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by: Gregory Bergnaum V


Gregory Bergnaum V
GPA 3.93

Peter Schmidt

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About this Document

Peter Schmidt
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Gregory Bergnaum V on Friday September 18, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ANT 3141 at University of Florida taught by Peter Schmidt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/206849/ant-3141-university-of-florida in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
Study Guide ANT 3141 Raiders of the Lost Ark Many conventional understandings of the world are fabricated by popular media This is particularly true for archaeology which has always been fodder for the cartoonist s pen as well as the romantic impulses of Hollywood producers We may skeptically view cinematic renderings of archaeology as just good fun and not to be taken seriously Nonetheless the repetitive images of the archaeologist as intrepid adventurer and treasure seeker in Hollywood appropriations of the archaeological world have affected perceptions of the discipline These perceptions incorporate disturbing contradictions to the most basic ethical values held by archaeologists That one never seeks after treasure or accepts personal gain in archaeological research That the illicit trade in antiquities fueled by greed and personal gain must be eliminated That archaeological research does not seek after glorious or valuable artifacts rather archaeologists seek to understand the social economic ritual and political reasons for the creation of specific artifacts That no excavation is undertaken with the goal to obtain an artifact or structure for a museum or other legitimate entity engaged in archaeological research That excavations are undertaken under the most painstaking and meticulous scienti c conditionsiwith no compromises in scienti c methods Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc 1981 was a fabulously successful adventure film Its success partly stems from the sinister and malevolent opponents Nazis overcome by the hero But it also stems from the slightly goofy swashbuckling hero who uses strange defensive devices and who is marked by a distinctive dress code These themes however mask more profound issues that arise within the film and that blatantly mislead the public into thinking that archaeology is the stuff of plunder General Questions to Consider If plunder takes on a legitimate veneer in popular film then is the distinction between plunder and scienti c excavation blurred to the point of ambiguity If there is ambiguity then does it make opaque the problems with looting today Assignment Throughout the film you will encounter vignettes that diminish the ethical clarity in which archaeology operates today Your task is to find and identify the scenes and the dialogue that transform archaeology from a scienti c enterprise into a non scientiflc adventurous romp You may nd scenes in which scienti c methods are not present Or you may nd scenes in which the goals of archaeology are distorted to fit the lmmaker s agenda Some of the latter are more subtle because they occur under the cinematic guise of academic legitimacy The following more specific questions are intended to help you focus and record the scenes that illustrate the ethical issues that are brought to the fore by Raiders They are not arranged in chronological order as these issues often arise throughout the film Questions o How is a xation or obsession with objects of antiquityiat the expense of context and understanding function and meaningiexpressed in Raiders Give examples 0 How are archaeologists represented as collectors rather than scientists Cite scenes and dialogue o What kind of verbal glosses obscure professional and international standards of antiquities acquisition 0 Monetary values are assigned to antiquities in Raiders undermining a central principle of archaeology Where does this occur 0 How is the role of a university museum depicted in the lm 0 How is a practice of eld archaeology represented Give several examples What in your assessment are the most profound contradictions to professional archaeology and museology and arise out of Raiders


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