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HMGT 3200 Exam 2 Review

by: Kiera Howard

HMGT 3200 Exam 2 Review HMGT 3200

Marketplace > East Carolina University > Hospitality > HMGT 3200 > HMGT 3200 Exam 2 Review
Kiera Howard
GPA 3.95

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About this Document

Chapters 11-20
Dr. Edgell
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kiera Howard on Monday March 14, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HMGT 3200 at East Carolina University taught by Dr. Edgell in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 201 views. For similar materials see Tourism in Hospitality at East Carolina University.

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Date Created: 03/14/16
Exam 2 40 t/f 20 m/c 60 pts Chapters 11-20 And 4 handouts First three pages of paper due cover, contents, and intro Economic importance of tourism handout of U.S./China tourism agreement 10 important world tourism issues for 2016 10 p’s for tourism marketing Review • Tourism security and crime: people want to feel secure when they travel • Fastest growing market for travel and tourism is the senior market • Barriers to travel: cost is usually number one, time, health, education, • Seasonality: most difficult problem in tourism • Trend analysis: going back in time tracing what has happened o Forecasting: arrival data, how long do people stay (overnight), how much is spent • Executive judgment Delphi method: trend analysis needs to be balanced with executive judgment • For estimating tourism demand, then a combination of analysis is believed to produce the most reliable demand estimates in any given situation • Importance of tourism with respect to jobs; it’s the number one resource for jobs in some countries • Regulations, rules, guidelines, directives, and strategies if tourism policy (big picture in the future) • Significant effects that tourism has: passports and visas, taxes • Bilateral air agreements about where you can fly internationally • Big picture long term policies on using critical limited resources • Tourism & planning: seeks to provide a detailed outline as to how each of the factors affecting the success is developed • Planning is looking at the details within the next years while policy is on a bigger scale • Policy is creating intellectual exercise, planning is practical • Policy has vision, planning is shorter time horizon • Goals of tourism planning and development include creating a plan • UNTWO working hard on tourism and the environment • Sustainable tourism • Aims of sustainable tourism: look at them • Climate change is something we need to know more about • Focus groups: government does research, educational institutions, consultants, trade associations • TTRA: travel and tourism research association o Key organization that is the best research organization in the world • Marketing: Organization function and processes that communicates and delivers value to customers • AMA: American marketing association • Marketing mix • Branding is important we should always have a brand to distinguish us from other products • Quality is important because it will create return customers • Price is the most important p of marketing • E-commerce tools, importance of internet and social media • Marketing plan: there has to be one • Chapter 20: tourisms future • Space tourism is going to happen, it slowed down • What is likely to happen to tourism in the future: increase, decrease, or stay the same o Answer: increase


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