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chemistry 1330

by: Sandra Chrapah

chemistry 1330 Chemistry 1330

Sandra Chrapah

Dr. Perry

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About this Document

hi everybody, i have uploaded a study guide for the upcoming exams in chem 1330. the definitions are typed and the worked examples are handwritten for easy comprehension. Have fun studying and Good...
Dr. Perry
Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sandra Chrapah on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Chemistry 1330 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Dr. Perry in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see in Chemistry at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/20/15
STUDY GUIDE Definitions Solutions a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances Could be liquid gas solidsalloy Primary system will be a solution with at least one liquid component Solute component substance that appear in a lesser amount Solvent component substance that appears in a larger amount Complex solution with multiple parts are out there but focus will be on simple systems Solubility rule of thumb qualitative but useful like dissolves like Polar species dissolve in polar solvents Non polar species tend to dissolve in nonpolar solvent Intermolecular forces the attraction between solute species and solvent species stabilizes the dispersed solute Dispersion spreading out of the solute is favorable Astack of coins scatter and do not spontaneously stack againHuman dwellings Molarity MA moles of solute A liters of solution units molL Molality MA moles ofA kg of solvent Units molkg Easily prepared by weighing the solute and solvent separately EFFECT OF TEMPERA TURE SOLUBILITY TREND Solubility of solid in water solubility increases with increase in temperature this is because in high temperatures there are energy in motions of the atoms and molecules which goes into overcoming the solid together Solubility trend of gas in water generally gas solubility in water goes down with increasing temperature Higher temperatures could cause solvated gas molecules to escape back into gas phase EFFECT OF PRESSURE Solubility in water has no significant change solubility in gas increase in external pressure means increase in the solubility of whatever gas is present above the solution COLLGA TIVE PROPERTIES Vapor pressure lowering the effect the solute has on the vapor pressure nonvolatile solute has a negligible vapor pressure of its own Psolution Xsolvent Psolvent volatile solute both the solute and solvent contribute to the vapor pressure to Psolution PSOLUTION XAPXBP XcP 0 Boiling point elevationdelta T mkb delta T magnitude of the elevation m molality of the solute kb boiling point elevation constant for pure solvent 0 Freezing point elevation delta T mkf kf freezing point elevation constant for pure solvent 0 osmotic pressure TrvnRT R ideal gas constant For a nonvolatile solute deltaTb ime delta TF imKF Tl i mRT Chemical Kinetics how fast does a reaction occur explosive very fast reactiondetonation of TNT slow very slow geological time scales Catalyst an enzyme that spreads up reaction but does not take part in the final products FE GlL tE potentiat HE J prompts t39eantio coordinate pfli of I E tl j Know how to label this diagram l have three questions here with their solutions writing on a paper for easy understanding and seven other helpful questions and solutions QUESTIONS