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Exam 1 Review Guide

by: SC_Grace Dillon

Exam 1 Review Guide geography 1100

SC_Grace Dillon
regions of the world 1
Douglas Hurt

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About this Document

Exam 1 chapters 1-4 review guide
regions of the world 1
Douglas Hurt
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by SC_Grace Dillon on Tuesday September 22, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to geography 1100 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Douglas Hurt in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 72 views. For similar materials see regions of the world 1 in Geography at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 09/22/15
EXAM 1 Introduction to Geography Chapters 1 2 and 3 lectures Five themes of geography llocation where a place is located based on absolute or relative location 2Place Description of what a place looks like 3HEI the impact people make on the environment and how the environment impacts people 4Movement people moving around between places Examples include Immigration Emigration inmovement and outmovement 5Regions Tools that break down the world to make it easer to understand Current global trends 15 1 Increasing use of the internet Different places and regions continue to matter World leadership comes from industrial companies Infrastructure is necessary Movement and migration English will continue to be the dominate language of the world People will retain their personal identity People are less afraid of protest 9 More societies will adopt capitalism 10 More democracies will be created 11 Capitalism and democracy will not go handin hand 12 Privacy will continue to be reduced 13 Food security insecurity will increase 14 Use of fossil fuels are at the highest levels 15 The average temperature will slowly rise BRICS growing countries to watch list P099511 1 Brazil 2 Russia 3 India 4 China 5 South Africa Globalization the process of places becoming more alike due to economics McDonalds s Law Countries that both have McDonalds in them will not declare war on each other 1 Countries with similar economics get along Global statistics including main population trends by region and the top 12 1 China 13B India 123 USA 319M Indonesia 254M Brazil 203M Pakistan 196M Nigeria 177M Bangladesh 166M 9 Russia 142M 10 Japan 127M 11 Mexico 120M 12 Philippines 108M P099511 0 Most of the population is in Asia 0 Second is Africa and the Middle east 0 There is no European country on the list 0 Japan has the highest life expectancy Global population size 7 2 billion people Formal regions Where the populations share a defining set of traits Ex The states Functional regions Has a central focus on an activity in the center then it fades away vernacular regions exists in the middle of many people ex the Bible belt Reference maps made for depicting the location of earths features Ex Road maps Thematic maps Show the spatial distribution of attributes Mental maps A person s point of view or perception of their area Largescale and smallscale maps shrinks or expand a map but in proportional distance Absolute v relative location the exact position in the world vs position in comparison Latitude and longitude lat is left to tight long is up to down Equator Tropic of Cancer Tropic of Capricorn Prime Meridian International Date Line 1 Equator circles the earth E to W in the middle Tropic of cancer 2344 north of the equator Tropic of Capricorn 2344 south of the equator Prime Meridian circled the earth N to S in the middle International date line where the beginning of one day and the end of another meet P PP N land hemisphere and water hemisphere land the northern hemisphere Plate tectonics continental drift sea oor spreading seduction zones 1 Plate tectonics the earth is made of several sections that shift and move 2 Continental drift Alfred Wegener s bizarre theory of how the continents move 3 Sea oor spreading two plates move away from each other carrying islands with them 4 Seduction zones when one plate moves beneath the other Climate types know brief characteristics of each see pages 2328 Greenhouse effect the earth s atmosphere and how it acts like a glass cover over the earth Tipping point a point where temperature changes become irreversible Carrying capacity number of living organisms a region can support Culture hearths regions where civilization followed the domestication of plants and animals Industrial Revolution the human transformation to transform natural landscapes based on the breakthrough of technology European colonization primarily of the colonization of the Americas More developed countries less developed countries newly industrializing countries 1 More developed countries Highly developed economy an advanced technology 2 Less developed countries nonindustralized or third world countries 3 Newly industrializing countries ranked between the developed and developing countries Gross national product total value of goods produced and services provided by a country during one year Dependency theory resources ow from the poor to the wealthy states Enriching the already rich at the expense of the poor NeoEurope colonization that created new Europe s Neocolonialism use of political economic cultural or other pressures to control other countries Population explosion the number of people there and the rate we consume resources 1 Worried that it could lead to massive a crisis a Massive disease famine all caused by people living too close together Population change rate the rate minus the death rate Demographic transition model four stages depicts the change from high birth rates and high death rates to low birth rates and low death rates that accompanied economic growth in more experienced countries 1 first or preindustrial stage from the earliest humans to about 18000e Birth and death rates were high 2 Second or the transitional stage birth and death rates remained high but death rates dropped sharply after about 18 due to medical and other innovations of the industrial revolution 3 third or the industrial stage beginning around 1875 birth rates began to fall as af uence spread 4 forth or postindustrial stage after 1975 with low birth and death rates there fore low population growth Population pyramids classifies population by gender and 5 year age increments Push factors and pull factors 1 push when hunger or lack of land pushes inhabitants from one place to another 2pull lad or a job opportunity Internally displaced persons When someone is forged to ee their home but stays in in the countries boarders Thomas Malthus and the Malthusian scenario the lost race between food supplies and mouths to feed is the source for debate even today Europe Chapter 4 lectures Characteristics