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Lectures 1-4 Bundle

by: Lauren Scheuber

Lectures 1-4 Bundle Adv 318j

Lauren Scheuber
GPA 3.7
Intro to advertising
Gary Wilcox

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About this Document

Everything covered from lectures 1-4, including test information from ch. 1, 3, 4, and 18 Lecture 1 - Advertising is Everywhere Lecture 2 - History of Advertising Lecture 3/4 - Advertising and...
Intro to advertising
Gary Wilcox
Study Guide
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This 27 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lauren Scheuber on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Adv 318j at University of Texas at Austin taught by Gary Wilcox in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 322 views. For similar materials see Intro to advertising in Advertising at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/20/15
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Advertising a The world s second oldest profession b An ambition young person s eld 4 Patterns of Advertising and PR History a The Personality Factor 0 Advertising is a quotpersonality businessquot 0 Involves CRAFT a creative approach to things 0 Contains a close personal relationship with workers everyone works together in the business 0 Business team 0 Creative team 0 Research team b SocialTechnological Change 0 New MediaTechnology most dramatic change over time I THINK 0 Internet 0 Phones 0 Computer punch cards to now 0 Social Trends 0 More dads at home 0 Sustainability 0 Visual generation 0 Social Changes 0 Same sex marriage 0 Same sex couples with kids 0 Legalization of marijuana c Changing Marketplace Relationships 0 Agencies held the power 1900519705 0 Agencies were in contact with the advertisers and ran everythingtheir campaigns 0 EX MAD MEN 0 Then the advertisers held the power in 19805 0 The retailer held the power 19905 0 the retailer will charge the advertiser to have their product on their shelf 0 NOW the consumer holds the power 0 We have the ability to go online and don t need to visit a retailer GOOGLE over 60 share their searches for Google Possible internet privacy Google Glass 0 Innovating VERY quickly Google in our homes 0 NEST thermostat Whats next Self driving Google cars IS ADVERTISING AND PR DEAD advertising is less likely to be dead than PR WHAT THEY MEAN IS Advertising and PR is a NEW business now The philosophy that has driven mass marketing is quotwe make you takequot quotwe speak you listenquot THAT IS CHANGING CROSSROADS FOR ADVERTISING a 21st century saw brand advertising drop from 70 to 50 b very FEW brands invested in ADPR c SO they redirected the way they thought about the consumer relationship building 0 the quality of their relationships with the consumers they use media and messages to CEMENT these relationships with the consumers Toward a ONE to ONE future a Develop a reason to become customers b Build and maintain a relationship c They get a larger share 0 Want a solid relationship so we will spend more money d Database marketing the computerized collection interpretation and routine use of data about consumers for individualized attention e New media Video Games g The internet 0 Online tracking knowing what we are buying and then advertising on our common media 0 Tracking live activity and SELLING your information to other sites so they can ADVERTISE to you 6 Mobile Targeting a Geo Fencing 0 Sending text messages to a certain amount of people in a certain area 1 EX WALMART geofenced targets parking lot b Location tracking Placed sensors in 200 businesses in a 7 mile radius to track consumers and their activity 0 Happy Child restaurant made tshirts advertised in the zipcode 1 All of this information they gained from location tracking 7 Is the old advertising and PR really dead a Advertising and PR industries are Restructuring More services Focused on creativemedia Regional 0 Segment oriented 8 Four Paradigm Shifts 1 From slow to fast cycles of change 0 Impact there will be a frenzy over each new technology as if it were revolutionary in fact its evolutionary Now ber optics and wireless are connecting the quotglobal prairiequot 2 From fragmented to integrated communications 0 Impact future is for broaderminded and better trained communications people instead of narrow specialists h 0 Skills are still important but the way businesses work is changing 3 From impersonal to personal messages and media 0 Impact need to become an expert in reaching individuals one at a time 0 Successful ads LISTEN FIRST AND SELL SECOND 4 From national to global markets 0 Impact the web is opening advertising competition to every day people 9 Old becomes new a New media audiences and computers are TOOLS b Don t change basic appeals UPDATE THEM c Needs we share for love humor entertainment TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES ARE CHANGING BUT FUNDAMENTAL CONSUMER NEEDS WILL NOT Lecture 3 Minute men creatives student run advertising agency Graphic design work Make a concept come to life FACEBOOK NEXT WEDNESDAY 16th PARLIN HALL ROOM 306 6 Minutemencreativecom Advertising and PR Con icts 1 Criticisms of Advertising and PR a I HATE ADVETISING 0 Ads showing people wasting their product 0 