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Study Guide

by: Katharine Anthony

Study Guide HIS 104

Katharine Anthony

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About this Document

Study guide of Western Civ
History of Western Civilization 1815-Present
Michael Rosenfeld
Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Katharine Anthony on Tuesday March 15, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HIS 104 at Pace University taught by Michael Rosenfeld in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see History of Western Civilization 1815-Present in History at Pace University.

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Date Created: 03/15/16
What is the Enlightenment o Tried to explain things with reason and rationale and needed validation due to that. Nothing was right just because it's old. o Rejected the argument that authority was because authority was.  The world functioned according to rational principles that the human mind could to discover. Ancien Regime   Enlightenment o Technology -1820 -1830 -1900 -1910 odel T -1920 -1930 o The revolution, both French and American were about these words o In a society that was pretty much based on inequality this is a radical statement. o Women not included 1945 gained right 972 gained right fore could vote o "All" o People wanted change o Bourgeoisie o Existing social institutions were losing credibility 1789-1799 1789 th (1789) o Government is bankrupt so everyone went to go to the meeting o Commoners believe they are going to be forced to leave o They make the Tennis Court Oath (On an actual Tennis Court) 1792 o Thanks to the Hapsburgs in Austria t 1000 years o Attempt to flee to Austria them o Austria invades Queen 16th beheaded o 10 days a week o Months names changed o Political holidays o Year changed s abolished 1795 espierre o Leader o Headed by the Abbe Sieyes r o Says the revolution is over te begins 1802 1811 1815 (Age of) Metternich: 1815-1848 1815-1914: 19th century ( Sort of) A century that begins in revolution and ends in war. o Some places peaceful and some place violently and some places doesn't succeed ( Russia) o Lead by the middle class ( bourgeoisie) ged proletariat/ working class o What they want meritocracy Voting rights urban working class poor o Socialist - wrote the communist manifesto (1848) o Well-propertied o The Church o Military o What they wanted/believed 1861 a. Britain extends right to vote to all males above the age of 21 1871 a. End of Franco- Prussian War b. Final unification of Germany c. Unification of Italy d. Completion of construction of the Suez Canal to leave and if the government violates it than the people can get rid of it. (Liberalism) o Important in the 1950's and 1960's with pre-kindergarten and changing the environment they were in. a rasa o When people are born nothing is written on their late as they live and experience things those are things that are written on their slate. Slate= brain. o Principia Mathematica o Calculus o Social Contract o Image of nationalism o Enlightenment o Revolution o Nationalism o Writing o Visual arts important o Dictatorship o Tries to transform the revolution o Both successful generals (him and Washington) 1700-1815 o Also known as the 7 years war o Was fought in America and Canada o Caused taxes to be raised in America leading to the American Revolution ican Revolution o Fight for American independence o Showed the world that someone could fight against their monarch o Locke ideals were used o Deal brokered between Napoleon and Jefferson o Helped double America o Gave France money o Bloody revolution in France o Disposed of the monarchy o Brought about the bloodiest parts of the French Revolution o Start of the reign of terror o Breaking into a jail in France o National symbol of the French Revolution o Early 1800s o Becomes emperor o Democratic o The start of Romanticism o Self-explanatory o Last loss of Napoleon before he was exiled. o Funded exploration of the American Frontier o Was president of the US o Believed that the government served the people and that the people could get rid of the government gton o First president of the USA o General during the American Revolution o Wrote the Social Contract o Believed in the General Will o Philosophe o Absolutist monarch o Hated the revolution obespierre o Leader of the Reign of Terror o Believed that everyone was either just for or against the revolution o Radical in the French Revolution o Wrote a newspaper o Was murdered by a woman and treated as a martyr. ustrialization with a passion o Like the luddites o Industralizations was scarring the landscape o Slums were being built o Sanitation was poor o Dickens wrote about the evils of industrialization o Austen wrote about romanticism of the old ways Romanticism aren't scientifically based. 1850-1870 e of Materialism o Refers to a completely orientation than romanticism o Archetype of Romanticism is the poet o Archetype of Materialism is the engineer Materialism/Realism the great issues of the day are going to be solved by blood and iron." – Bismarck o Transforms the world o The engine of economic development o The revolutions of 1848 o With the shift towards materialism and realism you begin to see Marx and Engles o Communist manifesto o Socialism o The Proletariat o Evolution o "Nature is read in tooth and claw" y o Since the roman empire this hasn't been a thing o Garibaldi was the soldier o United Italy in 1870 due to the French Forces in Rome keeping the Italians from taking Rome have to leave and once the French are gone the Italians rush in and take control of Rome. o The pope literally locks himself away and ignores the fact that there is a country of Italy until Mussolini o Tries to rule France from 1850-70 o Victor Hugo called him Napoleon la petite o Did a bad job is created o Created modern nursing the Crimea War. o Created the Montessori school o Cared for the poor children of Rome.


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