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Humanities Core Quarter 2 Final Study Guide

by: Natalie Handelsman

Humanities Core Quarter 2 Final Study Guide 27700

Marketplace > University of California - Irvine > Arts and Humanities > 27700 > Humanities Core Quarter 2 Final Study Guide
Natalie Handelsman
Humanities Core Lecture B

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About this Document

A compilation of terms, concepts, books, movies, ideologies, etc. that you need to know for the final exam. It also has possible essay questions and text analysis.
Humanities Core Lecture B
Study Guide
humanities core, final, Quarter 2, Waiting for the Barbarians, Billy Lynn, slavery, Frederick Douglass, Thomas Nast, Winslow Homer, Walt Whitman, Dershowitz, Scarry
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Natalie Handelsman on Monday March 14, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 27700 at University of California - Irvine taught by BURKE, C.; LAZO, R. in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Humanities Core Lecture B in Arts and Humanities at University of California - Irvine.

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Date Created: 03/14/16
Humanities Core Quarter 2 Final Exam Review Guide Week 1 Race and War Historical Contingency Idea that historical events are dependent or contingent on multiple choices that shape when how and why an event occurs The ways culture history and environment shape human character beliefs and values at specific moments in time the opposite of inevitability Metaphorical War war of words ideologies ideas Not necessarily physical in nature ex Douglass writing his book Cultural History Radical Abolitionism Garrison Moral high ground will not stand with slavery no compliance Problem with this is they want to break from the south as opposed to abolishing slavery William Lloyd Garrison Believed slavery should be stopped all at once It was an urgent cause This was a radical idea because 1 Anticlericism gt criticism of corrupt protestant churches Garrison amphis followers wouldn39t wear cotton to protest slavery No union between south and north No one should vote on because constitution is corrupt Immediate removal of slavery 9593 Fugitive Slave Act Article 4 section 2 of constitution required the return of runaway slaves Was the heart and soul of antislavery movement War Within a War ex North vs south slave owners vs slave Contrabands Slaves that ed to the North were termed contrabands because the North claimed to be a new nation which means the federal law in the south that slaves could be caught and returned back to their masters didn t apply anymore The term still coins slaves as property a lot of racism was still in the North Frederick Douglass In relation to Garrison is more pragmaticpractical The Narrative published in the 1840s When Douglass went to England in 1847 and had friends who brought his freedom Left garrison and his ideals to make his own newspaper and have different ideas violence is sometimes ok NO separation of north and south constitution is ok ManhoodMasculinity men39s role in the war was to enlist Douglass s ght with Covey The turning point in Douglass39s life and the climax of the narrative quotYou have seen how a man was made a slave you shall see how a slave was made a man Underground Railroad must operate in secrecy logical retribution Douglass s Civil War Writings and rhetoric When the war started Douglass started to write pieces that encouraged African Americans to join the war and fight for their freedom Silences in historical narratives Forbes image Douglass Alcott Douglass39s escape his lovelife and the role of women The Forbes image kept out the African American female contraband who was leading the contrabands Week Two War as a Crisis of Meaning Thomas Nast Images Harper s Weekly Louisa May Alcott middle class white northerner nurse Washington area paradox women in male rolewar sphere john39s death quota good deat quot he didn t get to die this way so she tries to fill the female role that he could have wanted writing letters home etc Hospital Sketches Sentimental Domesticity Celebrated the importance of the home Described a new set of roles men going to offices and women staying a t home New capitalist work world which was harshcold and the home was a refuge from that Women were seen as the heart of the home Civil War Photographs A Good Death Being able to communicate quotlast wordquot having loved ones at one39s beside having a chaplain help in a final reconciliation with God dying at home Gettysburg Address One of the best known speeches in American history given by president Abraham Lincoln Walt Whitman 18191892 Poet already a famous writer by the start of the war Used to visit the wounded in hospitals and would ask the men what they wanted and bring it to them He believed the nation39s core of patriotism wasn39t on the battlefield but in the hospital Emily Dickinson 18301886 Poet the war produces a dark tone from her She experimented with syntax discontinuity and structure Half of all of her poems were written during the civil war sometimes 4 a week Winslow Homer 18361910 The