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Philosophy Study Guide

by: Destini Preisler

Philosophy Study Guide 23337

Marketplace > Hofstra University > 23337 > Philosophy Study Guide
Destini Preisler
Hofstra University
GPA 2.75
Life, meaning & philosophy
Mark McEvoy

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About this Document

Study Guide on Sartre, Russell, Holbach, and Lamont Notes
Life, meaning & philosophy
Mark McEvoy
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Destini Preisler on Monday March 14, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 23337 at Hofstra University taught by Mark McEvoy in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 32 views.


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Date Created: 03/14/16
Philosophy Study Guide Libertarian believer in free will Corliss Lamont What is the Argument against determinism for free will 0 The determinist has the burden of proof It is up to them to make their case Determinist say that their deep feelings on being free to make a decision is an illusion quotthe intuition of free choice does not of course in itself prove that such freedom exists but that intuition is so strong that the burden of proof is on the determinists to show that it is based on an illusion The feeling of free choice does not prove that free will exists and determinists have to prove themselves in their claim 0 Determinism is false because everything that happens is not predetermined and there are chance events Contingency is the intersection of mutually independent event streams Event can be by chance and not determined like an iceberg in the water that the Titanic hit 0 Reductio Ad Absurdum shows that a view leads to clearly falseabsurd results and so itself is false 0 Potentiality is fake and when people are considering their options they are only play acting since everything is predetermined 0 If everything is predetermined then people know they are going to commit a crime Therefore in a court of law someone who is mentally insane still needs to get the same consequences as a mentally sane person since it was predetermined from birth that you will commit that crime Determinists claim that people have to be all nice and treat things right and always tell the truth 0 Determinist view Everything that has ever happened was predetermined 5000000000 years ago Determinists Arguments against Lamont 0 God made the world with predetermined causes and effects He knew that the Titanic would happen 0 Big Bang has a line of contingency connecting to everything and therefore are there really independent events 0 Ice Age has a contingency line connecting to the iceberg that connects to ships that sail through hem which connect to the Titanic Sartre Arguments 1 Why does Sartre discuss Abraham 2 Why does Sartre find it distressing that God does not exist 3 What does Sartre mean by the phrase quotcondemned to be free 1 quotAm I really the kind of man who has the right to act in such a way that humanity might guide itself by my actions In other words who is he to decide that quotGodquot is talking to him and ordering him to do things that is not always morally right Overall point You have the choice to do what you want The choices you make is making an example for others 2 He finds it distressing because then there would be no morals or rights and people could act however they like which could lead to chaos since there is no heaven to behave for and look forward to 3 Men is condemned because they did not ask to be created however once they are they are free to make all of their own choices since their lives are their responsibility Deterministic System 1 Everything that happens happens as a result of its CAUSES 2 Once the cause ofx happens the effect x must happen Determinism all human actions are predetermined by their prior causes there is no genuine free will Questions 1 quotMan is a being purely physical explain the idea in this paragraph 2 quotMan s life is a line that nature commands 3 quotWill is a modification of the brain 4 quotChoice by no means proves free agency Responses 1 Since man is a physical being in the world all of his decisions and morals are quotpurely physical 2 Man lives in nature therefore his decisions are heavily influenced by what goes on around him whether he notices it or not He is also born into nature without consent and often have to do things through nature without consent There are no real choices only what is presented to man 3 Will is a modification of the brain is the fact that we have choices but not the right to make free choices 4 The brain takes in what it has seen and experienced and forms opinions on things from those experiences Therefore man no longer is making a willing choice he is making a choice based on what he has been affected by and will choose the way he already knows that was influenced on him from an outside source We are not aware that we do not have actual free will since we cannot see the pre determining causes around us only possibly in our subconscious


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