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by: Madaline Bins


Marketplace > Georgia State University > History > HIST 2110 > SURVEY OF U S HISTORY
Madaline Bins
GPA 3.84

Joseph Bagley

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About this Document

Joseph Bagley
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Madaline Bins on Monday September 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HIST 2110 at Georgia State University taught by Joseph Bagley in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 103 views. For similar materials see /class/209905/hist-2110-georgia-state-university in History at Georgia State University.




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Date Created: 09/21/15
History v Archaeology Sedentary Agriculture Cahokia cultures large towns across Mississippi valley mounds topped by temples and mortuaries 800 AD Moundville cultures MoundvilleCahokia Native American Language Families The Spice Trade high demand from india Portuguese Advancements in Seafaring The Caravel Ships with navigational equipment Christopher Columbus Went to find a new route for trade with asia The World Columbus Encountered Found America instead Treaty of Tordesillas Line of demarcation giving lands west of line to spain and east of line to Portugal Ferdinand Magellan Went on a 3 year expedition towards south Americacommanded first circumnavigation of the world God Gold and Glory Allure of the New World Aztecs In mexicamexico most advanced and powerful society Tenochtitlan capital I offered human sacrifices among other things to please their god Conquered by spanish Smallpox diseasee Columbian Exchange Trade for goods tofrom New World The Virginia Company Rights to settle colonies in US from Britain Virginia jamestown The Powhatan Indian chief The Starving Times HIST 2110165 Exam Study Guide Opechancanough Powhatans brother large skilled went to Europe and back The House of Burgesses Tobacco Crops in NC and VA lndentured Servants Bacon s Rebellion Wanted land from indians African Slave Labor Pilgrims separatists Puritans Reformers church is everything Massachusetts Bay Colony Massasoit King Phillip s War The New England Colonies Middle class families and indentured servants built towns bad soil MA to CT The Middle Colonies Small farms few slaves NY to DE The Southern Colonies Revolved entirely around slavery Economic and Population Changes in the 3 Above The Atlantic World The Triangular Trade US Europe Africa Rice Indigo SC and GA sold to Europe in trade The Middle Passage Slaves carried from Africa to US Language Barriers Gang Labor v Task Labor Gang labor sun up sun down Task labor certain tasks to do First Great Awakening The Seven Years War Britain gains Canada and florida spain gets Louisiana War led by Washington The Proclamation of 1763 Sugar Act molasses Stamp Act Taxes on stamps Townshend Acts The Boston Massacre The Tea Act The Coercive Acts First and Second Continental Congress Lexington and Concord The Continental Army Battle of Saratoga The Southern Strategy How Radical was the American Revolution The Articles of Confederation A Democratic Republic Slave Societies v Societies with Slaves Northwest Ordinance Shays Rebellion Farms were forclosed farmers sabotaged burned down courthouses Philadelphia s Constitutional Convention New Jersey Plan Equal representation in states senate Virginia Plan Representatives based on population of state house 35 Compromise Slaves are 35 of a person for population reasons Fugitive Slave Clause Prevented free states from emancipating escaped slaves Slave Trade Clause Federalists and AntiFederalists Federalists for the articles small govt Anti federalists against the articles for bill of rights The Federalist Party The Democratic Republican Party or The The First and Second Party Systems republicanism and Lockean liberalism The quotRevolutionquot of 1800 The Louisiana Purchase Bought from french The Barbary Wars Britain vs France lmpressment British searched US ships embargo Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa Vision building confederacy north and south William Henry Harrison Made an act taking many acres of land from indians War Hawks Red Stick War War of 1812 War against Britain and indians AndrewJackson Democratic Party lndian Removal Removed Indians from colonists Nullification Crisis


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