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Exam #1 Study Guide

by: Anthony Johnson

Exam #1 Study Guide POL 1010

Anthony Johnson
GPA 3.8
American Government and Politics
Kimberly Konger

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About this Document

American Government and Politics
Kimberly Konger
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Anthony Johnson on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to POL 1010 at University of Cincinnati taught by Kimberly Konger in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see American Government and Politics in Political Science at University of Cincinnati.

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Date Created: 09/20/15
THE AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM How have political institutions historically acquired L itimate Authoritv Democracies are granted power from the public Lineage family ties and blood lines Divine Right prophecy and other religious predeterminations Name and de ne the M types of government Anarchy Totalitarianism Authoritarian Democratic What are some of the key characteristics of a democracy Popular sovereignty Equality Before the Law Individualism Political Liberty Is the United States a direct or representative democracy Explain the difference between the two Representative What are two protective institutions in place in United States government that protect minority rights Af rmative action US court system as a constitutional weapon Describe what is meant by quottyranny of the majorityquot Majority violating the citizenship rights of a minority pg 1 Name at least two examples of British taxation without representation in the American colonies Stamp Act Tea Act Intolerable Acts French and Indian War In what year did the 1st Continental Congress take place 1774 What state refused to participate in the boycott and protests against the British that resulted from the 1st Continental Congress What document did Thomas Paine publish that called for a Republican government colonial independence from Britain and raised public awareness of British exploitation of the colonies AND how was it distributed Le a book magazine newsletter pamphlet journal etc Common Sense pamphlet When was the 2 cl Continental Congress held AND what documentsdecisions were made as result May 1775 The colonies decided on independence from Britain Declaration of Independence Who is the primary author of the Declaration of Independence Primarily written by Thomas Jefferson amended by others In what year were Articles of Confederation rati ed and for what reason Rati ed in 1781 Persistent fear of Tyranny What were the primary weaknesses of the League of Friendship under the Articles pg 2 Lack of enforcement Heavy reliance on state government systems Lack of revenue base could not tax What factors led to Shay39s Rebellion Where did the revolt take place What voting process did large states View as unfair under the Articles of Confederation Issue being that under the articles every state was treated equally The larger states would argue that a state with a larger population should have a larger number of votes What form of legislature was proposed in the Virginia Plan Bicameral Legislature based on proportional representation Likewise what form of legislature was proposed in the New Jersey Plan Who was the primary contributor to The Great Compromise James Madison What did the ThreeFifths Compromise establish in regards to slavery in the South Each slave would count for 35 of an equal citizen De ne Federalism Relationship between national and state governments o Overlapping spheres of in uence 0 Speci c powers allocated to each 0 Separation of Powers How many state votes were required to ratify the Constitution Nine The idea of indirect representative democracy and a government of the People governed by the most quali ed group of citizens is a re ection of what political concept pg 3 Republicanism What document was passed following the Constitution that serves to protect people from institutions of government and allows for people to function individually in a society Bill of Rights CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE AND INTERPRETATION What are the two methods by which to constitutional amendments may be proposed Twothirds vote in each house of Congress National Convention called by Congress at request of twothirds vote by state legislatures Name two methods for rati cation State legislatures a positive threequarters vote State conventions a positive threequarters vote What power under the constitution grants the Supreme Court the nal word in constitutional interpretation Judicial Review What is a downside of Unfunded Mandates Camouflages full extent of federal spending pg 4


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