Or advertising them in the wrong waynot getting the message cross ceary get more cancer b Sut Jhally communication major 0 Why he hates advertising 0 Advertising pushes us towards material things for satisfaction way to happiness 0 Makes thinking about the future difficult Becomes a need to survival 0 we need to maintain the current structure of consumer culture 0 consumer capitalism There is no such thing as society no group values no group interest 0 This is how advertising addressed us as an individual Not things we need to realize as a whole society 0 Therefore the world has not come together 0 There is going to be national con ict as we will run out of resources 0 Advertising forces new ways of thinking 0 Advertising focuses on the PRESENT gives no idea of the FUTURE 0 Because people cannot avoid advertising 0 Sex grabs attention 0 Advertising creativity is a male dominant eld sexuality with make a break through with imaginations of the female body 0 Its not just PLEASANT emotions it is ANY emotion that cuts through the clutter pain fear c SUTS OPINION He is really criticizing CAPITALISM 0 Where we are so focused on ourselves rather than the country as a whole 0 DECISIONS Advertisers control budgetcreativeplacement decisions 0 Not Advertisers control environmental factors economy society politics e ADVERTISER DILEMMAS Economic context 0 Social context 0 Legal context Ethical issues ethics matter 0 Main goal of advertisingPR is to in uence attitudes and behavior 0 Our goal is to change someone s mindidea about a product 0 There are a variety of publics that we have to reach to And be careful with different interpretations 0 WE HAVE TO BE OKAY WITH WHAT WE ARE PUTTING OUT THERE o EX Calvin Klein Jeans 0 1970s Use sexuality to catch attention 0 NOW still using sex EX Justin Beiber ad 0 Like to push as much as they can 0 OR code Get it Uncensored f ADVERTISING ECONOMIC CONTEXT Most visible face of materialism mass marketing capitalism 0 Most convenient target for critics of these values 0 WHAT DO ECONOMISTS SAY ABOUT ADVERTISING 0 John Kenneth Galbraith 305405 quotadvertising seduced societies into wasteful materialismquot quotcreates monopoliesquot advertising was not good for the 205 0 NOW people say advertising quotstimulates the economyquot By providing direct funding to media and advertising people Creates a demand for goods and services Promotes competition 0 O Lowers the costs of providing information to consumers g Traditional economic theory THE quotRATIONALquot CONSUMER 0 We are motivated by rational self interest 0 Utility theory of consumer behavior we rationally acquire the greatest satisfaction utility and try to avoid dissatisfaction inutility Law of supply and demand purchase more when price goes lower and less when the price goes up This proposes that we are acting rationally MOST OF US ARE NOT RATIONAL We are motivated emotionally and psychologically TOOTHPASTE how rational is your decision to buy your favorite brand of toothpaste h HOW ECONOMISTS DEBATE ADVERTISING TODAY Helps with which products to buy information Advertising is the most cost effective means of delivering information Lowers cost of production by increasing total demand for productsservices price of products 0 Advertised products cost more DO THEY o ADVERTISING AND PRICE Toys Steiner He found that advertising reduced the price of toys Because demand was high PRICE ADVERTISING advertising that SIMPLY tells you the PRICE study done with products that were not advertised and simply price advertised i Eyeglasses Benham o In this case the price was lower with this price advertising Prescription Drugs Cady o PRICES LOWER Beer Wilcox 0 NO DIFFERENCE its just that price doesn t vary very much so there is less shopping behavior done less research done by the consumer i Advertising and economic climates Economic factors limit aggregate ourchases In bad economic times typically ad budgets cut 0 Because expense is not an investment Easiest to cut 0 Why cut the budget 0 Makes more sense to increase advertising when competitors are cutting theirs to gain market share j THE SOCIAL CONTEXT Cultural relativism should each society be judged by its own values 0 Should the US advertise cigarettes in Africa and China 0 Should US advertisers be held to American standards or host country standards 0 PR CRITICISMS OF ADVERITING AND PR 0 Products advertisedpromotes 0 Process of advertisingPR 0 Content of advertisingPR 0 SEVEN SINS OF ADVERTISING 0 Too intrusive 70 believe technology makes advertising TOO INTRUSIVE mobile ads internet ads ads before moving topics that shouldn t be discussed in public BUT it supports communication media Commercial TV is not free 0 Invades privacy 40 think privacy rights are protected advertising appears in places it shouldn t o Invents desire to buy in adults and children Advertising makes products more important that family or religion Can it invent desire a strong feeling of wanting to have something IT CAN INTENSIFY DESIRES but cannot physically INVENT desires Pulls at emotions Advertisers study consumers and create advertising to please those needs and deswes KIDS children interpret differently Advertisers have to be careful with what they put out there towards children 0 They are a very