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MUS 2116 Midterm 1 Review

by: austinc1

MUS 2116 Midterm 1 Review Phys 1055

Virginia Tech
GPA 3.78

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About this Document

Covers all compostions and composers that could be on the exam for MUS 2116 at Virginia Tech
Introduction to Astronomy
Astronomy Staff
Study Guide
MUS 2116. Music, midterm, Spring 2016
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by austinc1 on Sunday March 13, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Phys 1055 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University taught by Astronomy Staff in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Astronomy in Physics 2 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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Date Created: 03/13/16
MUSIC 2116 SPRING 2016 MIDTERM Study Guide Debussy - Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun - Will not be played from the beginning Opens with the whole tone scale -Something distinctive of Debussy -Eastern Music -Vietnamese Troops played music → turning point in his career - Wanted to write in a hyper-romantic style before ^ - Science was discovering differences between what the eye sees and what the mind perceives - Debussy did not consider himself an impressionist - Not only is he known for the Whole tone scale but also the Pentatonic scale. - This scale can be related to its Vietnamese origins where Debussy found it during the World Fair of 1889 which is also known for his turnaround in his career. - Before the world's fair Debussy was very Wagnerian. -Impressionism is more about broader concepts rather than detailed ideas. Satie - Parade Full of strange noises (typewriter, scratching, gunshots, etc.) A ballet The ballet used incredibly strange costumes, part of the theatre of the absurd Strange costumes designed by Pablo Picasso Inspired by American silent-films and Parisian Music Halls Wagner - Tristan und Isolde (Prelude) - Tristan chord - an entire chord that is a basis for harmonic structures from then on Sets us up for atonal music A leitmotif - Leitmotif - a theme about basically anything Compare and Contrast a leitmotif from the ide fixe Leitmotif is generally shorter. Leitmotif can be for something as small as an object whereas the ide fixe is present in the entire symphony Leitmotifs are smaller He used a lot more of them The ide fixe did not change musically at all. - He preferred the term Music Drama over Opera He wanted to find the ideal Gesamtkunstwerk. Gesamtkunstwerk - total work of art, fusion of all the types of art - Expanded his ideas so much that he invented new instruments (Wagner Tuba) - He had to establish his own Opera House Bayreuth - Anti-semitic Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique - Describe the part where the actress appears - Entire symphony written about Harriet Smithson - An Irish actress - Ide a Fixe is the theme of an object or character in this the most popular Ide a Fix is Harriet Smithson - Ide a Fix Translates to fixed idea - Program symphony - How does this compare and contrast with Beethoven’s program symphony? - Berlioz’s tells a story and has a plot with action: Beethoven’s has rain and thunder and sunshine but no plot. - Berlioz is the father of modern orchestration because of the use of different instruments for effect What three things are expected to be written about Berlioz? -Ide Fix -Father of Modern Orchestration -Program Symphony Quoted the dies ire in the Witches Sabbath Scene which is known to be the symbol of Death. Beethoven - Eroica Symphony No. 3 (2nd movement, Funeral March) - Wrote the piece about Napoleon before he crowned himself emperor. Beethoven then scratched his name from the piece. It is now named “To A Great Man” - A transitional composer between classical and romantic eras. Dates do not exactly match up between the end of the classical and the beginning of the romantic era. He used the classical forms yet he used ‘bigger’ techniques. Expanded instrumentation, use of dynamics (louds and softs), first to write a program symphony. - He went deaf due to syphilis - Admits this in the heiligenstadt document. He also admits his depression. This also displayed his thoughts of suicide during the time. Mahler - Symphony No. 6 (4th) movement Valued solitude Incorporates it into his music in the way he used solo instruments Invented a percussion instrument The Mahler instrument Symbolizes fate His fate Like nails being hammered into a coffin - Mahler was a superstitious person and he believed that his health was so poor that it was going to kill him, even when he was healthy he had a large number of siblings die before reaching adulthood. Growing anti-semitism in Vienna pushed him out of Europe He was married and settled down In his 5th symphony he wrote a love theme to his wife She had an affair and left him for a time He had a heart infection Died shortly after Strauss - Salome (Dance of the Seven Veils) Set in Jerusalem Most known for his tone poems The difference between tone poems and a program symphony is that a program symphony is a collection of movements whereas a tone poem is a single movement work. A tone poem does not use words Salome is not a tone poem - it is an opera About Salome, stepdaughter of Herod. She wants John the Baptist’s head. She dances in front of King Herod in order to have him kill John the Baptist Popular during his time Release of Salome’s premier was the same year as the release of the phonograph (talking machine) Sibelius - Finlandia - A prime example of nationalism - Written for the love of the country - Embedding ideas of the country into the music - It was written as a protest piece against censorship by the Russians - They were stopping freedom of speech, Finland was struggling for its independence and Russia just wanted them to be Russian. Look up the poem about Finnish independence Verdi - Aida (Tomb Scene) Opera freaking awful A general has the singer locked in a tomb because he was framed by his love Ethiopian princess kidnapped and turned into a slave. She hides in the cave with the General Brings up issues of racism Verdi brings to attention the issues of classism, racism, sexism, etc. More emphasis on the dramatic line Belcanto More about the musicians Not part of the style Orchestra is not as rich or dramatic - more emphasis on the individual General mood of the music - subject matter is meant to be entertaining


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