best imagerartist of the war Hoped to make money off of the war making paintings artistry quotbaseball cardsquot Sharp shooting where shooters fire from in trees were very controversial because it was seen as immoral murder war Primary and Secondary Sources Weellt Three Remembering War White Supremacy memory of the civil war was the attempt to resurrect white supremacy Degrees of Freedom Labor contracts black codes laws 1867 voting by black men emerged Black Codes continue to quotenslavequot blacks Ku Klux Klan Was politically focused to destroy the alliance of blacks and whites Targeted racism 1871 congress passed an anticlan law Thomas Nast s Pardon pardon Columbia quotshall I trust these men Harpers Weekly Birth of a Nation 1915 Reconstruction Politics of Race Robert Elliot of Southern California black leader around 400 blacks served in office during reconstruction but there was still a lot of white pushback Disney s Song of the South The Lost Cause That the civil war might have been a mistake That the South39s cause was actually right PublicPopular Memory amp History Weellt Four Dissent PublicPrivate History Memory public collective popular national involves active rituals and landscapes of remembrance It also involves active processes of forgetting Ned Fahs Fah39s and Robert Duncan had a sort lived affair they exemplify the 20th century gay male during the war Duncan was a pacifist completely against war Hitler the US capitalism Fah39s mother attempted to commit suicide and because Ned was single she was sent to him and Ned couldn39t feel he could keep his relationship with Duncan Duncan decided he would be open about his homosexuality because he believed it could help open the discussion on sexuality Robert Duncan Passage Over Water Dirty War recently have been used to describe drone strikes Torture Definition the in iction of severe bodily pain as punishment or a means of persuasion spec judicial torture in icted by a judicial or quasijudicial authority for the purpose of forcing an accused or suspected person to confess or an unwilling witness to give evidence or information Oxford dictionary UN Convention Against Torture Grand Theft Auto 5 a form of torturetainment the combination of entertainment and torture either in its legal definition or a more general sense of in iction pain Often is deployed to drive a plot such as the placing of a protagonist in a dangerous situation It can be used to create horror andor repulsion Sometimes it is linked to commentary on social or political conditions Normalization of Torture Gonzales MemoT he Torture Memos counsel to president bush and later US Attorney General The new war calls for obtaining quotinformation from captured terrorists and their sponsors in order to avoid further atrocities against American civiliansquot 176 quotThe war against terrorism is a new kind of war It is not the traditional clash between nations adhering to the laws of war quot 176 Dershowitz and torture warrants situational quotconsequentialistquot it depends Scarry 5 Errors absolutistlquotdeontologicalquot never okay Ticking Bomb Scenario the hypothetical situation that Dershowitz uses to debate the ethics of whether torture can be justified Week Five Torture Said s Orientalism quotOrientalismquot is a 1978 book written by Edward Said It39s an analysis on the cultural representation that depicts the people of quotthe eastquot by societies of the west The Depositions quotthey stripped me of all my clothes even my underwearquot Kasim Mehaddi Hilas 168 quotAnd after that they order me to sleep on my stomach and they ordered the other guy to sleep on top of me in the same position and the same way to all of usquot Hidar Sabar Abed Miktub Al Aboodi 171 Constructing the Terrorist Racial Construction Enemy Combatants Any member of the armed forces of a state with which another state is at war also any person in an armed con ict including terrorism who could be properly detained under the laws and customs of war Guantanamo Bay Abu Ghraib A prison in Iraq that was used during the war in Iraq beginning in march 2003 where the US army committed human rights violations against detainees physical and sexual abuse torture rape and murder ArgumentCounterargument Opinion Pieces OpEds Scarry Three Simultaneous Phenomena in the Structure of Torture Three steps in torture 1 The in iction of pain 2 The objectification of the subjective attributes of pain 3 The translation of the objectified attributes of pain into the insignia of power Objectification of Pain The objectified pain is translated into quotthe insignia of powerquot Sexuality as instrument of Torture Scarry includes quotsexualityquot among the insignia of power Coetzee Waiting for the Barbarians Setting Is it in South Africa Coetzee lived there until he moved to Australia in 2002 When the novel was published South Africa was still under apartheid rule Apartheid quotthe state of being apartquot was enforced legal racial segregation Coetzee concerned about authoritarian rule and misrepresentation of blacks Colonel J 011 and the Magistrate Narrator functionary of the empire aging man Barbarians Blindness quotIt is not merely that his