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by: Kenneth Berge

IntroductiontoSocialandCulturalAnthropology ANTH101

Marketplace > University of Delaware > anthropology, evolution, sphr > ANTH101 > IntroductiontoSocialandCulturalAnthropology
Kenneth Berge
GPA 3.89


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 12 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kenneth Berge on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ANTH101 at University of Delaware taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/207161/anth101-university-of-delaware in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Delaware.

Popular in anthropology, evolution, sphr


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Contact The Yanomami of Brazil Film Study Guide How recently have the Yanomamo had contact with Western culture Who is entering Yanomamo territory What are they doing there What impacts are they having on Yanomamo health What impacts are they having on Yanomamo livelihoods What impacts are they having on Yanomamo culture What impact does the airstrip have on their ability to hunt Why are the Yanomamo suffering from illness What types of illnesses How do they receive treatment From the point of view of the Yanomamo what is the difference between the alleviation of symptoms and a cure for the disease How is gold mining conducted in the Yanomamo territory What types of pollution result from mining What strategies are indigenous groups using to combat mining How many Yanomamo have died from disease since the mining began What changes have you seen since Chagnon s early lms of the Yanomamo Professor Roe Page 1 of l Contact The Yanom ami of Brazil 7 Study Guide Dead Birds Film Study Guide Dani mountain Papuans in West New Guinea Irian J aya Indonesia Describe their environment Describe their palisaded villages Watch towers What are they used for Where are they located Important Animals Birds The lm begins with a fable told by a mountain people in the ancient highlands of New Guinea about a race between a snake and a bird What was the cause of this contest Who won What impact did this have on people How do the Dani make themselves look like birds Which species of bird is taboo Why Pigs Why do the Dani own pigs Ghosts Describe the importance of ghosts Unavenged ghosts When are ghosts active What do the ghosts do The Dani make special accommodations for ghosts during a festival Describe the ghost enclosure and the making of a pat to it Professor Roe Page 1 of 4 Dead Birds 7 Study Guide What do the Dani feed the ghosts Magic How do the Dani use magic What types of sympathetic magic do the Dani use to strengthen the watchtower during repairs Describe the ritual of puri cation after the repair of the watchtower Why isn t magic solemn or reverent How is magic used to heal an injured warrior Who sweeps the Village clean of all ghosts How Warfare Why do the Dani go to war Under what conditions do the Dani battle DayNight Weather conditions Special celebrations What accoutrements do the Dani wear to battle Headdresses Nose adomments Where do they battle A Dani man was injured in battle How do they treat his wounds How do they protect him from ghosts Child s Play What type of play actiVities do the young boys engage in What important skills do they lea1n in this play Professor Roe Page 2 of 4 Dead Birds 7 Study Guide Sexual division of labor Who are the weavers What materials do they use What types of woven items to they make Who are the warriors Who takes car ofthe pigs Who gardens Role of married men in gardening Role of unmarried men in gardening What crops do they grow What kind of intensi ed horticulture do the Dani practice Who collects salt What materials do they use How do they render the salt Death What happens to a young girl s ngers when a close relative dies Why is a young boy killed by a river Describe the funeral process Funerary Chair Why is it used Funerary Band What is it band made of How is it used Professor Roe Page 3 of 4 Dead Birds 7 Study Guide What happens to it after the funeral Why is the body coated in pig fat How is the soul released from the body Describe the cremation process Describe ritual mourning Why do the Dani kill an enemy Describe the Victory dance Costume Tools Men s Penis sheath Head adomments Women s Young boy s Young girl s Stone Axe Bone Awl Digging Stick Soul What is their conception of the soul How does their style of warfare differ from Western warfare How does their sexual diVision of labor differ from other cultures Professor Roe Page 4 of 4 Dead Birds 7 Study Guide MidTerm Exam Spring 2009 Study Guide This study guide represents the concepts ideas or authorities that you must be familiar with for the midterm exam Consult your class notes assigned readings and the lms shown in class along with our class discussions to review these points The exam will be composed of 50 multiple choice and truefalse questions drawn from this list Primatology Ethnology Ethno graphy Holistic perspective Comparative perspective Cultural relativism Ethnocentrism Cultural knowledge Cultural integration Professor Roe Page 1 of 7 MidT erm Exam 7 Study Guide 095 Culture Society Enculturation Roles Norms Values Symbols Classi cation of reality Worldview Cultural universals Grammar Dialects Professor Roe Page 2 of 7 MidT erm Exam 7 Study Guide 095 Phrenology Tone languages Lexicon Morphology Free morpheme Bound morpheme SapirWhorf hypothesis Chimpanzee language Proxemics Linguistic relativity Unilineal evolution Functionalism Professor Roe Page 3 of 7 MidT erm Exam 7 Study Guide 095 Animism Ethnographic eldwork Ethnohistoric research Participant observation Informant Culture shock Reverse culture shock Hunting and gathering Nomadism Berber Semiology Baraka Professor Roe Page 4 of 7 MidT erm Exam 7 Study Guide 095 Marginal man Malik Trip to Sidz39 Lahcen Feast with Bem39 Y arghra Missionary techniques Skull house Enculturation Cultural scenarios Culture and Personality movement Pronatalism Goals of the Yanomamo feast Professor Roe Page 5 of 7 MidT erm Exam 7 Study Guide 095 Body art color symbolism Where the Yanomamo live Shabono Purpose of Yanomamo warfare Waiteri Yanomamo cultural values towards deceased members of their culture Yanomamo stereotyped sequence of ghting Team study Restudy How Chagnon establishes rapport with the Yanomamo Weir Leister spear Professor Roe Page 6 of 7 MidT erm Exam 7 Study Guide 095 Ulu knife Netsilik belief in the supernatural Netsilik adult games Professor Roe Page 7 of 7 MidT erm Exam 7 Study Guide 095


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