AND SOLUTIONS Example A saturated solution of urea CONH22 in methanol at 20 C contains 17 g urea100 mL of methanol CHBOH The density of methanol is 0792 gmL and its vapor pressure at 20 C is 957 mmHg What is the vapor pressure of this solution glr 3 Q39W rng39i r IQDS D 1U 77 77 Fl 6 unreal 1 lbb quotivQt a H13 a 1 39 7 7 7 H i 7 W L MC OH 39 L mess If r it Owl MCOH 041331 Zfjrcl Cl NEOH M5 Q1 M1S l PM lm i O39Qg mag 6 03 4s mdLQIY Llr c sa f f w MGM M6 quot5 gq39aq 39m i a 234 mil W 7 7 d I V vlt 2 4K wt e e 0 TD if 2 t2 at 09 7 Psalm 7 Niii 66gt miter T T J Example 500 mL of ethanol is mixed with 500 mL of water at 25 C The equilibrium vapor pressures of pure ethanol and pure water at this temperature are 71 mmHg and 24 mmHg respectively What is the vapor pressure of this solution EDD J 39L gimm q JETDy quota 53900 M H 20 Fit1D mm H3 cl Hab 0 Ki 9 t c e Find mau remake may i tf iulquot WV j p l i39 7 Ebb M l0 quotH513 l rm 5 6 39 56 ML nmL Dr 6 D F t 39HeO N a a ay goo mt lo t jl mdL 9ftquot mqu i i l F 7 i if if G W Q16 Ema H 1 0quot 2 36 a e 224 mat Mao l VWH l e 039 133 o t l F va 0 336 C tram 53gt mmt j iiquot lg mm H3 5 A a ago lm jng g Example a 200g sample of an unknown protein is dissolved in enough water to make 100 mL of solution The osmotic pressure measured for this solution is 0021 atm at 25 C Determine the molecular weight of the protein 1 TA Q quot D D 5 7 i VD39lurne 7W khaki 7 M w Q39gm f 39 ge MD 39 WUL 39 f m COLD L n 21sz f i 39 rNnx7naxooq Q VVx WW KV w J Mw 263 3 2 00 E 0 1 c lt2 54 mm 2395be 0m 3 3916 8396 Cmsg quotL 111quot63 5 L W Frg Ftpsngr IFE39qcsz D Wm e O 3539 Osquot 632 4009C 7 39 Ham Law In 55605905 wme H mesa fm a mcwi hh quot 6 390M I ll 39 WV 7 7 W H k 3 O 5605 1T1 Camel hathan 7 Z O quotI r w an Covgbrb cr 05quot J i I 034 0 3343 Cum f39fc39r om 1 35 1 9 mat 1 7 1 Im 1 nr0 3510M is w I 99032 7 l i 33 439 N t r In O 3 j 1 Siquot90 7 39 I it LQz gi Q 16 5 jun ride 6 Dn nt kw EG P W E V neac uquot L5 Of 5013 is ZDD PC A Pmduqfks 7 I 7 r L 11 I39lh EFFi h quoti HDUD Dual r 7 equ dz 53 Q Iacm 01A 17 596C 5 fro 7 x N I 2 I i 501 t I j 32 e 04 e 7 rgoot l 7 r 7 L7 09 06 MMEH quot0 c3 21 28pm r 7777 quotWV 7 7 r i r 7 iii 7 e VD 45 77 r quot391 7 I 7 J H r if H Grimmn4 masks IT f Dirac re39ac bn U 5 7 1 7 ad quot4390 Dequot I 7 A A i 39 77 in WW W WM g6 mnc smf u r1 63 9 we re39qcknj cmIn t z l W K gtz if e i K 0 059 5 i f Jquot W 2Q 53 r 006 x in quotl 9amp3 IFDUDU DM39nj 51 qn rj 96th R C H ms Q Cg Way quot m e formsLam h 67quot r1 3 canefa i a Ta GDDK Ta H39S K 39 IIlmat K M m 7a Hng a e g e E39s I E39EC W been Cnnvrr39rccp a it a f f kg lwg 39Eiqu b f 7 i 39 W lni 661 A L l if i 0 W a J m m 1n K1 i 9 QDDELX 7g 7 l f G39I x miquot 3931L1WJ U gob lieH In 1 if f H Ef qu 233 i rG39Hm g INKHEQ 71361 1093 1 gm 8 2625 f MUG l M 5quot 2263 in Ce x wig if Ma a Ein gb it 623 v39 243 f C q a 391 i OhaJ JAE i quota 9 f 31 Tim A Cari m km Fezradian hats qn ac m on senequ g 3a ChgMC N W 39 WM WermeJUrfu Iu Re quotreqc gf mince v u i r lme q tr H chicD ad EWK l ggqrbj lmoi Rf ng39 1 I 43 karat I goquot l F6939E CDn g nanC adjquot 7 1 T if m m e Commquot 5quot 570 H m can TQW 7 if a Mam 3 1230 x lt2 5ngojr 7L Tel 9 m 3 M j 4 if Ta 13035 if i j 323 ng h mszw T i Ta 9 80 39 Cwss me Lx e i amohe wwzawz agmmmwn e e QQ IDTQ 13839 36 5351 f ID mag 3L0 7 30pr Ta IQIDBEHFD E mmgmr if QCIDO39DW recr o 2 I Or Qc r M 56quot chap ME 392 I I 4 v S a uniquot Fm x aquot Fwd We 39S


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