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ASB222 Exam 1 Film Study Guide

by: Phoebe Chang

ASB222 Exam 1 Film Study Guide ASB 222

Phoebe Chang
GPA 4.28
Buried Cities and Lost Tribes

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About this Document

In Search of Fort St. Joseph
Buried Cities and Lost Tribes
Study Guide
Small Things Forgotten
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Phoebe Chang on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ASB 222 at Arizona State University taught by Perreault in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 337 views. For similar materials see Buried Cities and Lost Tribes in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 09/20/15
Tuesday September 8 2015 Film 1 Study Guide ASB 222 1 9 Describe the challenge the river created for the archaeologists working at Fort St Joseph The river is challenging for the archaeologists because there were an exceedingly wet at the first half month The river is actually flooding over the elevation of the river bank If the elevation of the river is higher than the river bank the dewatering operation cannot be done Half of the archaeologists also thought that the river washed away the landfill site What potential benefit the river may have had for the site of Fort St Joseph The river had the flooding due the construction of the dame But in the past the river gave the French easy access to other places for commercial reasons Therefore they left a lot of artifacts The flooding might have disturbed some part of the artifacts but it can also helped preserved some For instance some leather wooden handles were waterlogged as found for the archaeologists Archaeologists often use historical maps and journals to inform their research What piece of information did the archaeologists working at Fort St Joseph obtain through such historical documents From the documents back in 1988 they identified some bones potteries and more at the landfills This tells the archaeologist where the site is located Name an artifact made of glass that was found at Fort St Joseph Glass beads Name an artifact made of stone that was found at Fort St Joseph Kettles to boil the bones Name an artifact made of metal that was found at Fort St Joseph Gun flint and some gun parts What animal species were identified among the site s animal remains Pig teeth and bone fragments bear claw whitetailed deer bone cow bone fragment What type of screening method do the archaeologists use Wetscreening pushes the water so the dirt will be washed away Tuesday September 8 2015 9 Describe the lines of evidence that suggest the presence of a gunsmith shop at the site First they detected a dense concentration of gun parts such as gun cocks and trigger guards at the same site They assumed this is some sort of gun repair kit place They also found hammers and flints Some of the soil were oxidized by the gun parts There are a cluster of charcoal too Such high concentration suggested that the site had a gunsmith shop 10 Public outreach is an important part of the archaeological research What kind of public outreach activity did the archaeologists working at Fort St Joseph conducted At Fort St Joseph site they have professional archaeologists from Western Michigan University who provide expertise and support meanwhile there are community members offering knowledge and assistance They also have open house events training camps and being on social media sites so they can create chances for nonspecialists to contribute and gain knowledge


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