power makes him blind nor that his power is accompanied by blindness nor even that his power requires blindness it is instead quite simply that his blindness his willed amorality is his power or a large part of itquot 119 RaceCitizenshipNation Relationship Empire Language and Torture Different languages translation barrier Language ha the capacity to reveal truth Language amp truth the magistrate as a changingaging figure gender amp inequality sexual desire inability to write relationship to author amp readers Difficulty of interpretation inability to make sense of changing empire amp his role in it unable to interpret the young women Elements of pain in torture Aversive a negation of the body Con ates private and public Obliterates consciousness annihilation of thought and emotion Ability to destroy language Complicity Weellts 67 Dirtv WarsArgentina The Disappeared People abducted and taken into state custody and never seen again by relatives The word quotdisappearedquot changes from a voluntary choice to an act of the state a transitive verb to disappear someone Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo The argentine mothers whose children were quotdisappearedquot Risked their lives in a grassroots political act Inspired other groups Gained international attention for the plight of the disappeared through Latin America White Scarves worn as a sign of peace and mother39s love The Of cial Story Film is concerned with the relationship of history story and memory Global Capitalist System The Shock Doctrine and torture as a metaphor for free market logic Business and War Weellt 8 The Cold War and The Manchurian Candidate Cold War as Total War quotIt may be doubted whether 39war39 is the correct word to describe the threat of mutual annihilation that prevailed during the 39cold war39quot Michael Howard quotA world at Total Warquot quotThe cold war arrived at the midpoint of the twentieth century39s communications revolution The earliest and most dangerous years of the cold war happened just as radio press and film media were reaching maturity coinciding with the advent of television and the expansion of the public relations and advertising professionsquot Kenneth Osgood quotTotal Cold Warquot Theater of War Carl Von Clausewitz quotOn Warquot 1832 quotThe Total Warquot Edmund Burke 1789 A war between peoples rather than simply between armies World War II totality war wasn39t contained to a certain quottheaterquot Mediation Recall Professor Newman39s Lectures history is not quotimmediatequot to us It is rather quotmediatedquot filtered through a particular medium and from a particular point of view Joseph McCarthy The red scare anticommunism HUAC The Manchurian Candidate novel and film Darkly satirical always keep in mind where the camera puts you camera is a character itself Garden Club Scene The men are on a stage They are being watched by a female audience They are objects not subjects Transpositions Marco39s sequence an integrated platoon sits on stage male and female soviets and Chinese become white women dressed formally Allen Melvin39s sequence the same platoon sits on stage male and female soviets and Chinese become black women The dreams rewrite racial and national difference latent context as sexual and gender difference manifest context they confuse quotorientalistquot and misogynist fears Press Conference Scene Brainwashing Richard Condon insisted that The Manchurian Candidate was about an quotall American brainwashingquot that had nothing to do with Red China Americans invented quotwords such as communism and fascismquot to distract themselves from homegrown realities quotI am suspiciousquot he said quotof the term 39free will39quot In fact he claims to have written The Manchurian Candidate because he quothad been conditioned to do so by successful merchandisingquot Ideology The Male Gaze Laura Mulvey argues that film allows male subjects to exert their mastery over female objects quotThe male gaze projects its fantasy upon the female figurequot who becomes simultaneously idealized and immobilized Women are to be looked at and put on display The camera is an extension of the male gaze Momism Generation of Vipers Written by Philip Wylie and published in 1942 quotGeneration of Vipersquot was a best seller In 1950 the American library association named it one of the most in uential books of the first half of the century According to Wylie America was quota matriarchy in fact if not in declarationquot in which oppressive mothers raised boys who would turn out to be bad soldiers quotI give you mom I give you the destroying motherquot Sinophilia A person who demonstrates a strong interest and love for Chinese culture or its people Week 9 Homeland and Representations of Terror in Post911 World Media Convergence Homeland and Construction of Terrorist 1989 the fall of the Berlin Wall December 25 1991 soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev declares an end to the Soviet Union old war over September 11 2001 AlQaida launches four attacks on targets in New York and Washington DC The start on the war on terror Brainwashing Brody vs Shaw Fox Brand Rupert Murdoch39s Fox Network