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Midterm Review

by: Marcelo Paiz

Midterm Review ANTH1102

Marcelo Paiz
GPA 3.86
Intro to Anthropology
Dr. Christian DeFrancisco

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About this Document

Time periods and primate/human classifications
Intro to Anthropology
Dr. Christian DeFrancisco
Study Guide
Anthro, Anthropology, Archaeology
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Marcelo Paiz on Tuesday March 15, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to ANTH1102 at Georgia State University taught by Dr. Christian DeFrancisco in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.


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Date Created: 03/15/16
Review Terms for Midterm Anthro 101 Revised Anthropology in general know the four sub elds Ethnocentrism Cultural Relativism Paradigm Culture Holistic Approach Know these preanthropology gures and theories inasfar as they were discussed in class Montaigne Hobbes Rousseau Locke Bishop Ussher Unnaeus La ma rck Cuvier Catastrophism Hutton Uniformitarianism Darwin Natural Selection Wallace Mendel And these early anthropologists and terms Lewis Henry Morgan EB Tylor Bronislaw Malinowski Participant Observation Ethnography Understand the geological timeline and speci cally the Eocene Oligocene Miocene Pleistocene Holocene Anthropocene Cretaceous Paleogene Extinction plate tectonics Pangea Physical Anthropology Species Know their purported relationship to each other timeline attributes Know the common primate traits and relationship of living primate groups Prosimians Lemurs Loris Tarsiers Anthropoids Plattyrhines New World Monkeys Catarrhines Old World Monkeys Callitrichids examples marmosets tamarinds Cebids including examples such as Howler monkey spider monkey Colobines Cercopithecids error in one slide these are not all old world monkeys only a subgroup like Colobines Hominoids know common traits of apes which famous primatologist studied which Great Apes Fossey Goodall Galdikas Gibbons Siamangs Orangutan Gorilla Chimpanzees Bonobos Primate Ancestors understand timeline for them relation to other species Propliopithecids Aegyptopithecus Proconsul Sivapithecus Dryopithecus Gigantopithecus Hominids Ardipithecus Ramidus Australopithecus Afa rensis Australopithecus Africanus Paranthropus Robustus and Boisei Homo Habilis Homo Erectus Homo Heidelbergensis Homo Neanderthalensis Denisovans Homo Floresiensis Homo Sapiens Sapiens Terms Genotype Phenotype Mitosis Meiosis DNA Chromosomes Variability Genetic recombination Mutation Genetic drift Gene ow Species Speciation Acclimitazation KNOW WHAT THESE THREE RULES MEAN not necessarily their names Bergmann s Rule Allen s Rule Goger s Rule Sickle cell anemia Lactase de ciency Race Ethnic group Dental arcade Terrestriality Sexual dimorphism Bipedalism understand implications evidence for etc Named archeologists to associate with their theories or work last lecture V Gordon Childe Binford and Flannery Mark Cohen Clark Erickson Archeology Terms Artifact Ecofact FossH Feature Lithics Potsherds Phytoliths Coprolites Living oor Midden Hearth Understand these dating techniques Stratigraphy Relative Dating AbsoluteChronometric Dating Carbon 14 dating Potassium Argon Dating Dendrochonology Oldowan Tools Acheulian ToolsHandaxe Mousterian Tools Ice Age Sahul and Beringia Pleistocene Megafauna Vertical Economy Sedentism Broad Spectrum Foraging Neolithic Revolution Composite toos Domestication understand how it manifested in the archeological record BandTribeChiefdomState understand the difference and hierarchy of complexity aso egaitarianrankedstratified Cuneiform Papyrus Bronze understand how it is made and where early evidence comes from ron understand relationship to bronze as explained in class Hydraulic Theory of state formation Multivariate theory of state formation these last two will be covered tuesday Cultures and Sites be able to explain who or what and where and when they arewere occupied Koobi Fora Laetoi Altamira Neander Valley Drachenloch Pinnacle Point Katanda Blombos Cave Lascaux Clovis Culture Natu ans Abu Hureyra Ali Kosh Nabta Playa Je cho Catalhoyuk Shang Dynasty Sumer Harrappan Mohenjo Daro Ghana CahoHa T o huacan Nazca Wari Cuzco


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