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by: Tatyana Bartell


Marketplace > University of Delaware > Communication > COMM200 > HumanCommunicationSystemsPOLITICSANDPOPULARCULTURE
Tatyana Bartell
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Tatyana Bartell on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to COMM200 at University of Delaware taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/207171/comm200-university-of-delaware in Communication at University of Delaware.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Comm 200 Politics and Pop culture Study Guide for Exam 1 Exam 1 Oct 15 2009 Thursday Van Zoonen Ch 1 Scientists and philosophers perspective on the connection between entertainment and politics Nostalgic yearning Van Zoonen s Propositions about the implications of entertainment and citizenship Politics what is it Politics according to Bourdieu What does this mean the political field in fact produces an effect of censorship by limiting the universe range and scope of political discourse conversation Ivory Tower phenomenon Breaking down the elite and isolating nature of political discourse 0 Popular antipolitical attitudes 0 Women s movement of 1960s 0 Movements bring private sphere issues into the public sphere Looking at elite versus popular discourse know why we discussed these 0 Ben folds song Brick on abortion issue 0 Kanye West Roses on access to good medical care in the US What does it mean to say that Citizenship is Fluid Problems inherent in separating entertainment from information The culture scholars v the social scientists Entertainment v Popular Culture how do different disciplines treat these differently What are the key assumptions that vary from one discipline to the next Dwight Macdonald Popular V Mass Culture he is critical of the potential of popular culture Why Stuart Hall Deconstructing the Popular 39Culture as a way of life 39Encoding and Decoding 39How does Hall envision the audience As dupes As active resistors In between Television Malaise Theory Today s model Good Citizen Informed Citizen Schudson Politics as cultural practice 0 Fluidity of concepts like citizenship 0 Example 1800s Party system in Us 0 Role of the mugwumps and progressives 0 Australian ballot why was it important Jackson What is political socialization o What are agents of political socialization o Jackson s methods 0 Correlation versus Causality 0 Correlation 0 Temporal order 0 No third variables no other variable responsible for both the cause and the effect Theoretical Context for Media Effects Classica1 Conditioning oUnderstand what an unconditioned stimulus and unconditioned response are oUnderstand what a CONDITIONED stimulus and response are oHow does it work Social Learning Theory What predicts behavior oDesensitization violence oHow does it work oHow is it related to classical conditioning Cu1tivation oMain effects of cultivation theory Schema theory Relationship to stereotypes Cognitive theories oPriming oFraming oAgenda setting PUTNAM Bowling Alone Social Capital 0 Social networks 0 Social trust 0 Social norms Why Social Capital Matters Putnam s study of 15 Italian regional governments American Social Capital Surveys indicate drops in trust Putnam s list of suspects responsible for declines in social capital Why is he able to rule each of these suspects out The Case against TV what evidence does Putnam provide to make his case CounterArguments critical of Putnam s claims Unsettled Questions Markus Prior News V Entertainment How increasing media choice widens gaps in political knowledge and turnout Current transformation in the media environment compared to 2030 years ago Fragmented audiences Polarization 7 the traditional de nition AND what kind of polarization Prior thinks is even MORE dangerous that that Knowledge Gap Hypothesis How Sesame Street illustrates the knowledge gap hypothesis Prior s theory Content preferences LOP least objectionable programming Accidental exposure 7 what is it and what happens to it in a highmedia choice environment Measuring content preferences Patterns in political knowledge and participation in low and high media choice environments What happens to political knowledge and participation in a high media choice environment They are more strongly related to content preferences But in what way Unsettled questions related to Prior s research Van Zoonen Chapter 4 Connections The Fan Democracy How does fandom in the context of TV relate to citizenship Daniel Dayan s perspective 2001 VZ s three Analogies comparing fan communities to civic life In what ways are constituencies like audiences Spectator democracy Affective intelligence Fear of an emotional citizenry among whom Why Role of emotion in rational thought processes how might emotion actually be rational Overall thoughts on Entertainment and political citizenship Kanye Swift example from the 2009 Video music awards how does it speak to ideas and arguments from Van Zoonen Jones Ch 2 How are TV narratives involved in the construction of political meaning making Citizenship as textual what does this mean Jones says Putnam has unrealistic expectations Why Citizens As bricoleurs tinkerers dabblers 7 what does this mean Citizens discussions with at and using TV Television fiction common sense and narrative how are these related How information and entertainment might work together to ignite the citizenry according to Jones Lazarsfeld amp Melton summarized read and discussed in class Narcotizing Dysfunction El What is it El How does it work El How does this theory cause a problem for Jones and Van Zoonen El How does this theory speak to themes from Postman NEIL POSTMAN This book is about the possibility that Huxley not Orwell was righ what does this mean How were Huxley and Orwell s premonitions different How is Huxley s perspective related to our class Great Symbol of postmodem America what is it and why Decalogue s 2quotd Commandment what is it and why does postman talk about it Clock as a metaphor Eyeglasses as a metaphor Media as Epistemology Truth is linked to the biases of the form of expression what does this mean He says Not all modes of discourse are created equal Typographic America Early American Colonies Conversation imitated linear structure of printed word The Typographic Mind 1858 Lincoln Douglas Debates why does postman talk about them What s his argument here What are some aws in it Preeminent role of the printed word in religion law and adverstising Postman Text encourages what kind of thought why Print culture and Age of Reason in America coincide why similar to item above The Peek a Boo World Technologies and their importance The Telegraph Wire Services Thoreau s quote on the invention of the telegraph Postman s take on how these technologies foster irrelevance impotence and incoherence Contextfree information what is it and what s the danger according to Postman Information as a commodity a thing an end in itself Neighborhood of strangers Photography why does Postman discuss it and why is it important Peekaboo world MORE TO COME WHATEVER WE GET TO IN CLASS BY THE END OF CLASS THURSDAY OCTOBER 8TH WILL BE ON EXAM 1


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