is among the US media giants accused of tapering it39s war coverage to curry favor with Michael Powell the George Bush appointed chair man of America39s media regulator 24 and Jack Bauer torture Carrie and Brody character s duplicity Carrie quotembodies the ugliest stereotypes about women in the workplace that they39re hysterical brittle rude entitled inefficient and governed by emotions rather than logic Instead of earning her promotions Carrie either fails her way up the CIA ladder or threatens people into giving her what she wants Enemy Within Week 10 Sports and War amp Billy Lynn s Long Halftime Walk Thussu War as Infotainment Reality Hunger Lean BackLean Forward Billy as Avatar Surrogate bodies and Vicarious experience quoteither we fight them over there or we fight them over here that39s the way most Americans see itquot 88 Billy is a bridge between over there and over here for the Texans at the super bowl He is also our avatar quotpart of being a soldier is accepting that your body does not belong to youquot 206 Sports Nationalism American sports often times sold as a form of war Ancient Greek word quotaethlosquot means the fight of warriors amp contest of athletes Sports as a substitute for war or as preparation for it Militainment military in the entertainment ex Extreme sports Defense department paid millions to prosports teams to advertise patriotic amp quotheartwarmingquot tributes at games Ball metaphor Disembodiment Autonomous Art Immediacy vs Mediation quotWhile a medium is often depicted as a window onto a vision or an experience immediacy is the absence of that window is instead the presence of the viewer within the vision or experience itself quot Ariana Weisel Median agency or action as intermediary the state or fact of serving a an intermediate agent as means of action or a medium of transmission instrumentality Immediate Speech and Free Indirect Speech Immediate speech you are placed in the characters mind You are in the thought of the main character Free indirect speech narrator takes on the speech of the character and the two instances are then merged in immediate speech the narrator is obliterated and the character substitutes for him PTSD Posttraumatic stress disorder Many soldiers will experience this after returning from war which can cause serious mental problems War and Hollywood Real Fake Fox news Footage is so real it looks fake 289 We always get a representation of the event not the event itself Public reception of soldiers Socioeconomic statusClass The space of money is the space of media Idea of map amp territory Territory as the event amp map as the mediation of it how we understand or view it Word PoemsCascades Passages to Prepare for Passage Analysis Passage will come from these pages You may be given a choice of two one from each text Waiting for the Barbarians p 3031 p 7071 p 1 15119 Billv Lvnn s Long Halftime Walk p 3839 p 53 p 235 p 288289 Possible Long Essav Questions The Wording of questions may be slightly altered You will be given a choice of two Remember to use as specific concrete examples as you can 1 Complicitv and Dissent Many of the texts we have read this quarter express dissent with war while also exposing the various ways in which groups of people may be complicit in the acts of war including the support of slavery national or domestic defense dirty war tactics torture by consuming media or war as infotainment or even by participating in larger globalcapitalist systems that promote war efforts Choose three texts from at least two different units slavery dirty wars mediating war and explore the themes of dissent and complicity within them Are there distinctions to be made between ignorance complacency and complicity Where does culpability or responsibility reside in the texts 2 Gender and War Waging war has historically been intimately linked with ideas of manliness Choose three of the following texts and explore the relationship between masculinity and war within them Frederick Douglass s writings Louisa May Alcott s Hospital Sketches Coetzee s Waiting for the Barbarians The O icial Story The Manchurian Candidate Homeland and Fountain s Billy Lynn s Long Halftime Walk How might notions of femininity sentimental domesticity or sexuality support or complicate this relationship 3 Narrating the Body in Pain Many of the texts we have read this quarter centralize the body in pain to borrow from Elaine Scarry These texts also grapple with the difficulty in describing or narrating the physical andor psychological pain that war in icts upon its subjects Choose three texts from at least two different units slavery dirty wars mediating war that attempt to represent the body in pain and analyze what is at stake in these various representations What do they tell us about the failure of language to adequately describe bodily or mental suffering What does it mean to consume these representations not simply as normalized entertainment spectacle or the honoring of traumatic experience but with the belief that the depictions grant us some sort of immediacy presentness or embodiment in that which is depicted 10


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