protected subject 0 A monopolist tool This is an economic criticism 0 Advertising concentrates too much power in the hands of big advertisers which then use it to sti e competition from smaller advertisers Smaller advertisers don t have the money and tools to gain views 0 45 million for a 30 second spot gaining 112 million viewers Advertising can INTENSIFY competition Small companies should try to compete which then intensi es the playing eld 0 Feeds on stereotypes and insecurities Advertising perpetuates stereotypes of women as sex objects Under represents minorities Misrepresents the elderly Plays on male and female insecurities Bad breath Is there still negative stereotyping TODAY 0 EX Miller Lite women Offensive Advertising Offensive because the product is o engve Offensive because of the way or manner in which it is advertised EX vibrating bicycle seat Jesus jeans quotselling our fanciest femalesquot cattle Chicken or Egg Question o Is advertising a re ection of society OR is society a re ection of advertising Advertisers should be more sensitive to popular and minority demands than anyone else in the media industry 0 A Merchant of evils Advertising for controversial products Critics claim that advertising helps persuade people to use products and services which are both selfdestructive and harmful to society 1 TOBACCO ADVERTISING Does it cause people to begin smoking What is the role of cigarette advertising 0 To keep people interested Or to start buying It was banned in broadcast in 1970 Restricted in all media in 1998 Tobacco Settlement government sued large companies 0 O O Said that companies could not target youth with tobacco ads or marketing 246 billion over 25 years for the health costs related to smoking TODAY 54 of the funds are used by the states to ll budget gaps only 17 is used to treating smoking related illnesses TOBACCO GOT A NEW BUSINESS PARTNER the gov takes interest in making sure that tobacco companies are doing okay VAPING O O quotwherever we ban tobacco smoking we will ban vapor smokingquot SAME SHIT its vapor vs smoke going into your lungs Research says 0 There is no relationship between mass consumption and advertising from 1961 1990 0 There was an important relationship between brand advertising and brand sales in 19491985 I 2 ALCOHOL ADVERTISING government banned ads on tobacco but why not alcohol It was prohibited for sale from 19201933 quotyouth who see alcohol ads drink morequot quotBeer marketers clearly target underage drinkersquot It is a highly regulated area 21st amendment repealed the 18th amendments prohibition gave states absolute control over alcoholic beverages FAN CANS does it promote more sales Targeting youth HOW WOULD l HANDLE THISHOW DO I REACT 99 can pack of beer be careful to advertise too much drinking Research says 0 Advertising and alcohol consumption is all about market share 0 Advertising bans alcohol consumption in certain countries with no decrease in consumption 0 Advertising and underage consumption 0 Advertising and alcohol abuse 0 Advertising alcohol doesn t play a roll into mass consumption but plays a role in WHAT TYPE of alcohol is consumed 0 Alcohol consumed in moderation CAN improve yourhea h 3 SEXCONDOMS ADVERTISING 0 ABC UPN WB prohibit condom advertising 0 Networks are concerned that condoms encourage promiscuity or viewers may be uncomfortable with condom advertising 0 Network television is an efficient means of reaching condom consumers According to Kaiser Foundation more consumers like condoms ad that beer or hard liquor ads 4 FAST FOOD ADVERTISING This is geared towards children especially with the promotion of toys 5 COFFEE ADVERTISING Over half of Americans drink coffee everyday 400 million cups 0 selling an addictive drug quotCaffeine Dependency Syndromequot long lasting effects that exaggerate the stress response 6 GUN ADVERTISING 0 consumer products that are designed to kill 0 no consumer product safety 0 Designed to Deceive


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Refund Policy


All subscriptions to StudySoup are paid in full at the time of subscribing. To change your credit card information or to cancel your subscription, go to "Edit Settings". All credit card information will be available there. If you should decide to cancel your subscription, it will continue to be valid until the next payment period, as all payments for the current period were made in advance. For special circumstances, please email


StudySoup has more than 1 million course-specific study resources to help students study smarter. If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, our customer support team can help you find what you need! Feel free to contact them here:

Recurring Subscriptions: If you have canceled your recurring subscription on the day of renewal and have not downloaded any documents, you may request a refund by submitting an email to

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with your subscription, you can contact us for further help. Contact must be made within 3 business days of your subscription purchase and your refund request will be subject for review.

Please Note: Refunds can never be provided more than 30 days after the initial purchase date regardless of your activity on the site.