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224 Test 1

by: Catherine Wells

224 Test 1 MTH 224

Catherine Wells
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Ilie Grigorescu

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About this Document

study guide for test 1
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Ilie Grigorescu
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Catherine Wells on Tuesday March 15, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to MTH 224 at University of Miami taught by Ilie Grigorescu in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Probability and Statistics in Mathematics (M) at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 03/15/16
v T1 Ir Q 3 a h H Hub 1 2nme Ike 391 nmp39untw 439 hit me whuvxn at m 3 quotanypun Nl hurrmhsug nan hum quottWW wtxtgh LEW 5m 39 UK dun a In m nun stun h h Muf n 1 W mun m 39 39 Ya Suamiam M 3 I96 3 um um mm xiii 35 H 339 A 3 39 o c M 7 757 1w H we I m 14 39 0 o quot 3 3 tgou nd 7m W by 31 3 i am mg down m fa 391 M8im 3 Tm 5 valuc39n unimagwrdkumaaffm jjf 0 39 11 New 39usied a er t m dc me 1 393quot dt uban am a cal and run an my urn node ad no mu an Wu 3 an n mum thatquot a u din L39SLTK NM OGY Rvulun 44 as m 095 145 as 294 9 u m 2 30 M 4399 85 as up 91239 M 09 a 9 15 w 339 Leta375 w 3 as 335 329 7 um on Man at 0 mm units an rm bumx nah m Indc1 Satay emu Wan u u m a mum Wan MIN 0 USE va 5339 53 HR I5 5515 NJ new l t 39 lip5 39 It 0539 115539 3639 1394 I I X 7 391 5 In the sample data provrded lmd the average number of cell phone user subscribers and the a era monthly phone hill for the following years What is the median number dsubscribers and the magi 1mm h H quot arrquot Use technology to find the standard deviation for both subscribers and monthly bill a Subscriber AveraqqMonlhlq Year Subscribers Avg Bill 5 7 a 4 1987 12 9683 1 XagvbSJO 1988 21 9802 1 3 v 15 1989 35 893 tMCd Cm W Medlattblsll6 1990 53quot 809 1 l Erquot quot L I I g 1991 376 72574 gSit 23 l X2ls 5z 199 3911 6868 1993 quot3916 6148 MW can nd W W 108 333 33 quot521 39 39 39 39 t 1996 44 477 QYTDW3 down m 119 l m Stats 1997 553 I 4278 The 5 values mimal Wtediay 313ng I 58962 3491 area US VEA water the deviations quot 6 Using the following sample of car daily rental rates nd the mean mode and median rental rate What is the mean and standard deviation of the data USE TECHNOLOGY Rental rates a 6725quot 6 2315 31435 3 3595 HS zq5 quot as 335 znhw 3515 36 26 as 26 235 alps 3975 49quot quot3397quot 495 74 31035 40 6175 3115 32 3 45 9 3 5 3135quot 7 Using the following sample of hourly earnings rates nd the mean mode and median hourly earning What is the mean and standard deviation of the data USE TECHNOLOGY 133 68 H H9 la l 595 H2 lla39L39L39 H55 up 39 llHr lip 539 l6 11539 Fl 5539 HE S39 alali 163539 1 53 39 1610539


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