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by: Dr. Jeffrey Goldner


Dr. Jeffrey Goldner
GPA 3.61


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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Dr. Jeffrey Goldner on Friday September 18, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to URP 3001 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/206919/urp-3001-university-of-florida in Human Development at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
SAMPLE QUESTIONS FOR QUIZ 1 1 In the current world map which countries form the extent of the ancient near east Turkey to Pakistan Mesopotami Iraq NE Syria SE turkey S An 7 V 2 Which two rivers surrounded Mesopotamia Euphrates and Tigris 3 What is a ziggurat Pyramidal temples built in the ancient Mesopotamian valley 4 Which technological changes made the Near Eastern Cities possible Agriculture pottery metallurgy recording systems using clay tokens but not writing 5 Which current country contains the ancient site of Catahoyuk Turkey 6 How did people in Catalhoyuk move within the city 7 How did the residents of Catalhoyuk enter their houses 8 What construction materials did the people of Jericho use Mud 9 What was the political unit of governance for the Sumerians Selfgoverning citystate 10 Of the following what best describes the Sumerian landscape Largely windswept and barren 11 What best describes the climate of Southern Mesopotamia Arid flood myth 12 Which building type dominated the cityscape of Uruk Monumental 13 What were temples in Uruk Called White Temple 14 Which following goddesses were worshipped in uruk lnu and lanna 15 What materials did the Sumerians use to construct temples Sunbaked bricks 16 What was the sacred center in Ur called Temenos 17 What inspired the architectural form of the temples in Ur Moon god Nanna 18 Where does the Indus river originate Himalayas in Tibet 19 Which is most well known city of the Indus valley civilization Harappa Punjab or MohenjoDaro Sind 20 What the primary building material in Mohenjo Daro Bricks from a kiln 21 What are main sections of the city of MohenjoDaro Citadel west and residential east 22 How was the house in lndus valley civilization spatially organized lnto similar squares and rectangles excavated around a courtyard for lighting 23 What best describes the geometry of Mohenjo Daro Haphazard very spread out no distinct grid form or shape citadelresidential sector 24 What is Acropolis A sacred city on a hill center of Greece temples of gods 25 Why did city states emerge in Greece Economic theory aristocracy weakened by merchants Political theory intrestless soldiers egalitarian warfare and democracy 26 What was the political unit of organization in ancient Greece Democracy 27 What is the Parthenon Temple of goddess Athena Parthenos protector 28 Where is the Parthenon located The center of the Acropolis 29 What are most important buildings in the Athenian Acropolis Temple of Athena Nike The Propylaea The Parthenon Erechtheion 30 What is the Agora Marketplace and civic center 3 governing councils business politics current events Long colonnaded structure 31 How was the relationship between the Agora and Acropolis Acropolis is religious and Agora is civic and political 32 What best describes the geometry of Athens Haphazard and confusing with an acropolis as center and surrounding wall and gate and panatheniaic way trough center 33 What technological changes facilitated Greek urban culture Improved potters wheel sea trade wine and olive oil screw gear water clock catapult 34 What system of construction did the Greeks use Karst Formations colonnaded 35 What building materials did the Greeks use Limestone timber marble tiles 36 How did the Greek manage their water supply Aqueducts and watermill 37 Who planned Miletus Hippodamus of Miletus 38 What is the Bouleuterion Council house 39 How is Athens different from Miletus Miletus had order and regularity with two harbors and peninsula Athens was more intricate and confusing 40 What are the two main periods in ancient Roman history The Roman Republic formative age stage 1 50927 BC and The Roman Empire stage 2 third century AD by Augustus 41 What technological innovations did the Romans use in city building Sophisticated infrastructure concrete in arc construction 42 What is the Forum Civic center of Rome Temples politics senate and oligarchy NOT DEMOCRACY 43 What is Tufa Volcanic rock used as building material 44 What is the Greek equivalent of the forum Agora 45 What is the Basilica Commercial farmers market enclosed 46 What is the Greek equivalent of the Basilica Stoa open 47 How does the Forum differ from the Agora Forum is religious civic and political the agora is not religious 48 What construction materials did the Romans use Concrete 49 How did the republican forum differ from the imperial forum 50 What kinds of infrastructure did Rome enjoy Roads public toilets aqueducts and baths 51 What functions did the Baths of Caracalla serve Cold tepid and hot room gym for wrestling swimming pool 52 What kind of heating did the Romans use Radiant heating 53 What is the Cloaca Maxima Sewer 54 What is an aqueduct Navigable water supply 55 How many major aqueducts did Romans construct Ten 56 The financial capital of India is Mumbai 57 The grown up Jamal Malik in slumdog works in a Atelemarketing company 58 Slumdog is set in the city of Mumbai India 59 Jamal Malik worked as tourist guide for a tourist site called The Taj Mahal 60 Where did Jamal ask Latika to meet her At the subway station 61 What is the importance of this site 62 How many concentric zones did Baghdad initially have 63 What is the rabbah Central space of Baghdad palace mosque 64 What was located in the center of Baghdad The Rabbah 65 What is the decumanus The eastwest road in Roman city planning 66 What is the castrum 67 How did Arab Damascus differ from Byzantine Damascus 68 How did Hellenistic Damascus differ from Byzantine Damascus 69 Which statement best describes the plan of Bruges Circular walled city inner and outer canals 70 Which of the following is the commercial center of Venice Rialto 71 What are the similarities between Bruges and Venice lntl trade canals sophisticated 72 In which current country is Bruges located in Belgium 73 In which current country is Venice located in Italy 74 To which sea was medieval Bruges connected North Sea connected by River Reie 75 To which sea was medieval Venice connected Adriatic Sea 76 What was the major commodity produced in medieval Bruges Textiles


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