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Midterm Review Part 2

by: Isabella Morles

Midterm Review Part 2 PSY2012

Marketplace > University of Florida > Psychlogy > PSY2012 > Midterm Review Part 2
Isabella Morles
General Psychology
Professor Kimberly Smith

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About this Document

Today's review
General Psychology
Professor Kimberly Smith
Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Isabella Morles on Monday March 14, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to PSY2012 at University of Florida taught by Professor Kimberly Smith in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see General Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Florida.


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Date Created: 03/14/16
Availability heuristic vs representative heuristic Heuristic is a short cut to remember however we can oversimplify things Availability is calling to mind specific examples that come up readily Personal example Representative is stereotyping relies on your idea of how a person should act Representative heuristic we forget to take the base rate into account how common a behavior is in general More likely to be a physics major even if she is into Asian culture programs dances from China and bilingual in English and Chinese Hindsight bias what you should have done planned out something plan out a football game at the end of the game Classical conditioning Barbie kisses ken his heart rate goes up she snaps when they kiss now when he hears a snap his heart rate elevates ch kiss Ucr heart rate increase Cs snap Cr heart rate increase What is the time period of a month known as Acquisition time to develop conditioners response For more effective conditioning when should she snap her fingers Right before the kiss before ucs Claps before snaps fingers His heart rate increases to clap now Higher order conditioning stimulus generalization His heart rate doesn39t rise as much with clapping Stimulus discrimination Heart stops racing with snapping extinction After months of his heart not responding to snapping he hears someone snap their fingers and his heart rate increases spontaneous recovery Part part of nervous system is responding autonomic nervous system Every time ken takes out the trash when asked Barbie kisses him operant conditioning Positive reinforcement give kiss and increase target behavior of trash being taken out When he takes out the trash she doesn39t make him set the table What type of operant conditioning negative reinforcement Loud music she glares and he plays his music lower positive punishment she glares and reduces behavior Loud music and no kiss for the whole day negative punishment What part of nervous system is in charge of response Involuntary Level of analysis Lydia studies the vocal tone and hand gestures of politicians speeches What level is she studying Extra linguist Lydia studies grammatical construction and sentences syntax Lydia studies how many words with positive and negative connotations are in politicians speeches morphines specific words Lydia is studying how the politician pronounces her quotthquot and quotfquot sounds phenomes individual sounds Baby Abigail is learning to communicate she talks through random phonemes babble She uses the word car to mean a variety of thingsme end when she wants to go to the car one word phrase She uses the word juice to mean apple juice in the fridge but when her friend is drinking apple juice she doesn39t use the word juice under extending Henry has epilepsy he always drives the same route to work One day it seems foreign to him opposite of d ja vu jamais vu One day he takes a new route he thinks he went before d ja vu Brad drives with friends to Perkins in a brand new city Perkins sign has the quotk quotletter burnt out but they can still identify it top down processing Steven is an avid gator basketball fan he can recall all of the player names their stars and hometowns but he can39t remember anniversary date paradox of memory remember complex things Julia walks into bros room and it smells bad after a bit it is too strong and she leaves but the smell did not bother her as much as when she walked in sensitization smell grows stronger After a bit she doesn39t notice the smell anymore habituation Sara is trying to identify which Pennie is real What may account for her failure to identify it Encoding failure we do not encode every detail Sarah39s classmates are introducing themselves she can39t remember the name of the person before her next in line effect She remembers the name of the first person but no one after primacy effect remember first things in effect Recently effect she remembers the name of the last person who introduces himself but not the people before him Sara is trying to remember the citric acid cycle cisaconitate isocitrate and alphak she remembers CIA What is this mnemonics How is a mnemonic an sample of an internal device Use it to be encoding it so we can be able to retrieve info later Sara needs to remember errands in order groceries bank finish homework She uses peg word method Buns in bakery Running to bank in her shoes Doing homework under a tree Sara is trying to remember brain parts she uses her kitchen a location she knows well fridge is Cortex milk in the fridge is frontal lobe Apple is partial lobe method of loci Basal ganglia controls movement she remembers gangalia sounds like dangling and imagines a puppet dangling and its controlling its movement keyword Lacey is taking the bus she has an organized method to wait at the stop show her ID sit and exit the bus schema Why are they helpful Help with top down processing based on previous experience allow us to interpret new info Negatives on rely on schemas oversimplification Wendy knows how to paint with acyclic colors well she starts to learn oil pastels but now she has problem with acrylics reactive Now her acrylics interfere with oil pastels proactive Creoptonisia you come up with something when you forgot where it came from friend tells a joke and you steal it later forgetting he said it Jeremy is a social pragmatic only learn language when u hear a sound and u identify it with a specific object Lydia is a nativist born with it Madison is cognitivism variety of skills to learn language apply skmstolanguage 1 Vll l Ryan believes language gently shapes thinking but doesn39t outright define it linguistic relativity Linguistic determinism language and thinking do go together Ashly finds a software claiming to improve reading speed Should she buy it Noooo doesn39t help you remember anything clennil39vi39 is 1 vm39minus l ll l39 Shh shuns words on 1 High is listii utl units and ions Jennifer whoe word not break tho word down into inrlivitluzil recognition letter 39nmpnncnls Whnl i li l v Iz39 HIH39 J k h employing ac 39 p IC decomposntion lele39 is ll ll39lllllf in Hunt Hi f 39l li39i39 suggvslml lhnl willn ill minig ul39o In Llllltlllllllill vin39il lit lmillrl lr t39rm39l l lli39l ii and ll39V in miml Hill nuh lliill39quotllill ll li lll39l39 y t H ulr it ll39illllll l39 lill vlmlr xxm39ll v lam llllr 3 is this A Strop test yellow is written in black we can39t not read what we see Colors are mixed up red black blueyellow name color Bob created a long complex sentence he believes no one has ever constructed this sentence in this way before What property of language does this show generative Lucy is asleep she experiences bizarre images Her limbs feel as if she is falling someone brushes past her and she suddenly wakes up She is unsure if she was sleeping stage one of sleep mynolcomic jerks feeling of falling Gordon Helicon that he gets tired around llw same time every day This is most likely due in his a Circadian rhythm In addition to this he Melatonin imiicon Hint li39im39 dark the hormone Acetocolin incrunnm ti iquotili3i with lilH urge in sleep Also Hm noumlmnnmniiivr 7 in rolonnnd Paradox brain is active and our body is paralyzed 239 z D u ir iim Which of the following is true 1 l B van is a young child experiencing n ht terrors They occur during his REM 319 and vivid dreaming 1 sleepther C Daina is a somnamhulist She ams 0mm dreams and it is perfectly safe to wa kc her D Lynn consistently takes 1520 minutes to fall asleep each night She has insomnia 0Qquot A NQ a Sleep apnea Freud39s dream protection theory Activation synthesis Variable ratio is best do not reinforce in a pattern every five times or every time fruit and coca beans fall under because they contain chemicals similar to those found naturally in our brain and alter our consciousness i V What category do tea leaves fermented i Psychoactive drugs ater our consciousness mnnzmdzlunmnnlmthh139v1hcs1mc hoight 11ml 39L i11391 1lt hath 11139 L X11L39t 1 39 l39nlth mkrlt thuiH h139w11whlghw luml 1k39k3hl 111k 111H 39iHIht 39lV hhk Ihk mim The women has more fat and less water harder to dilute the alcohol


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