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Personal Wellness Test 2 Study Guide

by: Lauren Maddox

Personal Wellness Test 2 Study Guide HTH 100

Marketplace > James Madison University > Nursing and Health Sciences > HTH 100 > Personal Wellness Test 2 Study Guide
Lauren Maddox

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About this Document

Study guide for exam 2, covering self-identity, relationships, and alcohol
Personal Wellness
Dr. Gail Brook-Arthur
Study Guide
Personal Wellness; HTH 100
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lauren Maddox on Saturday March 12, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HTH 100 at James Madison University taught by Dr. Gail Brook-Arthur in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Personal Wellness in Nursing and Health Sciences at James Madison University.

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Date Created: 03/12/16
Test 2 Study Guide Be able to explain gender roles and gender identity gender role- the activities, abilities, and characteristics our culture deems appropriate for us based on our sex. Gender identity is a person’s private sense and subjective experience, of their own gender. Understand gender differences in communication women- afflictive communication- a way of establishing connections and negotiating relationships, emphasis is on displaying similarities and matching experiences, express sympathy. When men give advice - women feel like their feelings are being invalidated, problems are being minimized, women are likely to be supportive. Men - competitive communication- preserving independence and negotiating and maint aining status. When trouble arises - men are more likely to give advice, tell a joke, change subject, or remain silent. When women offer sympathy to men, they feel like they are being placed in a lower -status position and find it condescending Define self-concept, self-esteem, and self-acceptance self-concept- a collection of beliefs about oneself that includes elements such as academic performance, gender roles and sexuality, and racial identity. Self esteem is how you think other people see you. Self accep tance is acceptance of self in spite of deficiencies Understand the characteristics of friendship companionship, respect, acceptance, help, trust, loyalty, mutuality, and reciprocity Understand characteristics of romantic intimacy behavioral interdependence, n eed fulfillment, intimacy, social integration, nurturance, assistance, affirmation, emotional attachment, emotional availability List the transformation of love At first, high levels of passion, rapidly increasing intimacy. Passion decreases because of hab ituation. They may then discover a more enduring love, moving from an absorption with each other to the relationship. Goals emerge and satisfaction is gained when the goals are reached Understand the role of attachment in relationships people who are secure in their intimate relationships probably had a secure, trusting, mutually satisfying attachment to their mother, father, or parenting figure. As adults they find it easy to get close to others. People who are clinging may have had anxious/ambivalent attachment. Parental inconsistent responses made them unsure that their needs would be met. People who run from relationships have an anxious/avoidant attachment in which a parent engulfing or abandoning responses made them want to escape from the sphere of influence5567 List the barriers to intimacy differences in background, alcohol and drugs, dysfunctional families, jealousy in relationships- overdependence on the relationship, high value on sexual exclusivity, low self - esteem, and fear of losing control List characteristics of successful relationships trust- predictability, dependability, faith , behavior interpretation in the context of the relationship, like your partner, sexual intimacy, shared and cherished history Understand the advantages of marriage get health benefits and insurances, more stable, fulfillment, affection, personal affirmation, setting to raise children, providing for the future Understand the advantages of cohabitation living together without being married. Companionship, a setting for an enjoyable and meaningful relationship, develop greater intimacy through learning, compromising, and sharing, sex life, save on living costs. Greater sense of autonomy, can easily leave the relationship Understand how to date someone onli ne safely avoid sexual oriented websites , know what your looking for and what you can provide, find out intentions, don’t post photos, don’t give out personal information, set up a second email, don’t take things personally, talk on the phone a few times, be comfortable, meet in public places Know the characteristics to communicate effectively and assertively express how we feel, worry about how others will react to what we have to say, the language is complex, different cultures. Learn appropriate self-disclosure, being a better listener, nonverbal communication, expressing difficult feelings, fight fair, give positive reinforcement Identify steps in successful conflict resolution Clarify the issue, find out what each person wants, determine how you both can get what you want, decide how to negotiate, solidify the agreements, review and renegotiate Know the cycles of dating/domestic violence and how they progress tension- criticism, yelling, swearing, angry gestures, coercion or threats, violence - physical and sexual attacks threats, seduction - apologies, promises to change or gifts. Cycle of violence: tension building -acute battering-remorse/reconciliation Understand the societal risk factors for violence and domestic violence neighborhoods that are disadvantaged, age, minorities, and environment on campus Understand the different risk to men and women domestic violence victims Know the psychosocial factors that can contribute to rape compensate for feelings, want to hurt women, interested in dominance, contro l and power, different views of dates Understand the alcohol content of different beverages beer: 3-6 percent alcohol by volume, ales and malt liquor 6-8 percent alcohol by volume, table wines 9 -14 percent alcohol by volume. Fortified wines - 20 percent alcohol by volume. Hard liquors - 35-50 percent or more by volume Know what is a standard drink beer or cooler- 5% alcohol 12 oz. malt liquor - 7% alcohol 7.5 oz. wine- 12% alcohol 5 oz. 80-proof Spirits (gin, vodka, whiskey) - 40% alcohol, 1.5 oz. Define proof two times the percentage concentration Understand the absorption and digestion of alcohol easily moves through most biological membrane, transported throughout the body via the bloodstream. Main site