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mathew tantama

mathew tantama


School: Purdue University
Department: Chemistry
Course: General Chemistry
Professor: Nash
Term: Winter 2015
Cost: 25
Name: CHEM 116 Week 9 Lecture Notes
Description: Dr. Mathew Tantama's week 9 notes over lectures 18 and 19.
Uploaded: 03/12/2016
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Lecture 18

Contribution of  Autoionization

- Ignore  autonization if :

                        ⎫Don't forget about the age old question of What pertains to the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of a substance by 1 degree Celsius?

Strong acid:                 ⎬

Weak acid:         ⎭

- If you can’t ignore, remember:Don't forget about the age old question of What is the goal of the Coulomb Experiment?

                        ↓ stoichiometryDon't forget about the age old question of What are the types of motion?

                                ↓ water is the only source of OH-If you want to learn more check out What is a coordinaate system?

                                ↓ kw

                                        We also discuss several other topics like What are the forces acting on spring problems?

* strong acid:

* weak acid:

Weak Acids/ Bases Approx Negligible Ionization:We also discuss several other topics like Explain the function of impulse in kinetic energy.

- calculate pH 1.0m

I                1.0        -        0                0                

C                -x                +x                +x                        goes toward product

E                1.0-x                x                x

                Approx because weak, ka is very small



pH = 2.37        

Remember Approximation of weak acid/ base ionization is only negligible when % dissociation < 5%

% dissociation =

Typically, we can use approximation when

Common Ion Effect: Le Chatelier's Principle:

        Calculate pH given 1.0m


I                1.0        -                0.5        0                

C                -x                        +x        +x                more in forward direction
E                1.0-x                        0.5+x        x


                        because x is really small


1)         ⎫

✔        ⎪ both assumption

                                ⎬are less than 5%

2)         ⎪sp the approximated

        ✔        ⎭pH of [] is correct

Increased decreased → dissociation

  • Qualitative: Le Chatelier’s principle
  • Quantitative: ka = → find pH expression

 → log of both sides

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