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TU / Physics / PHYS 0001 / nathan lowhorn

nathan lowhorn

nathan lowhorn


School: Tufts University
Department: Physics
Course: Intro Physics W/ Lab
Professor: Nathan lowhorn
Term: Summer 2015
Cost: 25
Name: Week 2 Lecture Notes- Velocity and Acceleration
Description: These notes are over professor Lawhorn's second week of class. They cover position, velocity, and acceleration. There are examples, definitions, rules, and equations. Also my recitation notes are also here which includes how to answer some of the homework problems. Overall, I tried to include every explanation and the tricky clicker questions... hopefully they are super helpful!
Uploaded: 09/22/2015
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Kaela (Rating: )

I love that I can count on (Bri for top notch notes! Especially around test time...