for metabolism is the liver - 2-10 percent of ingested alcohol is not metabolized, non -metabolized alcohol excreted by lungs, kidneys, and sweat glands. Rapidly absorbed in 30 minutes- 2 hours, 20% is absorbed in the stomach, 80% in the stomach intestine Understand the different physiologic effects of alcoho l on males and females average tbw: 52%, 61%. Women have less alcohol dehydrogenase, men have more alcohol dehydrogenase, premenstrual hormonal changes allow a woman to get intoxicated, and men become intoxicated at a common rate. Alcohol increases estrogen f or both, birth control pills increases the likelihood of intoxication. For men - chronic alcoholism has been associated with loss of body hair and muscle mass, development of swollen breasts and shrunken testicles and impotence Understand hangover and how t o treat it alcohol robs the brain of glucose and water, eating while drinking or before going to bed will help, do not take Tylenol prior to going to bed. Alcohol is cleared from the body at a rate of .5 ounces of hard liquor/hour or 3 -4 ounces of beer/hour Define BAC the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood, expressed as the percentage of alcohol measured in a deciliter of blood. Affected by body weight, percentage of body fat, sex, balance of alcohol absorption and rate of metabolism, drinking behavior Understand an alcohol emergency and how to respond get the person out of harms way, place on the side with knees up, monitor airway, breathing, and circulation, stay with the person, don’t give the person anything to eat or drink, Understand psychosocial r isks associated with binge drinking screws up our lives, driving, fights, regrets, schoolwork, unprotected sex, and injuries Define binge drinking binge drinker- 5 drinks for men in 2 hours, 4 drinks for women in 2 hours Understand the long-term health risks associated with alcohol use. Damages the frontal lobe of the brain, causes a reduction in brain size, creates thiamine (B1) - deficiency called Wernicke’s encephalopathy Define alcohol dependence and alcoholism a pathological use of alcohol or impairment in functioning due to alcohol; characterized by tolerance and withdrawal symptoms Understand the factors that contribute to alcoholism genetic factors, personality disorders, type of household you grew up in, drinking early, urbanization, disappearance of extended family, loosening of kinship ties, increased mobility, and changing values Define cirrhosis a disease in which the liver is severely damaged by alcohol, other toxins, or infection Understand and recognize treatments for alcoholism alcoholics anonymous-self help groups that meet several times a week in many communities and follow as 12 -step program, recognizing they are powerless over alcohol, must seek help from a higher power, Moderation Management encourages people to limit intake or abstaining . Al-Anon is a group for families and friends of alcoholics. Inpatient hospital rehabilitation. Understand the role and side effect of drugs used to treat alcoholism Disulfram (Antabuse) -inhibits the metabolic breakdown of acetaldehyde an causes patients to flush and feel ill when they drink. Naltrexone (ReVia, Depade) - binds to a brain pleasures center that reduces the craving for alcohol and decreases its pleasant, reinforcing effects. Injectable naltrexone (Vivtrol) - a single monthly shot administered by a health professional. Acamprosate (Campral) - helps people maintain abstinence after they have stopped drinking. What are the risks of alcohol use during pregnancy fetal alcohol syndrome- learning difficulties and attentional difficulties Know the physiologic effects of nicotine? Acts on the brain by exciting or tranquilizing the nervous system, inhibits formation of urine, constricts blood vessels, accelerates heart rate, elevates blood pressure, depresses hunger contractions, dulls taste buds Know the effects of nicotine withdrawal severe cravings, insomnia, confusion, tremors, difficultly concentrating, fatigue, muscle pains, headaches, nausea, irritability, anger and depression. Know the difference between side stream smoke and mainstream smoke mainstream smoke-smoke exhaled by smokers. Side stream smoke- smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, cigar, or pipe Know the long term effects of tobacco - cardiovascular disease, chd, atherosclerosis, myocardinal infarction, stroke, aortic aneurysm, pulmonary heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Know how long it takes to see the various benefits of quitting tobacco from 20 minutes to 15 years. List some of the methods used to quit tob acco cold turkery, tapering, changes to routines, over the counter prescription products, support from family and friends, smoking cessation programs, free telephone quitlines Know the risks of ETS develop cough, headaches, nasal discomfort, eye irritation , breathlessness, and sinus problems. Allergies will be exacerbated. Causes 4000 deaths due to lung cancer, 46000 heart disease deaths, Identify date rape drugs and their effects rohypnol- acts in 30 minutes, victims appear drunk. GBH - relaxation, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea. Ketamine - acts in minutes, may be aware but cant move, causes memory problems, alcohol -cant think clearly, black out Know the risks of incorrect lifting and how to lift properly RSIs , avoid bending at the waist, remain in upright position and crouch down if you need to lower yourself to grasp the object, ben at the knees and hips. Place feet around shoulder width apart. Lift gradually with straight arms, lift by standing up or pushing with your leg muscles, if turning, move with f eet. RSIs caused by repeated strain on a particular part of the body. Immobilized it at night, anti -flammortory drugs, or even surgery Know the risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome and how to treat it characterized by pressure on the median nerve in th e wrist that also affects the tendons and ligaments in the forearm stop activities that cause numbness and pain, rest wrist longer, ice wrist, wear a wrist splint Know the active ingredients in marijuana THC, acts on cannabinoid receptors, overstimulates endocannabinoid receptors Know the effects of marijuana alters perception, time, mood, memory, coordination Be aware of the medical use of marijuana some compounds have shown to ease pain, reduce naseua, and increase appetite. Be aware of the negative effects of marijuana use concentrate, memory, focus, react quickly , respiratory damage, impaired lung functions, and chronic bronchial irritation, fatal lung infections, cancers in the neck and head


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