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by: Dorothea Bode

Precalculus MA 15900

Dorothea Bode
GPA 3.97


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Dorothea Bode on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MA 15900 at Purdue University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/208135/ma-15900-purdue-university in Mathematics (M) at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
PU RDU E UNIVERSITY STUDY GUIDE FOR COLLEGE ALGEBRA AND TRIGONOMETRY MA 159 For Students Who Plan To Obtain Credit In MA 159 By Exai39nii39iatioi39i This Study Guide describes briefly the topics to be mastered prior to attempting the glx39dl39nillatioll in Algebra and Trigonometry The i39naterial can be studied from many of the books on the market Books with Algebra and Trigoi39ioi39matry in the title or separate books for Algebra and Trigoi39ioi39matry will do All of the topics listed are found in the text Algebra and Trigoi39ioi netry with Analytic Geoi39netry Classic 10th Edition By Earl W Swokowski and Jeffery A Cole BrooksCole Publishing Co 2003 IMPORTANT 1 If you plan to establish credit by xa1 ni1 1atio1 1 read this i39naterial thoroughly 2 Study all of the i39naterial listed in the outlii ie 3 Work many practice problei39ns 4 VVl iei i you feel you are prepared for it take the sample glx39dl39nillatioll 5 When you believe your preparation to be coi39npleted go to your acachnnic advisor obtain a credit exam request form and follow the instructions given tl39iereii i 6 A scientific calculator is required Wl iei i you take the exam single line display non prograi39ni39nable non graphing The topics to be studied prior to attei39npting the sample exai nii iatioi i are broken down under several headii igs according to those found in the text currently at use at Purdue FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS OF ALGEBRA real numbers coordinate lin tegral xpo13911 1ts radicals rational xpo13911 1ts polyi39ioi39nials and algebraic expressioi39is factorii39ig fractioi39ial expressioi39is es in EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES lii iear equatioi is quadratic equatioi39is miscel lai ieous equatioi39is variation equatioi39is inequalities applicatioi39is FUNCTIONS coordinate systems in two di1 nnsions properties of fui39ictions graphs linear fui39ictions coi39npositioi39i of fui39ictions ii39iverse fui39ictions POLYNOMIAL FUNCTIONS RATIONAL FUNCTIONS operatioi39is on polyi39ioi39nials and rational fui39ictions quadratic fui39ictions polyi ioi nial fui39ictioi is of degre greater than 2 rational fui39ictions graphs EXPONENTIAL AND LOGARITHMIC FUNCTIONS ritl39n39nic fui39ictions properties of logaritl39n39ns and xpo13911 1ts xpo1 11 1tial and logaritl n nic lXpOl lel ltial functions loga equatioi39is SYSTEMS OF EQUATIONS systems of equatioi is systei39ns of lii iear equatioi39is in two variables and in more than two variables THE TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS the trigoi39ioi39netric functions angles in radi ans and leg trigoi39ioi39netric functions of angles values of the trigoi39ioi39netric func tions graphs of the trigoi39ioi39netric functions applications involving rigl39it triangles ANALYTIC TRIGONOMETRY tl ie f111 1da1 n1 1tal idei itities trigoi39ioi39netric identities trigoi39ioi39netric equatioi39is multiple angle fori39nulas COMPLEX NUMBERS delii39iition of complex 1391111 nlrs operatioi39is on complex num bers complex roots of equatioi39is ADDITIONAL TOPICS polar coordinates A table of fori nulas is incluled with the exam Some sample questioi39is are attacl39ied 1004


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