of the geographymajor geographic qualities of Europe 1 Located in the land hemisphere northern 2 Has 3 boarders a Atlantic ocean north b Mediterranean sea south c Separation between Europe and Asia east i Lack of clear boarder causes tension 3 Moderate climate a North Atlantic drift Treaty of Paris Treaty of Rome Maastricht Treaty 1 Treaty of Paris ended the American revolutionary war in 1783 2 Treaty of Rome international agreement founding the European economic community in 1958 3 Maastricht treaty is the creation of the EU in 1992 Benelux alliance EEC EECEC EU integration 1 Benelux is 3 countries that decided to form an alliance a Belgium b Netherlands c Luxemburg 2 EEC is the European economic community a 12 member countries b the free trade of all products 3 EU 1992 included 28 countries a Free trade b Created a borderless Europe c Euro zone Land hemisphere northern hemisphere Gulf StreamNorth Atlantic Drift warm water that travels up from the Gulf of Mexico warming Europe Agricultural Revolution early 1700s 1 changes farming 2 rotating crops to keep soil fertile Industrial Revolution late 1700s 1machines started to replace human labor Eight ways England has shaped the world 1 exploration a John Cabot responsible to exploring the coast of north America in the 1490s b Sr Francis Drake rst English man who sailed around the world c Henry Hudson Founded the Hudson river and the Hudson Bay 2 neo Europe s colonization and creating new little Europe s 3 settlement patterns a open space in the middle called the common b meeting house c tavern d houses e 3 fields 4 language as English people moved around the world so did their language food 6 music a the British invasion of rock and roll in the 1960s i the Beatles rolling stones the who 7 TV and film a began cultural globalization in the 1960s i James bod harry potter the office 5quot 8 soccer a they perfected the rules and promoted it b premier league the main English team c Manchester united most followed team in the world European Core the Benelux countries Birth dearth lack of births Site and situation 1 Site physical properties of a piece of land 2 Situation larger geographical context Islamophobia in Europe fear of Islam and Muslims who practice it Undocumented workers people who crossland or sea boarders unlawfully Estuaries the tidal mouths of rivers that offer protection for shipping North European Plain rolling plain that extends without break from the FrenchSpanish boarder across the Europe Loess windblown soil of generally high fertility Glacial scouring erosive action of ice masses in motion Glacial deposition the process of of oading rock and soil in glacier retreat or lateral movement Marine west coast and Mediterranean climates in Europe Romance Germanic and Slavic languages 1 Romance languages evolved from Latin originally the language of ancient Rome 2 Germanic many languages other than German itself 3 Slavic indo European language group Mostly eastern Europe Devolution the distribution of political powers to ethnic minorities Moors ruled the Iberian Peninsula from the 900s to the end of the 1400s Silk Road that moved goods over land from china to Venice Columbian Exchange cultural and biological exchanges between New and Old worlds Industrial Revolution in Europe the rapid development of industry in the late 1700s and the 1800s brought about machinery and the growth of factories Supranational organizations member countries are united beyond the authority of any single national government and are planned and controlled by a group of nations Genetically Modified Foods and Food Fights 1 Food fights trade wars 2 GM foods genetically manipulated through biotechnology to be more productive and resilient Big bang when 10 European nation all joined the EU at once PIGS EU nations with weaker economies 1 Portugal 2 Italy 3 Ireland 4 Greece 5 Spain Iron Curtain notional barrier separating the former Soviet bloc and the west prior to the decline of communism that followed the political events in Europe in 1989 Marshall Plan An American initiative to aid Western Europe with economic support after WW2 Schengen Agreement allows free circulation of people who signed the agreement mostly the EU countries Commonwealth of Nations intergovernmental organization of 53 member states that were formerly in the British Empire and currently has a strong alliance with the USA Direct rule The UK central government in London makes all major policy decision for Northern Ireland Irish Republican Army and Sinn Fein 1 IRA began a campaign of bombings shootings and arson sometimes into the heart of England designed to drive the British army out of Ireland 2 Sinn Fein a slogan in the late 1800s and early 1900s advocating Irish national selfreliance The Troubles the violent struggles between catholic republicans and protestant unionists in Northern Ireland Primate city is a city that is larger than the second and third largest cities in that country combined Silicon Saxony Europe and alternative energy 1 France is the top user of nuclear energy 2 Germany on the other hand vowed to phase out its nuclear power program 3 The EU has taken consuming energy very seriously 4 Wind power is one of the most popular Basques ETA 1 Basques mostly in France and Spain a A cultural distinct foreign groups 2 ETA Basques desire for independence led to the emergence to this military group Mezzogiorno and Padania 1 Mezzogiorno region in southern Italy that open acknowledge their agrarian roots 2 Padania a proposed name for an independent state in northern Italy Greek and Turkish Cyprus separation of Cyprus as two Attila or Green Line or a buffer zone which sealed off the two sectors Shatter belt a region caught between stronger cultural and political forces Communism political power of Russia 1 One party doctoral governments 2 National economics 3 Abolition of private ownership 4 Abolition of independent trade unions 5 Varying degrees of state ownership agriculture Collectivization bringing together of individual landholdings into a government organized and government controlled agricultural unit Solidarity an independent trade union in Poland that developed into a mass campaign for political change 1 Inspired popular opposition to communist regimes across Eastern Europe in the 1980s Balkanization the process of fragmentation or division of a region that are often hostile or no cooperative with one another Ethnic cleansing forced emigration or murder of one ethnic group by another within a curtain territory Dayton Accord peace agreement signed by the presidents of Bosnia and Croatia 1 created a joint multiethnic democratic government charged with conducting foreign and economic policies Roma the ethnic minority the gypsy


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