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HIUS 353

by: Nina Walsh

HIUS 353 HIUS 353

Nina Walsh
GPA 3.68


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About this Document

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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nina Walsh on Monday September 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HIUS 353 at University of Virginia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/209798/hius-353-university-of-virginia in History at University of Virginia.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
US Diplomatic History Since 1914 Style Guide I FOOTNOTING A Situations in which you must cite your source EXAMPLE I Passage from text In 1629 the 23year old Winthrop proposed that Puritans make a physical separation from England rather than a formal separation from the Anglican Church Your paper The Massachusetts Bay Colony was set up by the Puritans who made a physical separation from England rather than a formal separation from the Anglican Church Explanation Even though this is not an exact replication of what appears in the text it is virtually identical hence the need to cite the source EXAMPLE II Passage from text As the American people sensed impending victory in the spring of 1945 they could not help but wonder at the massive changes that had taken place during the preceding four years even as they approached with anxiety the unknown future of a world without a war Your paper As Americans anticipated victory in 1945 they could not avoid thinking about the enormous changes that had accompanied World War 11 even as they looked forward to a future whose only apparent certainty was peace Explanation The wording of the second passage is different than that of the quotation yet the idea is fundamentally the same This is a paraphrase therefore it requires a footnote EXAMPLE III Passage from text Locke said that the government receives its political power from the consent of those it governs through a representative assembly Explanation This is very close to what Locke did say in his writings but because this idea is part of what we call common knowledge there is no need to provide a citation If you are not sure whether a particular fact or statement constitutes common knowledge err on the side of safety and provide a footnote B Footnoting Styles These seem to be in a constant state of ux but some general rules apply 1 Format for the initial citation of a book 1 Author s first name last name Book Title Publication Locale Publisher Date of Publication page number 1 John Lewis Gaddis We Now Know Rethinking Cold War History New York Oxford University Press 1997 p 27 Note the font style and punctuation You may underline the book title rather than italicizing it if you so desire I 2 Format for citations of the same book 2 Author s last name Book Title page number 2 Gaddis We Now Know pp 3335 Titles may be truncated to include only those words preceding the colon In addition note the use of the doublep indicating multiple pages 3 Format for consecutive citations of a book 2 Gaddis We Now Know pp 3335 3 Ibid 4 Ibid p 14 Ibid connotes consecutive citations of the same source If you are quoting material which comes from the identical pages as your preceding quotation the word ibid will suffice If your quotation comes from a different page within that source you must cite the page number As for the font style the trend has been to abandon the italicizing or underlining of ibid 4 Format for initial citation of an article 5 Author s first name last name except if Asian Article Title Journal Title vol no Date if applicable page number 5 Chen Jian The Myth of America s Lost Chance in China A Chinese Perspective in Light of New Evidence Diplomatic History vol 21 no 1 Winter 1997 p 81 5 Format for an essav within an edited book 17 Author s first name last name Essay Title Editor s name ed Book Title Publication Locale Publisher Date page number 17 Niu Jun The Origins of the SinoSoviet Alliance in Odd Arne Wested ed Brothers in Arms The Rise anal Fall ofthe Sino SovietAlliance 1945 1963 Stanford Stanford University Press 1998 p 69 Your footnote reference numbers should run consecutively from page one through the end of your paper do not begin each page anew with reference number 1 Footnote reference numbers should also appear at the end of sentences If you have questions on these andor other footnoting scenarios feel free to contact the instructors II Grammar usage and style A Appearance 1 Your name should appear in topright hand comer of page one 2 Insert page numbers in the top righthand comer of all pages except page one 3 Left and righthand margins should be 125 top and bottom margins should be 1 4 Use a 12 point serif font preferably Times New Roman or Palatino 5 The text should be doublespaced B Usage and Style 1 Write in the third person Avoid references to I we or our 2 Avoid the use of contractions


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