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Study Guide exam 1

by: bridget berning

Study Guide exam 1 Bio 1710

bridget berning
GPA 3.0
General Biology
Alan Katz

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About this Document

General Biology
Alan Katz
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by bridget berning on Monday September 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Bio 1710 at Illinois State University taught by Alan Katz in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see General Biology in Biology at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
Biology First Exam 1 Which of the following are considered to be alive a Cells 2 The allele not expressed in a heterozygote is properly termed a Recessive 3 Amino Acids are the building blocks of what macromolecule a Protein 4 Suppose an atom contains 16 proteins in its nucleus One may conclude this atom a Has an atomic number of 16 5 What phenotypic ratio is often associated with the offspring of a monohybrid cross Bb x Bb a 31 6 in general how many different types of macromolecules are usually found in a plant or animal a4 7 which of the following symbols usually represents an unaffected male in a pedigree a Un lled in square 8 Which of the following terms is a cell organelle a Mitochondria 9 Which of the following was discovered by Gregor Mendel in the mid 18005 a Law of dominance 10 Which of the following are found within a cell s nucleus a Nucleolus 11 Which of the following are associated with plant cells but not animal cells i Cell wall 12 Which of the following is a type of subatomic particle i Neutron 13 Which of the following terms refers to the two copies of a gene possessed by an individual i Alleles 14 In regard to physical size which of the following terms represents the smallest quantity of those listed i Proton 15 What is another name for heterozygous i Hybrid 16 Two or more atoms joined together by chemical bonds form i A molecule 17 An individuals genotype is a description of i The alleles possessed by the individual 18 In regard to the results obtained from reciprocal crosses what did Gregor Mendel observe i No differences in F1 or F2 results 19 The idea that different traits are inherited independently of each other is contained in i The law of independent assortment 20 DNA and RNA are types of i Nucleic acids 21 Questions 2124 the ability to roll one s tongue in humans is due to a dominant aee R while the inability to roll ones tongue is due to a recessive aee r Suppose a woman named Susan marries a man named Joe Susan is a roller while Joe is a non roer Over the next few years they have two children a daughter who is also a roller and a son who is a nonroller 21 What is Susans genotype i Rr 22 What is Joes genotype i Rr 23 What is the daughters genotype i Rr 24 What is the sons genotype i Rr Questions 2527 Determine the number of different types of gametes each genotype could produce 25 AaBbDDee 4 26 AaBbddEe 8 27 Rrss 2 Questions 28 30 Determine the number of different phenotypes possible among the offspring of each mating 28 AaBb x AABb 2 29 Aadd x aaDd 4 30 RrSsTt x RRSS39I I39 1 Questions 3133 Determine the number of different genotypes possible among the offspring of each mating 31 aaBbeaBb 6 32 AAdd x aaDD 1 33 RrSsTt x RRSS I I 8 34 AaBBxaabb 11 35 RrSsx RrSs 9331 36 ddEeGg x DdEEGG 11 37 The smallest amount of any element is i an atom 38 What is a type of Carbohydrate found only in plants that make plant cells very rigid and strong a Cellulose 39 If a disease in humans were due to a recessive allele then a an affected child could have two normal parents 40 Geneticists sometimes use the term quotF2quot in describing a particular generation What does the letter F represent a Filial 41 Which of the following terms represents the largest quantity in terms of physical size a Tissue 42 Both fats and oils are types of a lipids 43 Enzymes are a type of a protein 44 which of the following can be found inside a cells nucleus a Chromosomes 45 Who is generally described as being the father of genetics aMende 46 Which of the following contains instructions for cells to make proteins a DNA 47 Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of being alive a Requires sleep 48 The phrase quotvapors and fluids refers to a false ideas on heredity proposed by Aristotle many years ago 49 The law of segregation states that a a parent passes just one of its two alleles on to each offspring 50 The false idea that there exists an important relationship between ones blood and heredity is due to a Aristotle 51 How many copies of a gene does an individual have in each of its somatic cells a2


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