ethnocentris Linguistic Cultural garticipant Ethnology m anthropolog anthropolog observation Fieldwork 3ilobalizatio 3Zulture Enculturatio Norms n n Values Symbol Mental Cultural Unilineal maps of relativism cultural reality evolution Structural Power Strati catio Hegemony Agency functionalis n m Cosmopolita Salvage Re exivity Literature Qualitative nism ethnograph review vs y quantitative data Kinship Social Field notes Mapping Built analysis network environmen analysis t Zeros Mutual Emic1 Etic2 Polyvocalit transformat y3 ion Franz Boas Bronislaw Margaret Malinowski Mead some key term de nitions are provided in the footnotes 1 understanding how local people in a community think and understand the world 2 viewing the local community from the anthropologist39s perspective as an outsider 3 the use of many voices in an ethnography in order to allow the reader to hear more directly from the people in the study What is anthropology Where and how do anthropologists apply their knowledge What are the four elds of anthropology Anthropologists believe that all humans are connected however human universals are not the main focus of modern anthropology Anthropology aims to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange How are communities changing over time because of globalization What is so useful about doing eldwork rather than being an armchair anthropologist How does eldwork shape both the anthropologist and the community heshe is working in Why is it dangerous to have the belief that one culture is more evolved than another Unilineal cutura evoution culture goes from savage to civilized over time Culture is NOT biological many ideas and norms that people from a certain culture practice are not universal ie some cultures don t have the concept of quotkissingquot 0 You are not born with culture it is learned and developed over time eg coming to college as a freshman and learning the culture of the university 0 Culture is both symbolic and material The idea of structural functionalism came about from the British and basically says that everyone has a function in society even homeless people and prisoners The distribution of power is unequal among societies strati cation o What is the relationship between power and culture ls science affected by culture If yes how If no why not What is AbuLughod trying to say by writing her article quotDo Muslim Women Really Need Savingquot main idea of article is what Coming onge in Second Life based off of Margaret Mead s Coming of Age in Samoa is a form of ethnography o Boellstorff s eldwork is conducted online virtual world 0 Some people literally use virtual worlds as a quotsecond lifequot eg online wedding o It isn t necessary to be inconspicuous when doing anthropological research Boellstorff was completely open to letting people from Second Life know that he was an anthropologist doing research 0 A society doesn t have to be isolated for an anthropologist to be able to do research eldwork on it o What are some examples of hegemony4 Agency5 Not everyone has the same reaction to certain events Why 4 power without forceviolence usually exercised through institutions no debate for an alternative 5 power of individuals and groups to act against structures of the current power


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